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Hi, I'm george, typing on my laptop in my bus, this is my sitemap of webpages, mostly written by me, and my copyright, but other peoples writings in these webpages are their copyright, see dicegeor.htm#copyright or or ©2000(c).

I contribute to webpages at several websites: geocities, the Land is Ours, Phreak, and WorldPeaceBuilders.
My primary website is at Geocities: I can update pages there from almost any computer with an Internet connection.
My three projects: (DiceGeorge, Stonehenge Campaign, and VE Day Book), all have their frame control and home pages at Geocities.

I also do parts of the Tribal Voices website at , with real audio sound samples phreak

the World Wide Web is wonderful, a flowering of human creativity.

Above this introduction is a site map.

Below are more details about the various webpages,images and videos I have scattered around the World Wide Web, and links to other interesting webpages.

webpages @ ait

My friend ait has several complementary Stonehenge Campaign pages at


geocities is my primary website, because I can update webpages there from any computer with an internet connection and Netscape 2 or InternetExplorer 4.

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romanash.htm Scattering Roman Hawkmoon's ashes at Stonehenge
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scfestiv.htm Stonehenge Free Festival
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shanehtm.htm Shane's VE Day photos slideshow
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stonefin.htm S.C. findex
scintro.htm S.C. Introduction
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scn9806.htm S.C. Newsletter 1998 June
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vbkguest.htm VE Day guestbook
vbkintro.htm VE Day Book Introduction
ve07ahoy.htm VE Day book page 07
ve29ahoy.htm VE Day Book page 29
whatley.htm Whatley Quarry link road, Dead Woman's Bottom


my first website at was deleted by the college in December 1996 'temporarily'
the Land Is Ours at OneWorld

My friends at the Land Is Ours have given me a directory in which I've stored lots of stonehengey pictures, videos, sounds, etcetera. One World The Land Is Ours - campaigning for landrights etc

Directory Index of

Directory Index (online - now)

shanelio.htm    17-Jul-97 22:44     8k  Shane's photos slideshow

stonelio.htm  17-Jul-97 23:05 7k Stonehenge Campaign at The Land Is Ours    

ve13ahoy.htm  page 13 of the Stonehenge VE Day Book.
ve14ahoy.htm  page 14 of the Stonehenge VE Day Book.
ve15ahoy.htm  page 15 of the Stonehenge VE Day Book.
ve16ahoy.htm  page 16 of the Stonehenge VE Day Book.

vedaylio.htm    VE Day Book at the Land Is Ours

phreak @phr

pHreak kindly donated a megabyte of webspace for Stonehengey stuff, it's used for pages 09 and 10 of the VE Day Book, and their images, videos, sounds etcetera.

phreak puzzling first page(click on a spot??? phreakiverse? (directory index online) circmove.gif 07-Jun-97 18:32 63K
(animated gif from video of hand circling Stonehenge heathbac.jpg 07-Jun-97 18:32 3K (a background?) heathens.jpg 07-Jun-97 18:32 8K (from melon.gif 07-Jun-97 18:32 6K (phreak's melon logo) s-phrbak.jpg 07-Jun-97 18:32 12K (a background) s-smile.jpg 07-Jun-97 18:33 83K (stonehenge smiley) smile.gif 07-Jun-97 18:33 1K stonephr.gif 07-Jun-97 18:33 15K (phreak/stonehenge logo) stonephr.htm 05-Sep-97 00:15 8K Stonehenge Campaign @ Phreak sv-flyer.gif 07-Jun-97 18:34 11K Stonehenge VE Day Book flyer svbmay09.gif 07-Jun-97 18:34 19K VE Day Book page 09 scan svbmay10.gif 07-Jun-97 18:34 20K VE Day Booik page 10 scan 07-Jun-97 18:36 474K video of HeathensAll and friends VE Day v-inv-50.mp2 07-Jun-97 18:36 72K MPEG2 Sound from Invocate movie v-inv-58.aif 07-Jun-97 18:36 34K AIF Sound from Invocate movie 07-Jun-97 18:37 34K AU Sound from Invocate movie v-inv-58.mp2 07-Jun-97 18:37 7K MPEG2 Sound from Invocate movie ve09ahoy.htm 14-Aug-97 22:53 1K This is My England...95 (VE Day book page 10) ve10ahoy.htm 14-Aug-97 22:53 1K 95 + Beyond (VEDay Book page 10) vedayphr.htm 14-Aug-97 22:53 4K Stonehenge VeDay Book @ pHreak


also at phreak are real audio sound samples of Tribal Voices and me and my friends - see my music webpage

Tribal Voices webpages at

Some friends and me are putting together a website for Tribal Voices, a group of musicians with two cassette tapes for sale,

1997 World Peace Builders / Stonehenge webpages

When the kiss site was deleted by the college, Veet offered some webspace for the Stonehenge Campaign. Unfortunately I've been unable to update the pages since April 1997, (the geocities site is more uptodate), but there are several wonderful pictures and videos still available thanks to World Peace Builders. World Peace Builders Trust
stonehen.htm Stonehenge Campaign frames @wpb Directory@wpb
stg-camp.htm homepage images Directory@wpb Dice George @wpb

Other interesting websites and pages

guilfin, schnews, ait, tash,
see dicenews.htm or for uptodate hotlinks,

see stoneweb.htm for lots of Stonehengey Bookmarks

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