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My bus now by Halecombe quarry crossroads, between Chantry and Leigh-on-Mendip, along the new Bulls Green Link Road from Nunney, from Frome Somerset, then another hundred yards. (see map ) Whereto next?
Can you help us edit RealAudio web sound files for the Tribal Voices eco musicians?
Please print and record and get my song
( The Only Time I Lied Was When I Said I Didnt Love You Any More ) to number one for Valentines Day.
Please test my 'internet single' Repetitive Squeaks     and send your feedback

alison feedback YEAR 2000:   ~  ~ (see stonehenge ) repetitive squeaks internet single

my 1999 notes

Sunday 02 january 2000 in my bus, typing into this new laptop. I've been copying stuff off old disks and arranging it. cycling and hitching to random cybercafes at one pound for ten minutes and rushing and saving to disk I've probably lost a few emails. Sorry if I've lost yours

As to my Internet Single - Repetitive Squeaks which I uploaded last month: I've had four emails, two people say they succeeded in downloading it, two failed. Please, if you're out there with an internet connection click above and test it and email me with Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V copies of what happened and how I could improve it..
What I want for tribalvoices is to have free AM quality RealAudio and pay-for MP3 samples, but I can't do that here in my bus

Yesterday yesterday, new years eve, I babysat.

wed5jan2000 when walking along a country lane whenever I see a truck or car coming towards me immediately I look behind me, if there's nothing coming I may move a little towards the centre of the road, (giving me more space to jump if the driver's mad), but if there's something coming from the other direction I want to know as soon as possible and turn a right angle and walk onto the verge, or jump into the hedge, whatever...

fri07jan2000: I caught buses to the cities of Wells and Bath. I got a new Tilley vapouriser and sound sampled and uploaded quite a few realaudio soundfiles for Tribal Voices including one of me tinwhistling with the Rainbow Orchestra in the RainbowC, Kentish Town, Lord Eric Sugumugu and others on percussion, a child drops a cowbell, but the first 40ish seconds of the soundfile come out silent, whoops, its at http://www2.phreak.co.uk:8080/ramgen/stonehenge/cowbell.rm .
for plugin info see new webpage: plugindg.htm

sun09jan2000: A week ago I was playing a game with JayJay, he was making "blblblblbl" noises, I was replying "blurble blurble". This morning I said "blurble blurble" to him, he replied "blblblblblbl" which is another first, which proves his ears to brain to mouth connection works. He loves playing my guitar and singing. Only two weeks ago he held the caravan sides as he moved to and fro, now he's perfectly confident on his feet, no hands. Yesterday he fell, got up, and carried on without crying - on a mission!

tue13jan2000: in my bus , typing into this new laptop. I'm getting the hang of installing and uninstalling parts of windows95. The more I learn, the more questions I have! It's only got 8M of RAM, so I' having to make lots of compromises.
I must backup, and make a windows boot disk tonight.

I've been tidying and editing the Tribal Voices webpages and frames, readying for new people to add to that website.

thu20jan2000 at Kebele in Bristol. Thanks for the dinner (cafe Thursday and Sunday evenings). And then some musical jam, my tin punky whistle tolerated!
I've been lent the old windmill from Wandsworth Eco Village again. Thanks.
Yesterday in Glastonbury I uploaded new webpages for the Space Goats and Tribal Voices,

sat29jan2000: in my bus, typing into this new laptop, powered by the Wandsworth Eco Village windmill.
I've been developing javascript for a stonehenge slideshow web machine, please test it and email me any bug reports: first load frames then click: stonepix.htm .
I havent been online for ten days, I've been editing the pages I have here, and renaming a few inline with ISO9660 (which says 8.3, and dont use '-', just AZ09.) I'll upload them soon, may borrow someone's computer in London, the Stonehenge meeting's next week. I'm still waiting for the promised RAM, this only has 8M, not enough to swap between Netscape3 and Homesite1.2 without waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting...

Fri4feb2000 h00:12 in Victoria Cybercafe, London, all night. Dont know whereto afterwards... Wednesday I uploaded lots of webpages, now I've got to debug them, please email me

h00:41wed09feb2000 at Tottenham Ct Rd cybercafe.
please email me if you're online tonight, i could reply instantly rather than my average three weeks!
yesterday yesterday monday evening i went to the London Musicians Gathering upstairs in a pub in Farringdon. Thanks and respect to Magi Nichols. I recorded it with my laptop, real encoder, and yesterday, earlier tonight, I uploaded the sound tracks from mick's - thanks.
My favourite "track" is at: http://www2.phreak.co.uk:8080/ramgen/stonehenge/7feb200c.rm , the others are here

h21:59friday11feb2000 in my bus, back from London. In the cybercafe I got them to print three sheets in Arial 8 point because it was my favourite font, but discovered that two different letters of that font looked the same, small l for little and big I for India. Its the same here on this computer, typing in Homesitev1.2 on this windmill powered laptop.

14feb2000: hello, quarter to midnight, monday 14th feb 2000, earlier tonight I recorded my song into this laptop, onlytime.rm, "The Only Time I Lied", with mistakes, now I need a guitarist and singer to record it and get it to number one for next valentine's day and send me the songwriting dosh, thats the theory, more likely than winning the lottery (especially as I havent bought a ticket since week one) yeah, here in my bus, typing into this laptop by windmill power. Will is here, one of my English cousins.
I cooked a nice stew tonight, though i say it myself, the secret is - , mung beans, and fried onions, yum.
Got a bit drunk again, phoning people, pouring sherry down the phone!

h23:23tue15feb2000 apparently most mobile phone infra red ports are incompatible with PCs, drat.
see: http://www.freespace.freeserve.co.uk/sms.html

I havent done much creative writing the last month or two, I've been busy using this, my new laptop, tidying up my webpages etcetera. But last Monday week I played music at the London Jam , and yesterday after several sherries I'm embarrassed to confess that I recorded myself guitaring and singing a demo of my song Only Time I'm not a performable singer or a guitarist ~ I'm a lightshow and a flautist and a writer- I need someone else to sing and record the song and to get it to number one and to send me the song writing dosh. It's worth it, for the title alone, dont you think?
When I went to London I uploaded a lot of edited webpages, but the session using Dreamweaver failed, (I didnt have time to read all the help files) and I'm not sure which went up and which didn't.
I nearly bought an orange phone with an infra red port so I can get to the internet from here in my bus, but according to a man on the phone today the Nokia 702 and 6150 infra red ports are not compatible with computers, they're only for playing games.
and the cable and CD cost 129.99 in shops, but cost them less than 5 to make.
As i wrote, i've got bogged down with technical stuff.
I'm looking for new projects...

wed16feb20000 archaeologists - campaigning against Stonehenge Tunnel http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Canopy/2065/
tue22feb2000 in my bus, somerset, back from Kebele and Luton Exodus the TLIO weekend.
My cough is getting better.

at kebele on thursday I spent a few hours on their computer,
and fixed the millenium date bug in their windows95,
their clock was at 12 january 1980,
i changed the Regional Settings date format from dd/MM/yy to yyyy/MM/dd
and from control panels / clock i upped the year from 1980 to 2000
(and adjusted the date and time as necessary)
and turned off the desktop background
and found their programs were in c:\ clogging the root, instead of at C:\program files,
(but i left them as they were)
and made me a folder called C://My Documents/george/

and set up outlook express to automatically download all my hotmail - now I'm stuck with hotmail, and hence into using Microsoft's Outlook Express (so much quicker than the web interface),

thu24feb.8pm ish Back from Frome where I uploaded some webpages and sent some emails. The computer was connected at 14K to demon, not 56K like I'd have expected in a cybercafe. Hotmail kept on refusing windows, I tried to send a lot of emails about the gig , but because of hotmail errors I dont know which got through and which didnt.

JJ and my bike power thu24feb.h12.00 Yesterday young Jay Jay had such fun pushing a cake tin off my bed to crash down the steps onto the yard, I'd chuck it back, he'd push it off, dozens of times; then he slid himself backwards off my bed and got down the steps like he's done it hundreds of time - another first.
And today we went for our walk on the bit of grass behind the site, he walked all the way without holding my hand, another first.

Browsing though second hand books I found a Paul Gallico book and bought it because he's great. It was 'Thomasina', allegedly about a vet who murders his girl's cat, I could have read it all in one sitting, but it was so nice that I stopped and went to sleep, then thought about it all day long before finishing the story, a classic ending, ah!
Mad Lori - what a character; Peddie the Christian says:
" You chaps have a convenient label for everything that doesnt coincide with your definition of normal - neurasthenia, schizophrenia, psychosis, manic depression - and everyone must fit into one or the other categories including those who do genuinely hear the voice of God. You leave us believers little choice but to register at the nearest mental home"

h01:23 fri4march2000 at Victoria cybercafe, London. Yesterday, Wednesday, was the Stonehenge Meeting. Willy X donated a PC to the Torrianno Meeting House, I tidied up the desktop, John and Willy got stuck into Paintbrush and wordpad.
Today I helped Willy produce some leaflets on his new Windows 3.1 computer. It works.
Then I caught a bus and picked up C's computer and carried and bussed it to R's . He's a vegan, makes funny tasting soya tea, so I took along some teabags and milk. But he doesnt like the sound of me enjoying/slurping tea, so gave me water. Tea is the one drug I'm addicted to. If I dont drink any in a day then I get headaches. He plugged in the computer, reformatted it, found errors, a visitor came, we chatted, I asked how to transfer data from my 486 laptop to a Mac. Can I do it with a SCSI cable? Leaving I trod on my coat and milk spurted everywhere. Whoops, help! Its no use crying over spilt milk they say but it is, because crying out attracts attention and gets towels there quicker thereby minimising damage. I've lots of experience of making mistakes, and clearing up afterwards. I'm drinking tea now.

As advised by freespace I've just succeeded in getting a copy of the first few dozen characters of emails to george@dicenews.com copied to my mobile phone. Probably

h01.23 Tue07march2000: at victoria cybercafe. Last night I went to Magi Nichol's Musicians Gathering, but didnt play much music
Been sleeping on various London floors and sofas, playing with various kids and computers.

Wed15March2000: Yesterday I got Windows95b fully installed on this laptop after almost three months of trying. And Microfinder upped the RAM to 16M, again promising to order the RAM to build it up to its maximum of 32M. There was a scary time when I thought we'd broken it, none of the browsers would work, complaining about incompatible OLEs, but deleting the C:\windows folder and reinstalling worked - phew! Dial Up Networking seems to work, but as I havent a phone line here in my bus I can't test it.
I've been given a Nokia Cellular Data Card but its not compatible with my mobile phone, it needs a Nokia 2110 phone and compatibles, but they wont work on orange. Drat.
So I'll save this webpage to disk and cycle to Frome to upload it, where they charge me 1 for 10 minutes and have a connection at 14K, not 56K, drat.

  • Mon 20 March 6a.m.ish equinox sunrise in Stonehenge

  • wed22march2000 Chrissy of Space Goats and tribal voices has a new webpage at www.geocities.com/tantara2000/ , i havent looked at it yet.

    Stonehenge was fab, I played tinwhistle and some trombone by the fire in the track all night, then lingered in the Stones around sunrise, just being there.
    I've just uploaded an improved Stonehenge Slideshow , it should now work in Internet Explorer and Netscape, please test it for me and email the results

    thu23march2000 in a house, plugging this laptop into a phone socket, sending and receiving emails

    fri24march back in my bus, offline editing this, twiddling colours.
    Some confusing phone calls about my Complaint against the Police from years ago, I'll think and act when I get back from Glastonbury . Orc says I'm in a hole and stop digging, but it's not my hole, and there are several principles involved, of truth, respect, honour, justice and love. see: fe , womens issues revenge and RainbowCircle .

    Saturday 25 March 2000 Tribal Voices + Stonehenge Campaign Benefit Gig at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms 8pm 5/4 see glastone.htm .
    A success - paid for Sunday's room hire and raised over 100 for Tribal Voices tapes 3,4,5...

    Sunday 26 March 2-5pm free Stonehenge Meeting at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms [07970-378572]

    Tuesday 28 March I phoned and emailed Andy of Festival Eye and resigned as Picture Editor - he hasn't replied, but I know he's working on the mag for this summer, I'll send another "Letter From Karelia" and a few reviews..

    Friday31March2000 in my bus, might cycle to Frome to upload and get emails, then Sunday@Kebele?, Wednesday Stonehenge meeting at Torriano

    I've pleaded guilty to playing Spice Girls off the roof of my bus last summer at Rainbow Circle Beltane Camp last May, so this May if I go I'll probably cycle and leave the bus here.

    I hope I've fixed my Stonehenge Slideshow to work in both InternetExplorer4+ and Netscape3+, please test it

    Sat01april Orange have cancelled my phone. Oh no they havent - it was Craig's April Fool.

    Sunday02April I was going to Bath and Bristol but D A and S came round and want to borrow my tools to change track rod ends. They broke my stilson

    Steve Technopagan in Bath has a new website http://www.swampnet.co.uk
    www.phone.com for a WAP emulator
    www.brucebedlam.free-online.co.uk for Bruce Bedlam's Stonehenge roof theory
    http://www.torriano.org/hearing_eye/hearing_eye.css style sheet with links not underlined

    Monday03april2000 Snow and slush. Off in a van to Brighton.

    Tuesday04april @Brighton. A squatted church is getting painted and safetyised. www.new-labour.com says a banner they're painting for a demo on Thursday. I'm at Jes's. I'm in his band Little Green Men . He's cooking, I'm typing. Hope we have time to record. I know lots of people here, though I've never been to Brighton (except as a dolphin tourist kid).
    wed05april lift to london, thanks anya and dave, then Stonehenge Meeting

    thu06april bought some boots. To South London, to Dave and Deb Lost In Space's, we recorded two bits of real audio, 6april2000-jesus-was-a-mushroom.rm 549K stereo and 6april2000-roly-roly.rm 1.9M mono

    Steve Smart Pils now at: http://www.swampnet.co.uk
    new all singing all dancing website at www.tragicroundabout.freeserve.co.uk

    h00:38fri07april2000 at cybercafe

    18april2000 I've updated the datelist and enhanced my slideshows
    There hasnt been enough wind for the windmill, its been raining, and my bicycle powered generator isnt working yet, so I havent been able to use this laptop for several days. But now I'm hooked into a petrol generator for a few hours.

    23april2000 in my bus - I went to Glasto a few days ago and send and received emails, uploaded some webpages, Space Goats , Stonehenge etc
    I've emailed some words to Festival Eye Magazine.
    Jezzers says checkout: www.supanovaradio.co.uk ..."Alternative" radio from Albion
    Lawrence has updated his pictures: http://www.geocities.com/londonpics

    h22:23 mon24april2000 , just recorded "Belgrano" and written its webpage.

    wed 26april: cycled to Shepton Mallet Rainbow Circle Beltane Camp gate. Someone shouted at me - (I don't know why she changed from the Glastonbury meeting) - I went home. There's issues of truth and honour, but this is not the place for them (they have my phone number)

    fri28 april caught a bus to Bath, hitched to London.
    sat29april to protesters conference @ Holloway Road.

    30 april belgrano uploaded a demo of the B side of my internet single

    Monday 01 May 2000 h01:52 in London, to bed soon then mayday in London- gorilla gardening, i must get some bananas. But t

    I missed a party last night- been setting up email etc for willyx@london.com

    earlier today @ anti-capitalism conference and the (2pm April30 Islington huge outdoor group photograph of us RTS protestery fluffy types ), I took my trombone, someone said they wanted the trombone but not me so I hid at a edge for the earlier photos, http://www.indymedia.org ?

    1st may 3.23pm at victoria cybercafe, London
    g@victoria monday 3.18pm mayday celebrations
    http://www.indymedia.org.ukis uptodate now
    I was playing my trombone with some drummers opposite big ben when a sound system / disco arrived and everybody ran over and even the drummers stopped so I walked away to the off licence then thought i walk a bit further up to victoria and here i am in the cybercafe, i'll go back in a few minutes though- i clicked the RTS page - its the same as yesterday's but at

    Wednesday 3rd May recorded two demos with Angel in her kitchen on this laptop, several mistakes in it - we hadnt played together for a year!
    Then to Stonehenge Meeting

    Thursday 4th May 2000 The newspapers and press were outraged by the "desecration" of the statue of Churchill at Parliament Square on Monday. I find the grass punk haircut hilarious. But if the paint was an artistic political statement it should have been water soluble poster paint. From what I've seen of the slogans they were infantile daubings, like dogs pissing on it to mark their territory.
    Winston Churchill punkified At Avebury last summer some unknown people painted on one of the stones. It's rumoured that someone poured oil onto an ancient stone in Cornwall and set light to it and filmed it. Nobody has claimed responsibility. Why didnt they set light to themselves, or tattoo their forehead with their message if it was so great? Because they're silly little cowards. I respect the protester who stood in front of a Chinese tank and was crushed. The only moral way to explode a bomb is to strap it to yourself - but those boys used by Muslim etc suicide bombs were, I believe, too young and brainwashed to be doing it of their own free will.

    PS a letter in today's Guardian says:
    " In 1894 200-300 young rowdies smashed a screen that was erected to separate the audience in the Empire Music Hall from the bar and its prostitutes. They paraded in triumph around Leicester Square and were addressed by their ringleader - Winston Churchill. A bit of paint? I'm sure he'd understand.
    Trevor Hopper, Brighton "
    Update:- someone said that the person who painted the red blood on Winston owned up to it in the Guardian Letters Page a few days later, he was an ex- service man protesting against Winston's behaviour

    Friday 05 May 2000: to a little demo outside the old site of Wandsworth Eco Village , about a dozen of us, we should get our picture in the paper, chatted to a cop with 3 stars, and local friends, the 'developers' want to build a huge six storey private housing along the riverfront,

    The local kids want us lot back, they fondly remember our summer open days. The Budlia has grown back, but the Plane trees are gone forever, they chopped them down in the eviction "In case somebody climbed them" - but they could have left them and still had their mega supermarket, Guinness Kills Trees .

    h15:16 sun7may2000 yesterday was the cannabis carnival from kennington to brixton, www.schmoo.co.uk ??

    First I called in on Martin Linton MP's advice surgery in Wandsworth and made a complaint against my complaint against the police

    i followed the Exodus truck at the front and danced to their mix of cannabis anthems and Marley tracks- legalise it and i will advertise it. Then into Brockwell Park where Daevid Allen of Gong played for twenty minutes, just him, his guitar, and voice through an echo box, but he recreated the sound of the pothead pixies as i remember them at the bungalow when I was a lad.
    Several new babies and mums from the Rainbow Centre days etc.

    After the last band Georgie and Sunch from the diggers nicked my hat and taunted me so I chased them for half an hour - exhausting!

    An hour walking in circles looking for a party with Lee Carol and Soaf, I gave up and caught a bus back here to Lost In Space base, where I slept, played with the kids, and recorded some music.

    Wed 10 May 2000 yesterday to the Drome, London Bridge for a meeting about self-policing at Stonehenge this coming solstice.
    Arthur told us that English Heriticage (who own the gates fences and guards) have offered free access to the Stones for all who come in peace from midnight to 7a.m. on Wednesday 21st June. ~ ~ Conditions may include No dogs, No fires, No camping, No electric music, no climbing, Self Policing and that we all leave after at 7a.m.
    see Stonehenge Campaign webpage for more info.
    But if we give our word of honour to leave at 7a.m. how hard will it be to leave, not to stay for some more hours in the Stones - but if we did that'd 'prove' self policing doesn't work, that Police are needed to 'defend Stonehenge' next year and the year after that...

    sat20may2000 Been editing Stonehenge June 2000 webpages.
    I'm still reading the Penguin Book of 20th Century Protest. A few pages at a time.
    But the last few days I read "The Good Terrorist" by Doris Lessing, I bought it from the Oxfam shop because I know she's a great writer. This one's about people living in squats in London calling themselves 'revolutionaries' and going on demos and watching Alice do most of the housework. It's one of the books that if I'd read it twenty years ago maybe I'd have lived my life different. But perhaps at that stage of my life I wouldn't have understood her disillusionments and criticism of my lifestyle.
    Another book which might have changed how I've lived my life if I'd read it earlier is 'Gone With The Wind'. I don't know why I wrote that, it popped up from my sub-conscious, and 'Wuthering Heights' - I was reading through Vicky's books in Harlesden I think when I found that, I'd heard of it of course but it's not the sort of book I'd read, I think I had flu when I read it, that terrible heartless Heathcliff, what a monster - the creation of a young Englishwoman's brain - if I'd known they could be like that perhaps I'd have been less rational and philosophical in my student lovelife.
    Another is the american 'How To Make Friends and Influence People'. I'm glad I didn't read that until recently, its ruthless pursuit of the most proven and fast and direct route to business success could have captured me, that aint my way. If we followed his way we'd all be successful millionaires with rich palaces with new wood fittings, and there'd be even more forests destroyed! Which reminds me, a building's been demolished nearby, perhaps I'll cycle over and check the skip for reusable wood to mend the swings..

    Sunday 21 May one month until Stonehenge
    I got half an email from Phoenix, of the Kentish Town Rainbow Centre, he says he's in Italy at www.damanhur.com, on walkabout visiting squats and communities for insp...
    I'm trying to get my mobile phone infra red port to talk to this laptop's infra-red, but failing - any ideas or advice??

    karelia (1999) Monday 22 May: HELP: infrared: please advise me on how to get my mobile phone ML7089 talking with this Tulip ML4/100 laptop via win95 infrared monitor, then I can get emails and update webpages from here in my bus .

    Today the boy bit me. Instantaneously I slung him out my bus, faster than you could say "instantaneously". He didnt bite me again. Several times today we've gone under the stile along the grass to the climbing frame, he discovered that he can grab it with his hands and swing, he laughs like that's the funniest thing ever. Which, today, it is. Then I run down the track and hide in the long grass, he knows where I am and runs and laughs. Then we go along the path, through the wood, and back down into site. It was only a few months ago when I first took him there, holding his hand all the time as he'd stumble every other step on the rough ground, every day he was a bit better, learning so much every day.
    How I wish I could learn so much every day: I've been practising trombone and flute, there are still a few notes at the top of the flute I don't know, and I've had it years - laziness.
    When people ask me what's my favourite musical instrument I say lights : I built them to play along with bands, how I enjoyed flashing them with great drummers like 2000 DS, Back To The Planet, Tofus, Sugumugu, etc.

    Tuesday 23 May: To Amesbury for a Stonehenge Peace Process Meeting, then to Gosport for the folk night. Slept out under a bridge

    Wednesday 24 May to Brighton, to a gig, Jes's Halo, then Headmix Collective, then Kangaroo Moon. We danced and danced to Headmix, a healthy smell of sweat, the people of Brighton dance in the bands and rest when the disco plays: good - how daft it is when people dance to the familiar records between bands.

    Friday26may2000 in Brighton , helping Jes desktop publish the Stonehenge Campaign June Newsletter.
    scanned and uploaded some new pictures of Wandsworth Eco Village and Alison Collyer

    Tues 30 May in London, nighttime, recovering from Monday's Kingston Green Fair. I saw most of Busker Paul Gill's set, and the new noisy Electric Space Goats, and played trombone with some drummers, and jammed tin whistle with Pok, and kids and mums and dogs and friends from all over, but a slight headache so I went to sleep.
    Getting ready for Thursday's Stonehenge walk sendoff at Battersea Park Peace Pagoda. Should be good.

    mon12june2000 in my bus for a day, tomorrow back to the Stonehenge Walk .
    Some years I go as far as Putney, this year I walked from Battersea to Newbury, but got a lucky lift to Bristol yesterday, and another promised back tomorrow - thanks Simon!
    It's been great walking along the canal, 5 kids most of the way, some I knew from the Diggers Camp last year, some new. They're friends of friends. And mums, and dogs, and geezers.
    On Saturday/Sunday, after some lads had been arguing, Jes said "Who's on the Stonehenge Walk whatever happens" and nobody put their hands up - which is good. But we survived the troubles, and are stronger for it. See my letter comparing the Stonehenge Peace Process with the IRA, PLO and ANC . enuff said.
    Walking into Windsor Emma said "Is that LegoLand?" - perhaps she'd seen a poster - it was the castle - echoes of Monty Python "It's only a model". We camped on Eton College's waste ground, tidied up after, local kids will light fires there for years to come and do their cigarette spliff rituals..
    I was joking with spacegirl about modern artists who probably couldnt paint a protrait or landscape, and poems which dont rhyme, I wrote this:

    Fri 23june2000 Back from Stonehenge last night.
    Today I cycled to Radstock then bussed to Bath where microfinder still hadnt managed to get my laptop's infrared port to work, six months after they sold it me saying it would. So I can't download the last few weeks' emails.

    Wow that walk to Stonehenge was a trip!
    I feel like I have a new family, all those adventures and arguments and reconciliations and cups of tea and meals and pubs, we'll talk of it for years when we meet, those of us from the year 2000 walk. I'd never done it before, all the way. Not one of us walked every yard of the way, we all had lifts, but there was a walk all the way from London to Stonehenge.
    On Monday 19th the police refused to escort us from Upavon, even though I told them that the day before cars had swerved at a pushchair ' as a joke? ' so we had to send the kids on by car and only 8 of us walked that day. But we met again that night in some woods south of the Stones, and all walked up on Tuesday evening for sunset at Stonehenge. On Monday, just around sunset, we'd walked south from the Danger Area and sat on one of the mounds where I used to sit in the old Free Festival days. Jes played guitar, Helen drummed, Gilly fluted, I tinwhistled. Jes's song Our Stones

    In Stonehenge on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning I tinwhistled with several drum sessions, it was good.

    Fri 30 June 2000 Last Sunday I got a lift to Pilton/Glastonbury where I saw David Bowie and he's great. Changes, Starman, Jean Genie, Heroes, Major Tom's a Junky, Ziggy Played Guitar, he played over 2 hours, what a voice, what words, what tunes, yeah.
    Earlier Jools Holland was disappointing. Monday I danced to Pain in the travellers field, but missed Andy guitaring and 2000DS Gary - drat!
    Saw a bit of Suzanne Vega but baby Soaf was screaming too loud.
    Many of the Stonehenge Walk 2000 family were there, and folks from all over - great!
    But I didnt get to play much whistle there

    Perhaps a few weeks off now to get my life tidied up - I spent too few nights on site in May and June, get the bus tested (I havent started the engine this year!), try to get this laptop talking to my phone (damn microfinder , collect June's emails, mending things, service my lightshow , do some more music , writing , babysitting, complaints against the police etcetera
    then off to two more festivals :
    26-30 July Big Green Millennium Gathering, nr Warminster, Wilts. Powered by the wind, the sun & the people. Info BGG, PO Box 155, Hampton, TW12 2FJ tel 0208 941 6674. Advance tickets only http://www.big-green-gathering.com/
    10-29 August Rainbow Circle Creativity Camp - healing, music, astrology, heartsharings etc 80 info 0208 981 8409 and 01895 638 375 and 0207 379 6810 ~ RainbowCircle( two+ weeks, three weekends, like festivals used to be, not just a long weekend)

    tuesday 4 July 2000 it's raining outside on the roof of my bus . I'm typing on my laptop but still can't go online because the infra red port doesnt work. I should email Tulip now!
    I did. I searched the harddisk for 'tulip' (using Ctrl-Esc), found the email they sent me months back, typed the address into my phone and sent them a little message- see dicenews#freespace for how).
    I'm quite proud of my cough from Stonehenge .
    It's the first day I've spent all day in my bus since May, no, there was one day in June when I came back from the walk, but only one.
    I took today easy, did some washing, slept twelve hours last night, (including reading and listening to the radio).

    On the news some Argentineans are talking of suing the British Government for sinking the Belgrano offside

    tue 11 july - testing nokia-vodaphone mobile modem in my bus..
    4.50 to collect about a hundred emails - ow!
    but now I've got the May and June Stonehenge emails - but no time to edit them for the web now

    h22:02 Tuesday 18 July: i've been on Radio Bristol, Wiltshire, Gloucester, Devon, Cornwall and Jersey; Sarah Gorell's phonein about crime.
    This morning they announced that 8 year old Sarah's body has been found in Sussex, there'd been a nationwide hunt for a week.

    I said that i could imagine me killing someone in a fight when drunk, or with a car, but not like that.
    And how many people get killed on telly every night?
    And that kids today meet cannabis everywhere, are told its illegal but they know it just makes them happy,
    they learn to lie to the police and their parents,
    this breeds disrespect of the law.
    So legalise cannabis, and legalise prostitution,

    earlier I bought oil and an oil filter, but couldnt start the bus on the handle, because I should warm the oil before draining it, I notice most of the petrol has evaporated since i last started the engine

    Next Monday I'm driving it to the Big Green Gathering, unloading my lightshow, driving it back here, then cycling back to the festi . Because it's Green they dont want vehicles, so I'll use twice as much petrol!
    Then in August it's the Rainbow Circle Camp, three weekends.
    See my Stonehenge webpage for details)

    Yesterday, Monday, I cycled back from buddahfield, a little festival at Ted Stone's farm.
    I'd dropped by there on saturday to tell angel how her bike repairs were going,
    Saturday night I played in a little cafe with Cameron Altered Native, over an hour tin whistling (and fluting one tune in A flat or G sharp) I think he likes my style! Perhaps we'll record something for Tribal Voices,

    JJ and my bike power

    h23 jj has woke, he's on my lap yawning as i type left fingers.
    (Now, later, I'm correcting the spelling)
    (I learnt to be a bit ambidextrous when I broke my arm starting the bus with the handle years ago)
    he drinks.
    i love him
    he loves me.
    but i dont fancy him, i'm not sexually attracted to him. he's a kid.
    i dont fancy his mum, as it happens.
    but there are mums that i fancy.
    there was one in june, who's name i will not mention.
    i told her i fancied her, but i wasnt in love with her. it went no further, which is probably just as well, but hypothetically we could have got drunk and accidents do happen, and i had a condom ready just in case. but i remember thinking on the walk about when i was in love and when i wanted to get my lover pregnant, not just physical sexual attraction but my rational conscious decision to go for it, for better or worse, willing those sperms on and up.

    Maybe i didnt think of it like that at the time(s) but i did when thinking back.
    I can remember walking along the canal thinking it.
    And counting the places it could have happened.
    see my 1986ish poem on Womens Issues .
    But i agree with Steinbeck's in that book about the brothers and twins that kids grow up to be who they are despite their parents influences.

    In the prehistory of the jungle men wouldnt know who their biological children were which is why evolution 'arranged' us so that its natural for humans (men women and children) to pick up stray children and feed them, to be entertained playing with a baby, making goo goo noises, what Fraser Clark writes of as 'pronoia' the feeling children have that everybody is out to help them, the opposite of paranoia. Just watching kids at festivals or in the supermarket, all the adults smiling at babies, the maternal/paternal instinct.

    And its unnatural for men to fancy children,
    because if they f*cked them then the child's body would be damaged and it would not grow to have more babies. So tribes like that would die out by Darwin.
    Whereas societies like the ancient greeks,
    where much sexual energy was spent on male homosexuality
    are evolutionarily viable.
    Greek women got pregnant, perhaps by rich old men, their children survived.

    Evolution also explains why young males fight, like stags.
    But just because evolution explains these feelings of male sexual competition, isnt an excuse for following them at inappropriate times.

    In a dog pack Mike Tyson would be top dog impregnating all the females.
    But as a human a jury decided that he did not respect a woman's right to say no, he was sent to jail as a rapist.

    I am a man, not a dog, my mind is not a slave of my body, of my emotions, but I remember Irene's warning that it is when we suppress out subconscious animal urges, when we ignore them that they will burst out on us unawares and cause us damage. On one of them many morning arguments on the Stonehenge walk I remember growling "grrrrr" at some other male - he understood. No arguemnts before three cups of tea please!

    I've read a few books on child abuse, a few Guardian articles on Fred West's doings,
    I had to think long and hard when I nearly got framed.
    I can get my head inside a boy pulling wings of flies
    I can even understand how a mad dad would kill his ex-wife and kids,
    but to go out in a car and stalk and kidnap and murder a kid like seems to have happened to that little Sarah last week, i cant imagine, but i guess it was a male what did it, and if he started to explain it to me I'd want to kill him,
    like those many people who phoned in to the radio today.
    Like when I started reading the first page of a random book and the prose somehow made my skin crawl and I looked at the front and it was Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

    I recently met a 'transsexual' a previous man who allegedly had his dangly bits cut and converted by a surgeon to be like a woman (but without a womb), it makes me squirm to think of it, but as a liberal I decided my philosophy of sexual politics is that consenting adults can do what they want in private; but that, as it happens, I don't fancy that particular person, (see earlier notes about him/her/han )

    h20:50 Wed 19 July2000 . I disconnected a spark plug lead, no spark, I took out all six and laid them on the engine and turned it by hand - no sparks. I removed the distributor and reset the points. Sparks. Put the plugs back in. It started, coughing. I warmed the oil, stopped it, drained the oil, put in clean. Started it again on the handle, squirted stuff in the Carb to clean it, it sounds better.
    I didnt complain of the cold or the wet but today and yesterday it was too hot.

    h11:11 wed 2 august 2000: in my bus at the Big Green Gathering site. I should "go home" soon - back to the yard, but here there's wind for the windmill, and water in taps, can I stay another day and do some computering? Because there aint much wind in the quarry where I've been parked all winter, and this laptop drinks electricity.
    Cave of uknighttimeonline fixed the infrared port.
    last night used infrared and my orange phone and downloaded 24 emails and sent one - it took 34 minutes, Received 417k, Sent 119K. I want some software to tell me more about transmission speeds, and how the battery's doing. Should I get a new battery? How can I tell how good it is?

    It was a great festi. I drove here on Monday 24th July, collecting Angel, Sunch, Shanti, bike, buggy, tat etcetera halfway. But Shanti's a dog and was banned.
    Tuesday Festival Eye Andy arrived with the marquee, and put it up.
    Wednesday I borrowed Andy's van, filled it with diesel and drove it to Bournemouth to get the Stonehenge Exhibition - the arranged driver had failed.
    Thursday we put up the exhibition, can't remember much else, I think it was that night in bed I was listening to Rinky Dink on the radio.
    Friday I cycled to Rinky Dink, Danny said that had been Shak Shak playing live, how I wish'd I'd got out of bed. I borrowed one of their freight bikes, and cycled back to my bus and got my lightshow. Their scaffold was the wrong size, so I walked back and got mine. Fixed up my lights, 5 or 6 were working,

    Saturday Rinky said they'd have a disco, so I didnt light, but as it happens Nik Turner played there.
    I was at the mushroom stone circle playing tin whistle for four hours with sevenish drummers. They were great, there were a couple of times I tried to accelerate into old tunes but they didnt let me, so I dropped back, concentrated on one of them, and tuned in. Remembering the Friday night drum workshops at the Kentish Town Rainbow Centre with Lord Eric Sugumugu.

    Sunday evening back to Rinky, set up my lights, got my battery, tested them, got about 12 working, did a blinding psychedelic lightshow with Shak Shak (and Nik saxophoning) and then with Kangaroo Moon, until daylight dawned.

    Monday I slept, then went out to play again.

    And cycling around madly at day and night, looking for guitarists with my tin whistle and having fun. Selling a few Festival Eyes. Meeting old friends from all over, from college, Coventry, Stonehenge, the Convoy Festivals, Glastonbury, South London, Hackney, Hammersmith, Rainbow Centre, Wandsworth, etcetera, etcetera.

    and 'family' from the Stonehenge Walk, and new friends made and old renewed in the cauldron that was our camp

    and kids and mums and others.

    And tromboning with electric guitars - it works - musically!

    and tinwhistling in the audience along with stage musicians.

    and getting this computer fixed - thanks

    and last night I thought a certain lady might come visit but she didnt.

    As I think back best was Saturday night, tinwhistling with the drummers, I didnt know any of them, it was dark, at times there were sexy silhouettes dancing, one time Simon came in with his trumpet, played a few bars, I jumped up with my tinwhistle and blew him away. (in my trip). It was like in my letter to Festival Eye 2000 , the greatest, making music with other musicians, listening to each of their individualities, like flying a dragon.

    h20:30 tuesday 2nd august2000: trying to upload this with my mobile - will it all upload?

    h20:05 yum yum, ate food with the green litter pickers. Lots of kids on my sawn off climbing frame, that I rescued from Kentish Town Rainbow Centre.

    h17:40tue: I was getting ready to get my bus bump-started when "Fire" - I cycled over with a water container but it was too late. Ten minutes later fire engines arrived, put it out. Later I cycled over, told someone off for not having shoes or gloves.
    Later I went back with my boots and gloves and spades and started tidying it.
    Thinking of the many vehicle and caravan fires I've tidied up, of when my bus caught fire in 1993ish at Wraysbury, and when Roger Dodger burnt at Evesham Street.
    Three hours later they towed her van away.
    The engine and wheels are still good.
    99% of the contents were destroyed.
    Nobody was in it, nobody got hurt.
    It was a candle left burning in the wind.
    Amanda was out having tea with Anna.

    h23:23 tuesday 08 august 2000. Sunch is asleep. Her mum's away in hospital with a broken leg from a cycling accident. Hope she's out tomorrow with a big plaster cast.

    Still havent got orange mobile phone infrared link to work, it was at nine bytes per second to freeserve, or 3000 bytes in ten minutes, noting like the alleged 9600 baud, which should be enough for email and FTP.

    alison h21:12 saturday 12 august in my bus in Somerset, my planned drive to the Rainbow Circle Cauldron Camp has been delayed.

    I heard some bad news yesterday - Elkie is dead. She got out the wrong cardoor and was hit by a car. I remember playing a game with her at the Tribal Voices camp while Tegwyn (her mum) and Stevie P (her dad) were recording. Elkie was at an upstairs window accidentally on purpose dropping a yellow plastic sword onto my head, my cap would fly off and I'd fall over, peals of pure joy laughter... I'd pass it back to her, she'd drop it again.
    Her funeral's in Yeovil on Monday, where John Pendragon's was.
    The photo at the top right of this webpage is of Alison Collyer of Greenlands Farm Glastonbury and others at the funerals of some other kids we lost, Kierra, Kayla, Missy and Jason. I knew Kierra at Llangybi, Kayla at Marcham and Glastonbury, and Jason in the Pelcomb Mutants gang.
    If any of us there could have swapped places we would. But we can't.

    from "The Prophet" by Kahil Gibran (1923)

    And now your ship has come, and you must needs go.

    Deep is your longing for the land of your memories
    and the dwelling-place of your greater desires;
    and our love would not bind you nor our needs hold you.

    Yet this we ask ere you leave us,
    that you speak to us and give us your truth.
    And we will give it unto our children,
    and they unto their children,
    and it shall not perish.

    And a woman
    who held a babe against her bosom
    said, Speak of Children.

    And he said:

    Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters
    of Life's longing for itself.

    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you
    yet they belong not to you.

    You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
    For they have their own thoughts.

    You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
    which you cannot visit,
    not even in your dreams.

    You may strive to be like them,
    but seek not to make them like you.

    For life goes not backwards nor tarries with yesterday.
    You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

    The Archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
    and He bends you
    with His might
    that His arrows may go swift and far.

    Let your bending in the Archer's hand be for gladness;
    For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
    so He loves also the bow that is stable.


    Then said a rich man, Speak to us of Giving.
    And he answered:
    You give but little when you give of your possessions.
    It is when you give of yourself that you truly give

    .... from "The Prophet" by Kahil Gibran (1923)

    Sunch slept in my bus Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, phoning her mum and grandparents often, yesterday we caught a bus to Frome, another to Bath, and another to the hospital where we visited. Angel wanted to come away, but she'd had bones set that morning, and the nurse advised a nights rest. Sunch screamed and screamed, at last I carried her out screaming, set off walking down hill with her on my shoulders, she started chatting as usual, dodging the branches (in June we walked from London to Stonehenge - see Stonehenge Slideshow Five).
    I phoned Simon, he came and rescued us on his bicycle rickshaw, took us to his house warming party where Sunch had a bath and food, and wandered about in a blanket then slept. Unfortunately I drank too much sherry and was sick. She woke me in the morning, I was sick again. Angel phoned, she was coming out of hospital, we caught a bus and met her at the bus station. She spent three hours walking a few hundred yards on crutches to do a bit of shopping. We caught a bus back to Frome, then Mike's taxi back home to site.

    h22.22mon14aug in my bus in Somerset. Tomorrow we drive to Rainbow Cauldron camp (if my bus doesnt conk out). I havent been able to upload this page for ages. Yeovil cybercafe shuts Mondays, Yeovil library wouldnt let me insert my disk, Frome Wheatsheaves internet was broken. I'd caught a bus, a train, and a bus.
    I was in Yeovil for the
    We sang her favourite song:
    'These are a Few of My Favourite Things'
    Stevie P sang 'One more Brighter Day'
    and said she's gone on a magic journey.
    Tegwyn sang.
    It was stupidly sad.
    Last night, on BBC Local Radio's Sunday Black Echo, Sister Evadne Campbell played some Bob Marley for Elkie.

    h00:23fri18august in my bus at Rainbow Circle Camp, near Gloucester. I've been playing tinwhistles and trombone and flute. wow. I love it here. I wish it was forever not two weeks.

    h01:23 monday21august2000 in my bus at Rainbow Cauldron. Sunch is asleep. Angel is in Gloucester hospital with her leg broken again. Tonight, Sunday, I tin whistled "Ziggy Stardust" in the cafe. Most of the day I rested. Yesterday, Saturday, I was evicted from next to the cafe to here, next to the music tent, the bus took some starting - bit worked after I cleaned two petrol filters. Then I put my lights up in the tent and did a lightshow - ten lights working.

    A few days ago we had a great jam with folk from Magi Nichol's London Music Gathering, but they're gone home now.

    This page has been offline for a few weeks because I tried to upload it over my orange mobile phone but failed, perhaps it only uploaded a few bytes and overwrote the earlier version of this webpage dicegeor.htm. Sorry.

    h15:01Monday28august2000 I'm in the free music tent at the Rainbow Cauldren Camp, this laptop connected to a car battery.
    wow, its good here.
    Last night was the play, I lit it, only about seven lights working, too dim for videos, but it gave a layer of disreality. I've been laying loads of tin whistle, Ziggy Stardust and Starman, and, with Enid (who plays electric guitar and sings) Abba and I Will Survive

    h20:34 friday 01 september 2000 in my bus in our yard in Somerset. Yesterday I drove out of the Rainbow Circle Camp, up to Gloucester, then down through Stroud, then towards Bath but there were no petrol stations... just after we met the Cirencester road the engine cut out, I coasted onto the verge at the left. Luckily the road was a bit wide because of merging traffic. I cycled to the petrol station - two miles - and got petrol in my can. But the bus still wouldnt start. I checked both petrol filters, start dismantaling it, finally sawing off a bit of hosepipe and using it to blow down the petrol pipe to the tank- it cleared a blockage. Started it with the handle, down the road, but it cut out again, just before the petrol station, we glid to the pumps. I dismantled and blew down the pipe again. Instead of filling with petrol I started it on the handle and backed into the yard round the back, onto some boards and chocks I'd brought, and started taking off the petrol tank, but a man came and told us we couldnt do it there because of his insurance, but we could go in that layby, so I reassembled and restarted and loaded up the wood and drove to the layby, got it up on the chocks, took off the petrol tank, dragged it out, poured the petrol into a big blue tub, filtered it into my petrol can. There were blue blobs in it, globules of cyan coloured light rubbery stuff, made I think from a mixture of gasket jointing goo and petrol from Pilton June 1999 perhaps. It was getting dark and wet so I stayed the night there. In the morning I filtered the petrol another three times, put the tank back on, put the petrol back, cycled to the petrol station, got more.
    We were parked dead opposite Sodbury hill fort- with a double bank on our side and a stupendous view on the other.
    Drove back through Bath without incident.
    wow that rainbow camp was good for me.
    why didnt I write loads about it every night, andor record some of the music?
    why, because I was so wrapped up the in the moment, the reality of it.
    To record anything changes it.

    Thu 07 sept 2000: at willyx@london.com . Last night was the Stonehenge Campaign meeting . Then internetting.
    I uploaded a new photo of Stonhenge Summer Solstice, and updated the Slideshow Number Five
    I surfed to Tucows - Windows 95-98 and downloaded a Free Trial Version of Net.Medic which should help me tune up my internet connection;
    grabbed a song from Jes's band Halo @ peoplesound.com (see my music page)
    and looked at eGroups stonehengepeace email archives.
    h00:30 Tue12sept in London Cybercafe, last night at Farringdon Music Gathering, I recorded some on my laptop, I may upload it tomorrow. to here?
    six tin whistles - my B-flat and D, sax andy had two, and the percussionist had two, and laura's flute, and a drumkit and several guitars...

    Yesterday, Sunday, and Saturday at the free legal party at Exodus near Luton, I danced and danced to bands like Pain and HeadJam and GBH and Tarantism, but sadly Phil Planet of Back To The Planet didnt play because they didnt tell Reknaw there was a midnight curfew and she was due at 2.30 a.m., ow.
    saw loads and loads of friends from all over.

    There's a jam tomorrow night somewhere near Borough tube, green anglespace, i dont know where yet, phone me..
    and another on wednesday at Old Spittal Fields Market,
    phone me ,
    but perhaps I should go back to my bus, been on the road a week now...

    If you want to know when I update these webpages, then visit http://www.egroups.com/group/dicenews and subscribe

    I've just posted a message onto Finley Quayes webpage: http://www.finleyquaye.com/
    Name: george ()
    Date: 12-09-00 02:12
    Dear Finley,
    I met you at Lord Eric Sugumugu's den, did you get to look at my song:
    ' The Only Time I lied (Was When I Said I Didnt Love You Any More)
    Please record it and get it to number one for Valentine's day and send me the songwriting dosh
    its at http://www.phreak.co.uk/stonehenge/psb/onlytime.htm
    and the sample is at http://www2.phreak.co.uk:8080/ramgen/stonehenge/onlytime.ram which proves i cant sing
    or if not you then who should sing it?
    the trick is the Dminorseventh where on 'more' you sing F natural not F sharp
    respect george. phone: 07970 378 572 http://www.dicegeorge.com
    PS whats' lord erics phone number, i think its been cut off

    fri16september at Glastonbury, been uploading Pok SpaceGoat's webpage and some photos for tribalvoices, and 'springcleaning' their computer.

    Letter to September Stonehenge Newsletter:

    From: "Dice George" [george@dicenews.com]
    To: [jesterdream@hotmail.com]
    Cc: [george@dicenews.com]
    Subject: lfk2000sept14 - first draft
    Date: 14 September 2000 05:12
    == Letter From Karelia Thu14Sept2000 ==
              June 2000 some of us walked
    as a family from London to Stonehenge
          (but nobody walked every step).
    Then half a night and dawn inside -
    it was wet and windy, good, cos
    loads more people could have been a
    problem clearing the Stones in time
    for English Heriticage to open their
    turnstiles at 9 a.m. as a-greed ...
      Me, I tin-whistled and danced to the
    real live drumming - I policed myself.
      Starman Bowie at Pilton was great,
    but I missed the Wailers, and Big Andy
    guitaring after PAIN on Tuesday...
      Big Green Gathering Stonehenge
    Exhibition bus, and Saturday night
    fluting with Stone drummers four hours,
    Sunday 12volt DG Lightshow @ RinkyDink
    with Nik, ShakShak, + Kangaroo Moon.
      Angel broke her leg but Sunch was OK.
        Little Elkie got killed by a car:
        yet another stupidly sad accident.
    Craig + Martine had another baby girl.
      2 weeks at Cauldren Camp, babysat +
    fluted and lit and sorted 99% of our
    Rainbow Circle Politics re: a certain
    person's infamous rumours and animus..
      Then more dancing at Exodus Fest.
    Next year... hang on, there's another
    Solstice in December - I want more
    Braziers and drums and mutual respect
    and love and understanding (not that
    I understand half of what's going on
                     - it's a mad world!)
      your cousin,  www.dicegeorge.com
    ====  orange phone 07970 378572 ====

    17sept2000 willy asked is the word 'baccus' on email from baccy, tobacco?
    Well its from Bachus the bachae greek, was tobacco an indian native word when westerners found the drug? That whole history is suspect, "to bacchus" would be a drugs toast on smoking the chillum, or whatever...

    thu21sept2000 h20:03 in my bus: tomorrow morning is equinox sunrise at Stonehenge: will I be there? If I'd really wanted to be there I'd have caught the 2.30pm bus to Bath, then another to Deptford where the Salisbury-Bath road crosses the A303 and have walked, but its been raining all day and I have the edge of a cold, and a friend said she might drive me there, I've offered petrol money, she didnt phone last night but if she came here and I was gone I'd have sort of broken my word in that I sort of offered petrol money - and anyhow the world will still go round if I'm not there. I'm not driving my bus there, I'd have had to spend days getting it ready, and anyhow I drove it there in March, (or was it December last) and its too extravagant to drive it there four times a year!
    I got a random lift to Glastonbury last weekend, spent two days mainly computering the Tribal Voices website, Pok updated two pages. And checking out the SpaceGoats song at mp3.com, shall we put Tribal Voices music there- I think only after asking the individual musicians for permission.

    Back in my bus I've been tidying up and washing stuff- I've been away most of the summer, using it as a den to crash in rather than a home. I went to clean the chimney and found a plate at the back of it had fallen out- that's why I was getting so much more smoke than usual. Perhaps all the smoke from the smokey woodburner etcetera willo take five years off my life compared to someone living in a house with clean nuclear electricity, but that's my choice. If everyone lived in a bus then I'd want to live in a house.

    OUTLOOK EXPRESS i successfully found the hotmail inbox *.IBX? on ruth's pc, copied it to pc, copied it to my tulip hard disk, made a new folder on the tulip, renamed the ruth file with that name, and swapped the two files, and it worked - I've got email that I downloaded on Ruth's OK.

    Sunday01October in my bus received a few emails via my mobile phone infrared but its very very unreliable and slow, much less than the theoretical 9600 baud. It receives and sends about 1000 bytes per minute.
    Listening to September's London Musicians Jam
    Last Thursday I went to Kebele, Bristol, great meal, good friends. Then on Friday to a Stonehenge Peace Process meeting near Stonehenge. And then to a party in Frome.
    Tomorrow, to London
    h01:57 Tuesday 03 October 2000 at Easy London cybercafe.
    Wednesday evening is the Torrianno Stonehenge Meeting
    Got an email from Donna Druid with a photo of me and my tin whistle in stonehenge sometime - thanks!
    I hitched from Bristol Monday morning, visited a few friends, plugged my laptop into a phone socket and uploaded six webpages, went to the Betsy Trotwoods pub at Farringdon for the improv music. I recorded some - I'll upload it soon - can't now because its on my laptop's hard disk.

    h02:55Wed04october in cybercafe- I got spammed by someone because they got spammed by the WARPSPAM disaster and they thought it was my fault but it was someone else's mistake- I just sent one email.
    To stop warpspam you have to register with www.smartgroups.com ,and change your email delivery to DIGEST or WEBONLY.
    To delete lots of emails without POP downloading them goto dicenews , choose Twigger, logon, select lots of boxes and delete them.

    fri06oct2000 tuesday - Listening to yesterday's recording 2000oct02a-london-musicians-at-farringdon.rm Yesterday I sat next to my computer as it recorded, so now I can hear my tinwhistling. Last month, and in February I went away from the microphone, my noises were almost lost beneath the other squeaky whistles. But last night there was Frank trumpeting, Lauren singing and occassionally fluting, Evira singing and occassionally recorder-ing, John guitaring, some new local guys saxaphoning and percussioning.
    h23:23 Monday 09 october 2000: at my folks' for a few days.
    Someone's been searching my websites for 'naked photos'. There are none. But slideshow number five has some great pictures of our Stonehenge family. There was once one half naked picture here , but I've censored it (bottom right).
    repetitive squeaks internet single The rsac rating for these pages is 'No nudity but very strong language'. BUT... I've just updated the collected Y2K emails webpage, and the 'f-word' is used by other people. AND there are two webpages that two people have asked me to delete bits of, one because they say the person who wrote stuff once 'lost it' - the other because.. I dont know why, it's true what I wrote.. and I think its responsible. I havent deleted them, freedom of speech is precious, but then again there's somebody saying horrid things about me, what can I do about it with honour? The problems in her head, not mine, but oh the damage and pain she's caused ... especially to one friend of mine ... oh, betrayal and perfidy!
    Her fears were disbelieved at site meetings at the time.
    I tend not to use common swearwords, but I do swear, such as in my 1986 Womens Issues poem , and in some of my stream of consciousness writings here. I am a grown up, and because I'm an introvert my sense of honour and self-respect is more important to me than what other people think of me. (But I do censor what I write here. For instance I am still pursuing a complaint against the police about their shoddy work investigating and nearly framing me, wasting my summer 1998 and causing huge stress to me, my parents, and my 'extended family' from the convoy, Wandsworth Eco Village, Dead Womans Bottom , Stonehenge Campaign, Tribal Voices, Festival Eye, Rainbow Circle, etcetera, etcetera , etcetera. They nearly got me, luckily I have friends. But I'm not writing about it here to protect the innocent, someone's throwing shit my way and there's a horrid smell, know what I mean!) My criminal record is for walking into Glastonbury Police Station with cannabis in my pocket , as some kind of a protest. Soon afterwards they closed Glasto police station, the next hippy to try it will have to walk to Street, they'd probably sober up before they get there, thus cutting Somerset's crime figures! ha ha! - - - So I cant go to america. - - - What a silly law - breeds disrespect into society, they should tax it, I'm fed up with the quality of some of the 'soap' thats sold out there. There should be a law against it - the trades description act. I want real hash, not tranquilizers mixed up in henna by criminals. (see my 1999 Festival Eye letter on 'good honest drugs dealers' ) Grown ups should be free to do what they want in the privacy of their own homes as long as they dont harm others. Cannabis In Avalon

    It could have been worse - in another reality I'd be leader of the Conservative Party, and I'd be a worse shit that W.Hague. But I joined the hippies / liberals / mutants instead. Now Anne Widdecombe has made an ass of herself by proposing to automatically fine everyone in possession of cannabis £100. I'd feared the tories could win the next election, like John Major sneaked one in, but I think they've shown how out of touch they are. There would be more riots in Brixton, etcetera. And the debate has opened up - hurray. I wish I could see what they're saying on the UKCIA maillist, but I cant afford the phonebill to download their hundreds of emails.

    The orange mobile internet connection still isnt good enough, the latest annoyance was an unresizable window too big for this laptop at orange.net emails

    to: support@orange.net
    (bounced back)
    orange.net email window is too big for this laptop
    i have logged onto orange.net to get my email
    it opened the mail  window which is not resizable
    and the delete button is too far down-
    i cant get it on this laptop
    which is probably 640x480 screensize
    so i cant delete the spam emails
    i'm using a motorola timeport
    please fix your website
    so that i can get and delete emails through the web interface
    ~~~~ george ~ phone 07970 378572 ~~~~
    ~~~~~~ www.dicenews.com ~~~~~~~~~~
    ~ Stonehenge Campaign ~ Tribal Voices ~

    h01:11 Wed 11 oct2000: been down the pub, played a bit of tin whistle.
    All right? No. OK-ish. You dont tell me your problems and I wont tell you mine.
    There was an archive tape of Frankie Howerd on Radio Four: around 1947 he was the BBC's most popular comedian. One joke - there was a harmonica making strange noises - he said it had just come out of the maternity ward after having mouthorgans! So that's where they come from. I once had one, a chromatic, with a button and all the notes, balck and white, I was just getting the hang of it when I gave it to a kid to play with (as I do with tin whistles) - she blew hard and burst some reeds, goodbye mouthorgan, aaaaarggghhh, and she, the daughter of my ex-fiancee..
    Tomorrow, (ie later this morning) back to Somerset. Then perhaps I'll looking for work, I've got a few weeks spare for projects, worthy or paid (or both). It's many years since I quit my job in Coventry and went into opposition against Thatcher, and she's gone. But i'm too busy to work! No, I have some time. And want to buy a windmill etcetera.
    Next Saturday is the anarchist bookfair in London, it's great, I've been many times, but I'm on my way home from London, it's too wet to hitch, and Bath RTS is on Friday, that's local now, and a bus ride away, see you there at noon? at the circus, whereever that is.. I went a few years back with a posse from Dead Woman's - it was good fluffy fun, the Rinky Dink band Shak Shak in Quiet Street.

    thu12oct back in my bus in Somerset .

    Wed18 october been trying to get online for days, Dial Up Networking finds the server but after saying "verifying username and password" it sits around doing nothing for minutes and minutes - how can I get more information as to what is happening??
    a few nights ago I did get online and get a page out of hotmail before suddenly nothing happened
    Who's got experience of getting online through orange mobile phones please? Where can I get more info?

    I've been updating the Tribal Voices homepage, and arranging by phone to get more of tapes 3 and 4 copied for sale. And I hope Chrissy and Gaia are enthusing recording of tapes 5, 6,7...
    But now Mike's generator has gone off, so I'd better save this and switch to windmill power.
    Tomorrow to Kebele in Bristol, then to Glastonbury for the weekend, a gig on Friday and Rainbow Circle meeting Saturday, Sunday. And old friends, and new. Here in Somerset for another winter, I think. I'm learning to play the trombone, again.

    ===to deja news.uk.telecom.mobile
    orange.net help please
    I have been trying to get onto the internet for months with
    my Motorola L7089 timeport and Orange everyday 50,
    but seldom get online, and when I do get about
    1000 bytes per minute at the most.
    Can you please advise me how to improve on this,
    and send me links to more info.
    Unfortunately I have to travel a long way
    to use cybercafes, and so can't guarantee to
    read this newsgroup in the next few weeks
    so please email me some help,
    as well as posting to here.
    george.  www.dicenews.com

    Fri27october2000: in my bus.
    Last Thursday week I went to Kebele community cafe in Bristol, then Friday to Glastonbury for a gig and then the Rainbow Circle AGM. I was ready to dance, but Yoghurt Thrash always had a drum machine or a backing track - karaoke, I refused to dance until the very end - its just not live - however we danced the speed of the music was the same - (see my letter in Festival Eye 2000 against drum machines etcetera)
    The meeting was good.
    Saturday was spent circling around confidential matters of morals which some thought a waste of time but for me I loved the way people like Raga talked, and was projecting my own experiences and dilemmas onto whatever they were talking about and it illuminated things from new perspectives for me. Then on Saturday night I danced it out to various musicians. Then back to sort out Tribal Voices webpages and upload more sound samples then sleep, then a Sunday meeting where we sat in a circle and talked in our turns and listened. I woffled a bit from scribbled notes on my paper. And I passed round a paper which lots of people signed asking for people to put their names forwards as 'mediators' so that perhaps when situations arise a mutually agreed mediator could talk to all sides of the argument situation and then perhaps considered proposals could be brought to the Rainbow Circle Council - because often in arguments there are misunderstandings about facts and motives and both sides are in the right, or doing as they think best, and we all make mistakes, thats human, whats important is how you behave after your mistake, whether it's farting or whatever.. (there were two people there on saturday who'd hit me in the past, to one I said hello, the other I shunned

    I read a forgettable sci-fi paperback, then the Wayward Bus by my favourite John Steinbeck ,
    then a book I found second hand - "The Loss of El Dorado" by V.S. Naipaul set around Trinidad slavery days, the native indians exterminated, Spanish French and British settlers...
    Now I'm reading another book I got for a pound - "The Psychology of Superstition" by Gustav Jahoda.

    h15:00 Wed01novemberer2000 in Brighton with a slight headache, soon to bus to London Stonehenge meeting . Ruth SpaceGoat gave me a lift here yesterday afternoon, after a few waterleaks we got to the Grand at about ten, for a Smiral Records (www.smiralrecords.com?) launchparty, no sign of any records but great music! Saw Trim then watched Shiraz, a magician, then danced to Jes's band Halo. Trim, three women dressed Halloweeny rocked, one of their first tunes changed pace in a Hendrixy way several times, I'd have loved to danced to that but was just arrived and only at the foot tapping stage

    Sat4nov2000 8a.m. in london cybercafe, allnighter, soon to catch a coach to Bath then back to Somerset and sleep in my bed in my bus

    Does the Tribal Voices left frame load the sound samples OK in your browser? - i think they're broken..
    I need cheaper colour photocopying for 50xA4 for Tribal Voices tapes covers: Tapes 1 to 4 are OK again, but without photocopied covers, the Marylebone price was too much.
    Tribal Voices sounds are broken and the links from www.dicenews.com is wrong but I cant FTP from here to fix it... (the 'C' in SoHo/Cafe must be upper case..).
    Please use http://www.geocities.com/tribalvoices for TribalVoices webpages

    Yesterday scanning and setting up ocknroll Luke's ocknroll photography webpages.
    I scanned photos of Belfast Brian + Ian at Rotherhithe, Red Ice Brian . and the Stonehenge Exhibition at the Big Green Gathering Marquee and OF Ash and Georgia on my roof , and of the bank south of Stonehenge , and dicenews134 photoreductionist pseudography and a sketch of me by elsa, done at the Big Green and of arriving at the Rainbow Circle Cauldron Camp and camping and tatting down and more.

    lost some stuff from here about my visit to smiralrecords in Brighton on Tuesday..
    well, i thought I'd uploaded it, but no, it's on my laptop in my bag at my side, but i cant plug that into this cybercafe - perhaps in my December visit to London, or next week I'll get to Radstock..

    o, here it is....

    fri10nov2000: whoops, due to improvements a lot of the sounds havent been working, please test and tell me which of these four work,: ( and what your browser is, what error messages, etc)

    1. http://www2.phreak.co.uk:8080/ramgen/stonehenge/angel-ragggle-taggle-gypsy.rm (me+angel)
    2. http://www.dicegeorge.com:8080/ramgen/stonehenge/20april2000jam.rm (me+ruth+pok)
    3. http://www.dicenews.com:8080/ramgen/stonehenge/6april2000-roly-roly.rm (me+deb+babette lost in space)
    4. http://www.dicenews.com:8080/ramgen/stonehenge/repetitive-squeaks.rm" (rsqueaks fails? - try rsqueaks.htm )

      It's raining.

      my friend JayJay is visiting site for a while, great to see him again, pushing the trolley stronger faster older than before.

      Went to Wells Citizens Advice Bureau today about my ongoing Complaint against the the Police Complaints Authority.
      And I registered to vote, as at here Karelia Bus NFA, remembering May 1997.

      Last night I nearly FTPed the correction to the www.dicenews.com/tv bug, tribalvoices is at SoHo/Cafe/1963, I had had a small 'c', but nowadays I use http://www.geocities.com/tribalvoices/ , but the cassettes of tapes 3 and 4 had a small c printed on them -- aargh
      or did I?
      does dicenews.com/tv/dnvoice.htm have links to the tv webpages which work?

      and last night i downloaded 12 emails over the infrared mobile phone link, after about ten nights of failures, and sent one out of six, it's not reliable.

      there must be somewhere in cycling distance where I can plug this laptop into a wall phone socket.

      mon13november2000 offline - dicenews.com/tv is probably still broken- please use the link above until I can get online and fix it.

      tue22november2000 I phoned Dave, he says the Tribal Voices real audio is now working , so perhaps tomorrow I'll cycle into Frome and send an email to everybody on my dice news egroup, telling them the TV tapes are on sale again, and give a datelist and weblinks . [ subscribe ].
      It's been raining a lot, but I have my rayburn burning wood OK.
      I'm off to London next week for Friday 1st December Rainbow Circle gig, meetings. Magi's music on Monday, Green Angel Music on Tuesday, Stonehenge Campaign meeting on Wednesday, then zip back down here for the Glastonbury gigs on Friday and Saturday.
      I cycled to the Radstock cybercafe yesterday, processed emails, uploaded Tribal Voices and more, and looked at thmaile new Festival Eye website . It's promising, but the links shouldnt be red on orange, and the main window is much too small on a little laptop like this. It should be pretty amazing by next summer. email festivaleye@stones.com .

      sat02dec2000 Yesterday to London for Rainbow Circle gig. Superb.

      added slideshow number six of this summer Big Green Gathering and Rainbow Circle Cauldron pictures
      Uploaded some more real audio: coventry-sailor.rm from my 1983 Coventry Leaving Party. ~ rotherhithe-jam.rm : me and Red Ice Brian at Rotherhithe New Road ~ freedom-festival.rm (more Brian) ~ ~ Eugene and me in my bus ~ more from my Coventry Party ~ me and Invisible Rory ~ tv04bside.rm Tribal Voices tape 4 B side, and others.. but havent updated my music webpage yet ...

      Monday is Maggi's music jam at Betsy Trotwood, Farringdon; Tuesday Green Angel Jam, Wednesday Stonehenge Meeting , then to Glastonbury for Friday and Saturday gigs.
      I downloaded a 10 day trial of icon forge from favicon.com , now if you bookmark this webpage from Internet Explorer5, and/or Stonehenge , and/or dicenews you should get a little icon in your favorites list. Does it work for you?
      red mouse cursor And I made a new mouse cursor, it's red and hollow, easier to see in a white blue and black windows screen than the usual white cursor, download it here: arrow_m-red.cur , put it into your windows/cursors folder,
      go Start , Settings , control panel , mouse , Pointers , Normal Select , Browse...
      and select it.

      mon04dec2000 : Hi, I'm in London for a few days, visiting friends, computering, networking, selling and distributing Tribal Voices cassettes, and Rainbow Circle Winter Working Group meet (discussing whether to risk doing all next season 'magic hat', and what that means), and Stonehenge Campaign Meeting and babysitting and playing music.. Then weekend @ Glastonbury, then back to Somerset to MOT my bus. The weather's wet and windy, the TLIO windmill's charging batteries, my rain water barrels are full. What I hate is sunburn summers.

      h05:00 thu 07dec2000 I sent 398 friends my dicenews emails (see www.egroups.com/group/dicenews ) and only got back a few complaints, so I think I've got it right-ish (I'd spent weeks preparing).
      But most of Franqui's photos I scanned on Sunday are ruined: I didn't notice the computer compressing them outrageously. What a waste of time.
      This Friday and Saturday I should be at Glastonbury for the gigs.
      I think the new sound files work OK.
      Today's Stonehenge Meeting was good, yesterday's Green Angel jam superb, Monday's improv at Farringdon was disappointing.
      Annoying www.bushinternet.com internet.tv bans all geocities sites, because parental control is switched on - you have to phone to get it uncensored.
      I've sold enough Tribal Voices cassettes to pay the deposit for the 24 March Glastonbury gig.
      And I've writ about a Stonehenge Talking Circle on 25 March at Glastonbury, and improved the poster.

      h04:44 fri08dec2000 in Tottenham Court Rd cybercafe, listening to 6april2000-roly-roly.rm (me+deb+babette lost in space)
      I slept, then to Hackney to help Luke with his webpages , he'd tangled them up in folders and geocities page builder -
      dont use pagebuilder it inserts loads of invisible complex code and empty tables -yeuk
      I advised Front Page Express, it's not too bad (I use wordpad). And check out the Yale Web Style Guide http://info.med.yale.edu/caim/manual/index.html
      Then to Kingsley Hall where I managed to salvage last sunday's scans, i resaved them as medium quality jpgs and dragged them to disks and into my laptop to be processed later, sometime when I can get to a computer with a quality screen.

      13december2000: Letter to Stonehenge Newsletter:

      === Letter From Karelia: 13december2000: ===
      I hated our September S.C. front picture because 
      I'm against dead prerecorded music at Stonehenge:
          the drumming and dancing this June was great.
      June 2001 lets have beer and fire in one corner,
           RinkyDink, tame druids, dry kids in others;
      and walking up the Avenue and in and out the Stones
         but no glass or climbing or violence or dogs
            but love and self policing and honour.
      == www.dicegeorge.com  == 07970 378572 ==

      h23:26 fri22dec2000 : in my bus , on a slope in a layby near Warminster. I missed solstice at Stonehenge. My bus Diff is broken - for more about my mechanical misadventures see karelia.htm

      Sat23dec drove the bus back to site in Somerset at 10-18mph, orange lights flashing, diff clanking every two yards. Cycled to Frome and back.

      Sun24dec2000 to my family in dreary old Gosport for a few days.

      for more uptodate dicegeorge writing please see my homepage dicegeor.htm

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