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My bus now by Halecombe quarry crossroads, between Chantry and Leigh-on-Mendip, along the new Bulls Green Link Road from Nunney, from Frome Somerset, then another hundred yards. (see map ) Whereto next?
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h20:01 tuesday 02/01/2001 I'm in Wales. New Year's Eve at Abyrwystwth, the Rainbow Circle Winter Working Group meeting. After much soul searching we decided that next summer's three camps will all be magic hat, with no ticket prices.
Set up a discussion email list:
then fireworks and sherry..
Then I was sick, and slept.
Recovered, slept at Llangybi. 16 years ago, 1984/1985 I wintered in my bus at Llangybi Common, snowballed by Rachel, Kierra and Emma's gang
Now at D + E's at Lampeter, but they're not here. I snuck in, did the washing up, now I've plugged in this laptop.
22:50 03/01/2001 using Notepad [F5]...
This New Year's resolution was to wash my socks more...
but i havent washed anything apart from my hands and face all year, all decade, all millennium: maybe tonight...

Remembering the year when my resolution was to paint "Guinness Kills Trees" on the Wandsworth fence and I did it that day, hit the new year running..
and last new years eve I was babysitting
Next it'd be nice to be lighting again

thu04jan2000 got my bath in early this year!

Deleting files, there's now 59MB free on this laptops 773MB hard disk - it 2.5 inches, I think a 2GB one would fit here, I'll have to get one because this is full. I got it last December, I've had good use out of it, worth the £200, though the orange Motorola timeport annoyingly never got the promised infra red internet connection.. one time out of a hundred I got an email or two. Aaargh...

23:21 fri05/01/2001 @ Lampeter, bumped into several friends in town from London, Somerset and Llangybi Common.
Spent the afternoon in the library on the internet, deleting spam emails etcetera. But I couldnt upload - they wont let anyone insert disks. It's better than Somerset Library's.

Gotta get back to Somerset, jack up my bus, start the engine and see how much damage I did to the diff during December's failed drive to the Stones.

h21:00 sat13jan2001 There was a lunar eclipse a few days ago; my promised lift to Glastonbury failed, I stayed here - it was cloudy.
Last night I spent about an hour on-and-off-line with this laptop through infrared and my orange phone, I eventually sent 3 emails, then tried to collect some from my Hotmail account via Outlook Express but the connection died and all my saved incoming messages in the Hotmail Inbox here on this laptop were deleted. Damn Microsoft. I hope the messages are still on their server, else sorry.
This afternoon I went to Frome library and looked at and replied to a few emails.
Having money problems - I need a new diff so I'm looking for work, for a few days or weeks or months...
But I have already promised to work on the three Rainbow Circle camps this summer.

21jan2001 letter to: Glastonbury FreeState magazine:

 ===poem  from karelia h20:01 20/01/2001===
dear cousins, glastafarians and glastonians:
 dancing in the assembly rooms december 2000
 i saw an invisible black hole in the middle
 where our Elkie and her friends used to play;
 and it seemed to me that oh so many of the 
 dongas/tribalvoices generation weren't there;
 if she'd've looked down from her little hippy 
 heaven then she'd've thunk where are they?
with love from 07970-378572.

h00:01 fri26jan2001: at Glastonbury: I came to a jam but there's only me here, so I'm listening to an Altered Native tape and playing along sometimes on my flute (- I played along with them last summer in a bender at Buddahfield).
This morning I caught two buses to Westbury, where I looked at a new diff for my bus , but it seemed to be the wrong ration, 1/7 too slow, but I may have done my sums wrong! When I get back to site I must count the teeth in my two broken crown wheels!

I cycled to Frome on Wednesday, went to the library to check my email but hotmail wasnt working, so I couldnt reply to or forward any email, (or delete the spam)
So I checked out the Rainbow Circle and Stonehenge Peace egroups, and looked at the 3 proposals for funding a new roof and paying off the debts of the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms (see dicenews hotlinks )

h00:39wed31jan2001 I came to A's birthday party on Saturday: I'll probably go home later... I was possibly going to London yesterday but didnt, probably next week for Monday and Tuesday music jams and Wednesday 7th Feb Stonehenge Meeting @ Torriano then Saturday 10th Feb: Rainbow Circle gig @ Glastonbury.
At the party B told me of a probable diff from a petrol bedford like mine in a nearby county.
Loads of friends old and new, I played some whistle and flute but didnt manage "joined up dancing", I had some kind of mental block, they looked so good gracious dancing in lines with Dongas English bagpipes etcetera, but I felt inhibited, my dancing is jumping about like a punk, not so social as they - I'm an outsider, no, on the fringes, on the inside of the fringe to the outside, or sitting on the burning fence, whose fence is this anyway?
Was it Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings or Frodo in the Hobbit who said:
Who built this road and why?
h06:48wed07feb2001 in Trafalgar Square Cybercafe, I just sent a dicenews egroup newsletter to 397ish people
( I had two complaints last time, only. It's a bit big at 77K as I sent an image file with it which, classically, one shouldnt, me, I browse with images turned off, when I can.
And checked emails and tweaked dicenews__hotlinks
Last night I fluted and tinwhistled at a jam in London. Later today the Stonehenge Meeting at Kentish Town. See you there - or at the Rainbow Circle Glasto gig Saturday?
I should have got my new phone yesterday but it didn't arrive yet. It'll have the same old number, 07970_378_572

thu01feb2001 whoops I lost my phone. .

15feb2001 getting email, uploading this webpage, via mobile phone, I think it works... update coming in a few days, stonehenge newsletter deadline is next meeting, wed 7 march at torriano..
my phone works again

tue20feb2001 weeks have flitted by: Thursday 8th feb I picked up this laptop off Rory with the new bigger hard disk (2M, the last one was full up) then coach to Bristol - delayed - I was very late to the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms meeting, The Events Team have been voted in to continue. My votes were disqualified because I'd voted for all three proposals.

then Friday saw Nik Turner's Band, he was falling asleep at the front of the stage but we danced regardless.
Saturday was the Rainbow Circle Meeting and Gig. Then Sunday another meeting, then a lift home. Time passed as I worked on my bus in fine weather, and did some internet via mobile phone.

Saturday I caught buses to Westbury scrapyard but it was closed, though the sign said open. Came back disgruntled.
This morning I woke up too late, I'll try again tomorrow. I need that Diff soon

wed21feb2001: in my bus. Thinking about March 24-25 gig and meeting at Glastonbury. Will you be there?
Got up this morning, caught two buses to the scrapyard, bought and dismantled another diff, put the bits in a sawn off water container I'd brought (two saw cuts, I use the lid hole as a handle), two buses back, cup of tea. Why did it take me seven weeks to do that - story of my life, years falling like tears or rain or autumn leaves - I was dashing around britain quite a bit, didnt get back from new years eve for a few weeks as i remember, but that's 7 times 7 = 49 days it took to get that diff when I shouldnt have broken it in the first place!
Its the 21st - two months since december solstice, one month till march equinox, two thirds gone...
But when we got evicted from that farm in Glastonbury and Brian said there was somewhere I could park in London by the river so I went to see London for the winter I got stuck in a timewarp there for ten or more years, that was 1985, I remember the broken windows driving over Westminster Bridge must have looked a sight!
Great years they were in London, I might go back some time.
I was nearly a popstar at the Big Green a few years back, Tribal Voices Pixie People stage, dice george and the SpaceGoats but unfortunately that summer I was horribly torpedoed, but for legal and moral reasons this isnt the place or time, though its common knowledge and a lesson for us all, things happen or not, know what I mean?
and now, when I'm at last more balanced with my friends and family and bus almost together and volunteering in the rainbow winter working group I think we got the decision on the family fun camp being as the same time as the Rainbow Gathering was a mistake, the biggest mistake of the year, for both them gatherings, diffusing the working energy between two camps : two gatecrews two kitchens etcetera but the decision was made. Im personally pissed off, because of me being asked to be on site crew years ago and and all the rainbow politics meetings and wasted time, and I volunteered for the Rainbow Circle Camp, wch now means missing both the Stonehenge Walk and the Rainmbow Family camps next summer - and the Rainbow August camp clashes with the Welsh Green which will be another one-off - aaargh!
sun25feb2001 ==20:52 25/02/2001
ive just recorded on this laptop silent night, using RealEncoder,
(first tried a flute improv but not good, then silent night but i started with the wrong fingering, lost the plot a few times, then a car arrived, so i stopped that recording. Practised for a few seconds, decided to start with two (not 3) fingers on my D-whistle, started, it went OK, imagining like if i was on stage one glastonbury, my five minutes, but I stopped at three minutes, played it back, ok.
Shaved two seconds off the front and five off the end, edited the text,
In Windows Explorer I changed the filename to silent-night-by-dice-george25feb2001.rm then I decided to see how long it would take to upload it- i thought it would take 20 minutes on the mobile phone, but I tried: I closed the music software down,
opened WS_FTP95_LE ftp program, said yes, online - it dialled, it had conacted my ftp server and downloaded the file list, and I changed down two directory levels, I selected the file on my hard diskand clicked the right arrow to begin uploading -
1 minute 17 seconds had passed since dialling in.
Upload went well - it took 6 minutes,
after 7 minutes 19 seconds I disconnected.
The silent-night file is 356K (according to windows explorer)
Therefore I uploaded 60K per minute.
Theoretically the Nokia has a baud rate of 9.6K per second,
I got 60K per minute, which is 1K ber second.
But is a K a thousand bytes or a thousand bits?
I think I'll think of my upload speed as 60K per minute.
tue27feb2001 in my bus, today I took its diff pinion nut to a local welder, he's going to rebuild the bit you hammer down to lock the nut - I'd damaged it getting it off.

uploaded Silent Night - my internet single B-side -
(Unique Selling Point - put it on at the end of parties when you want people to leave (Back To The Planet used to play a Carpenters tape and all the punks would disperse!))

getting emails via the nokia mobile phone, getting the various email lists working, I got blasted by B over something I published without getting permission, i sent various emails, I'm downloading some replies in another window whilst I type this.

sat03march2001 on walkabout: yesterday Bath, today Hampshire, Monday London - music Monday and Tuesday, Stonehenge meeting Wednesday; then another on Friday at Amesbury. Then there's a RainbowC meeting, Stonehenge Equinox, Glastonbury gig and meeting.
exciting? does a bubble in a boiling kettle feel the same?
i've some writing to do, a few more words

glastmeet Sunday25thMarch @ Glastonbury, morning, this afternoon is the Stonehenge Meeting. Yesterday's gig was great, but didnt make any money for Tribal Voices. Loads of musicians played, a girl sang a wonderful song about not being afraid...
Tape 5 (or CD) will be put together soon...

Last weekend I went to a Rainbow Circle meeting at Leominster, we'll decide on 15th April whether or not to cancel the Beltane Camp because of Foot and Mouth disease paranoia.
Whatever Blair's government do they'll be criticised - from both sides - for doing too much and not doing enough, they've started slaughtering all the cattle in Cumbria - when is the cut-off point when they'd say the disease is here - or will they go on killing all the cattle, all the badgers, all the wildlife... and dogs can be carriers too - that'd lose votes, killing dogs... Wouldn't it be terrible if the tories sneaked back in in the next election because of this accident...

Wednesday7th: Stonehenge meeting. Next is on Friday!
Tuesday 6th March jamming at Green Angels, Borough High Street.
Monday 5th March music: 2001march05-london-musicians-at-farringdon.rm' (I was fluting).

saturday31stMarch2001 in my bus , online for the first time since Monday. My 486laptop's mains supply box is broken, so I've hotwired it to a 12volt battery. My Nokia's battery was flat, and I still havent got a 12volt charger, so I've had to wait for the generator to be on.
Uploaded a new Tribal Voices homepage , with links to new pages by Melski and Pok and one about Maggie Nichols' Music Gatherings
I'm probably off to London soon, perhaps for Monday's and Tuesday's music, then Wednesday's Stonehenge Meeting .
Friday there's a gig at the Porter Butt in Bath.
Still don't know whether May's Beltane Camp is on or off, Rainbow Circle will decide on the 15th.
I think I'm going to succeed with the bus diff , today I marked the cogs with engineers blue to see how they're meshing, but the bus engine wouldnt start - damp? - one warm afternoon I'll unscrew the spark plugs and lay them on top of the engine and turn it by the handle and jiggle wires until I see six sparks.
Glastonbury last weekend was great for me, how I wish those stupid years after Dead Womans Bottom hadnt happened, it all went stupid after John Pendragon's death upto last summer's tragedy , we're not teenagers anymore.

There was a jokes phone in on Radio Bristol:

A 75 year old granny goes to her doctor and asks for another bottle of Morning After pills, because it helps her sleep..
she gives one to her granddaughter every night!


A man runs into a chemist pursued by three women, he shouts:
Miss get me a packet of three condoms, Miss
Don't you 'Miss' me
OK, make it four

there were jokes about irishmen too, but I didnt remember them.

My only irish joke is:
Why are Irish jokes stupid?
So Englishmen will understand them.

Friday 13th April 2001 - Good Friday - Tomorrow to Glastonbury for a Rainbow Circle meeting to decide whether or not to cancel our April 27th camp because of Foot and Mouth fears. Now I'm for cancelling, if foot and mouth broke out and we got blamed it'd be terrible, but on the other side we want to meet.

just noticed a broken webpage, belgrano.htm , fixed it now I hope - please tell me of any other bugs in these pages!

I tried check the diff alignment, tried to start my bus on the handle on Monday, it wouldnt. I took out the spark plugs. It started a bit - sparks came out. So I took off the radiator and exhaust manifold, and put them back. Yesterday I started it, looking underneath for exhaust leaks I smelt a smell - it was overheating because I hadnt put the water back in! Should I put the antifreeze water back, or save that until autumn?

blind forces: (Monday 16th April 2001) I sent an email about blind forces to everyone on my dicenews egroup mailing list" which has moved to yahoo ???? I think
Subject: [rainbow-circle] blind forces (again)
Date: 16 April 2001 13:57


Subject: [rainbow-circle] WWG voted yesterday
Date: 16 April 2001 05:01

WWG voted.

On Saturday 14th April 2001 and Sunday
the Rainbow Circle Winter Working Group,
and others, spent hours talking in circles
about the Beltane Camp.

We were told that there are 
no confirmed cases of Foot+Mouth in Somerset,
and that the farmer is happy for the camp
to go ahead.

We could not reach concensus.

On Sunday afternoon I, (George), proposed
and Lyn seconded a motion that
"The Beltane Camp 2001 be postponed".

Votes were:
4 For
3 Abstentions
10 against.

The necessary 2/3 majority was not reached
so the motion failed.

Of the 3 camp co-ordinators one voted for,
one against, and one abstained.

Starkus resigned as camp co-ordinator.

(dice) [george] (Miles)

I hope Foot+Mouth doesnt occur in Somerset
in April, May or June. Or Ever

Rainbow Circle Constitution Amendment: 1 Name: In section 1 and throughout delete "Rainbow Circle" and replace it by: "Rainbow Squiggle spiral web galaxy with magenta and grey and gray and black and white and silver and pink and neon and RGB and CMYK and transparent and translucent and psychedelic and unimaginable and undescribable and infra red and ultraviolet and brown (joke).
see rainbows.htm

I-Spy 21:33 17/04/2001 helllo tuesday night, typing into this windmill powered-laptop by candlelight in my bus. Technically, pedantically, its called a 'wind generator' because it doesn't mill corn, it generates electricity, but every child looking at it calls it a windmill so that's what I call it. We used to play a game when I was young, the monsyllabic game - to say things in words of just one bit. ('syllable' has 3 syllables). if you know what I mean. Another game I played with two of our kids at the Rainbow meeting Sunday is:
'Easy I Spy' , ©,

I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'ch'
~ chimney.
~ I Spy with my little eye something beginning with'L'
~ Yes.

And the aim is to choose a word which will be guessed in one, it's difficult, (and self-adjusting for younger children) and works when we think alike, imagine ourselves in others' heads, empathise, it's great the more I think of it, if I could put it into long sociological words could I patent it? It's copyright to me, anyway, so credit me if you use it please! I'm an undiscovered popstar - aren't we all!
Above here you see my first use of style sheets - drop caps, and coming soon, colouuured backgrounds behind text!

Mayday London RTS: (now23:14tuesday17april2001) John Vidal in the Saturday Guardian said that some Spikeys want to hide behind us Fluffies and smash windows and riot, a friend said to meet up by Eros but I said I remembered that was near roads and so wouldn't be safe for kids, better to meet in a Park - Free Parking! And stay there!

I was going to help set up the Rainbow Circle camp down the road from here but because I voted to postpone it I'm not 100% happy with it, but I don't want to picket it, but I don't want to resign, but I do want to help as it's going ahead, I would help things be better by being there, or is that hypocrisy, I'm not 100% happy with it.. May2000

Mayday Monopoly's on Tuesday 1st May 2001, I could go to Maggie's music on Monday RTS on Tuesday and then the Stonehenge Meeting on Wednesday 2nd May at Torrianno Av.

why not do something positive in a park, enlighten the pedestrians about SaveThePlanet or AntiGlobalCapitalism or whatever it is we're fighting for..

whoops, my word 'fighting' could be misunderstand, I mean like fighting fire, the cities burning up the planet, the Third World War, positive non violent direct action fluffy and artistic like I've seen in the middle of past RTS actions. There was loads of us went from the Rainbow Centre - and some fantastic artists who I take my hat off too - but I never knew there was an pneumatic drill under the giantesses skirts - wow, awesome those guys - respect.

I remember in one year (1999?) running up to the police riotshields line saying to the Sergeant type - oy, stop charging for a bit, there's kids and pushchairs back there at the music! and they slowed down for a bit, a people started sitting in the road like it was the sixties, man, for about ten minutes, till idiots started chucking things again, and the police advanced, but there'd been time for the mums to pack up the pushchairs, and disperse, get a tube, go home.

Which was a shame because I wanted more free music, I was having my first dance for ages, I'd gone all the way to London from out here in a hole in Somerset, meeting up with loads of old friends from everywhere when some idiots spoilt it for us by throwing things at the police who, obviously, felt obliged to advance.
May2000 With true anarchism we wouldnt need police because everybody would be good of their own free will! (But that one policeman who got things so wrong about me still makes me angry, my complaint about their mistakes got fobbed off with insulting Orwellian double speak, I should go to for advice some time, there's important principles at stake, and more, and privacy and confidentiality and love and honour and truth. I've a letter to collect. I wont talk about it here, please forget everything you've read! This is just my little hobby homepage, But there's quite a lot of people out there who know who I'm talking about, she knows my number, I don't know hers. She started it, I didn't. Shut up George. (yeah yeah - I'll check it before I upload it) But I definitely won't write anything about my ex-girlfriend who I saw again a few months back, in fact some days I don't think about her at all, like I used to do when I wrote that song I want Robbie Williams or Finlay Quaye or someone to sing - onlytime.htm

I think there was a bit of jostling at Trafalgar Square at the RTS day in London last year again. See the Penguin Book of Protest for more history of politics. I read philosophy and maths and logic as a student, and read Dostoievsky whilst living with the Mutants, and Irene in the nineties, and Steinbeck again last night: I know two wrongs seldom make a right, and it's easier to start wars than to stop them. Them idiots are trashing this planet, after thousands of years of civilisation and art - slow down - them idiots is us, all of us, poet and policeman, mother and child, mad teenagers, we're all stewards of this planet... I'm the george who wrote a letter to the NME when Thatcher sunk the Belgrano offside.

Thumbed: h00:10 Wed18April2001: Yesterday I reconnected the Carb, and started my bus by pulling the handle with the rope which kicked back and thumped my thumb with the knot on the end. It hurt a lot, I thought it might be broke but it wasnt. I didn't get to look at my diff alignment as I'd planned. Lynn said it needs paint- engine first, safety first!

In Britain I'd vote tactically,
for a hung parliament again,
Lib 30% Lab 30% Tories 10% Others 30%

Londoning: Monday 30th April 2001, hitched here. tonight some music at the the gathering . Now in Trafalgar Square cyber cafe. Soon to sleep somewhere. Tomorrow Mayday Music Magic (not rioting), then probably to Green Angels music. Wednesday Stonehenge Meeting . Yesterday I cycled to the Rainbow Beltane camp. It was very muddy. I forgot to clean my bike wheels before leaving. They seemed happy, unconcerned about Foot and Mouth. I wish I could be. (refer to my Festival Eye letter on Pessimism last year, or the year before

Friday 4 May 2001: @ Victoria cybercafe, next to Glastonbury for Magic Hat drumming in the Town Hall, then there's a rainbow EGM at Shepton, then back to my bus?

Mayday Tuesday I started at Ladbroke Grove, off the Monopoly board, got a bus to Victoria, and sent this email poem from the cybercafe:

Subject:  is this mayday karma payday? 
Date:  Tue, 01 May 2001 11:21:57 +0100 

is this mayday karma payday?
the more you give the more you get?
mirror mirror don't forget
we don't hurt kids - we're civilised
(in East Timor it's Genocide).
[in a london cybercafe]

(But should it be West Timor, havent the killers moved on? I'm not sure - email me)
Then over Westminster Bridge at noon to the Elephant and Castle (at the top of Old Kent Road). The wondrous rinkydink Rinky Dink bicycle powered sound system was there, and many friends. A speaker said he isn't 'anti-capitalist' but 'pro-community'. It was cold and raining. We took a chance, about 300 of us, set off north - Advance to Pall Mall? There were loads of Police - Just Visiting? I ran to the front - it was a race to the Thames. I walked to the back - no lost kids - and followed to where the police were blocking us at a bridge. About 100 people there - but no Rinky Dink! I phoned - they were at Waterloo, surrounded, trapped. Some dispersed and caught buses and tubes north. When we found the Dink we were down to about a dozen. We moved to the riverside. The Police said they'd arrest us if we went north over a bridge. Rotherhithe Tunnel? We had a Seventies disco, then the Dinks went back to Old Kent Road. Our secret plan was dancing at Speakers corner, but the Police plan was 'Disrupt and Disperse' south of the river, and 'Contain and Confront' north of the river.

Spent a few hours warming up in a library, then to the Green Angels music jam where I socialised and played tin whistle for hours - great!
Rainbows Lyn and Raga turned up late and exhausted - they'd been surrounded by police for seven hours at Oxford Circus and not allowed to leave. They were on telly dancing.

Wednesday was the Stonehenge Meeting. Good.

Thursday I rested, and experimented writing a CD for Tribal Voices 5, but failed to mix audio and data - help please!

Rainbowed. (h20:38 Monday 14 May 2001) In my bus. Today I cycled back from the Rainbow Beltane Camp. Tomorrow I'll get my phone fixed (I'd lost it again), check emails, upload this, get photos developed, work on bus diff, etcetera. Friday there's a Stonehenge meeting in Shrewton. Then I'm editing the June Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter: email your contributions please!

I went to the Rainbow Beltane camp three times, first a visit for a few hours, then on to London Mayday. ( I didnt help set up the camp because I thought it should be postponed because of Foot and Mouth Paranoia. Luckily it didnt hit Somerset). Then last weekend by bike, stayed a few days in my tent, cleared out the Kids Bus. Cycled back here for a few days working on the Diff, then back last Thursday, can't remember Friday, Saturday I did a lightshow in the Cabaret, Tipi Jean sang wonderful - (hope she'll be on Tribal Voices Five ) - loads of people entertained us...

When Stevie P sang and guitared it was the second time this year I nearly cried real tears.

I'm so British and introverted that it's only a few times in my life I've cried real tears,

Isn't it in war that when there are two wounded that paramedics first go to the one who isnt screaming?

Friday 8th June 2001: back from the Rainbow Circle Family Fun camp. Tonight I was hoping to do a Lightshow in Bath but couldnt get a lift. Tomorrow to Bath for a cycling festival, then evening in Bristol, a Stonehenge slideshow, then Sunday afternoon Walcott Nation day in Bath. Then to edit and print the Stonehenge Campaign newsletter .

And sometime Sunny's funeral - I'll post on the Stonehenge page when I know more. I remember him a a cheeky clever chap. Inexpressible.

In Britain I'd vote tactically,
for a hung parliament again,
Lib 30% Lab 30% Tories 10% Others 30%


Sunny died. (Saturday 9th June 2001:) I had a great ten days at the Rainbow Circle Family Fun Camp, so much happened there, all of us grew up, the kids melded together so well by the end, the cabaret was so good, I lurked at the back and soaked in the atmosphere, but I didnt have my computer there, and didnt bother writing any notes on paper, and now the memories fading without a written record - I wish I'd written it down at the time, now the memory is spoilt by the news we got there when tatting down on the Wednesday that Sunny died on Tuesday.

Printed. Thursday 14th June: back from Bath where I went to Walcott street festival on Sunday, then edited and printed the June Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter

Wednesday 20th June: Stonehenge open from 8pm ~ Happy Solstice! sunny
Fri 22nd: Here+Now + Nik Turner gigs in Glastonbury
Sat 23rd: Sunny's funeral 10.a.m Hither Green Station, Lewisham

Drunk beer down the pub. (Fri15June2001): in Somerset, I wont make it to London tomorrow... just heard Sunny's funeral is on Saturday 23rd. But I wanted to see 'Here and Now' and Nik Turner in Glastonbury on the 22nd. But I aint gotta fast car. Cant do everything, cant be everywhere.

Festival Eye Andy came visiting, took some Stonehenge Newsletters, left some Festival Eye magazines. I notice he forgot to put my writings in it. Since time immemorial (1986) I've had a letter in Festival Eye (except one year) - now I've missed again. I spend all year writing my letter, this year's was about Part Time Grown Ups and the inner monster - but but but no.
grrrr arrrgh
where else could i publish it?
If I'd known a few days ago I'd have put it in the Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter.
but no
My friends and my enemy know to buy Festival Eye for my stuff.
but it aint there
Andy credits me with help, but he didnt ask for help, my phone didnt ring, i suggested a few articles, emailed a photo for page 11, but my big bit was my writings, which got lost...
I've emailed him, await a reply or not, then react wisely...

So, sorry to Rainbow Circle and Tribal Voices, I tried to make the links but it fell down a gap in the pavement - (again!) - i'm sort of anti-photogenic, know what i mean!

See you at stonehenge!
George's unpublished letters to Festival Eye 2001:
==== Letter From Karelia - 4 March 2001 ===

'Part Time Grown-ups' means being childlike and playful but, when troubles arise, taking responsible actions, speaking out.

An 'inner adult' watching from a corner of the brain lest 'childlike' becomes 'childish'. At Big Green 2000 I was furiously pedaling a trike with my lightshow for Nik Turner band @ Rinky Dink Sunday night when pushchair - swerve and stop -


I did shout out once or twice last summer - and you should too if you notice something too dangerous- nobody's perfect (though some think they are!)

And I've an inner monster - when I'm angry at someone is it at them or at a projection of my fears (laying my trips on them?)

Its when we deny and suppress our inner dog that it can wreak terrible damage on us through the subconscious. Remember 'Silver Chair' by CS Lewis

Festivals are, since time immemorial, a vital time of changing clothes, a safety valve from conformist wage slavery, changing times of drinks and drugs; and the insights we get in our altered states of mind should make us more aware, more empathic, less robotic than the Thatcheroid straights. 07970-378572

=== Stonehenge Summer Solstice ===

June 2000 was 99% great - we celebrated Solstice at Stonehenge and then Bowie sang Starman at Glastonbury.

This June, 200, if ten thousand people come and go in peace but a hundred try a three-day sit-in and get evicted by riot police then that's what they'd show on telly and English Heriticage would say that they'd trusted us but we'd betrayed them and ban us for another fifteen years giving tickets only to tame druids.

I hope not.


Rainbow Circle Summer Camp August 2000+2001

In a brave and foolish concensus Rainbow Circle this summer will be Magic Hat entirely - no trading except at Saturday markets. Theoretically with no divides everyone will contribute more (the more you give the more you get)

Last summer, 2000, I bought a ticket and loved the the family and food and workshops and late night music jamming in the kitchen.

What pisses me off about Rainbow Circle is that its so easy to criticise them because they aim so high.

[george] []

Drunk beer down the pub. (Fri15June2001): in Somerset, I wont make it to London tomorrow... just heard Sunny's funeral is on Saturday 23rd. But I wanted to see 'Here and Now' and Nik Turner in Glastonbury on the 22nd. But I aint gotta fast car. Cant do everything, cant be everywhere.

Fri 22nd: Here+Now + Nik Turner gigs in Glastonbury
Sat 23rd: Sunny's funeral 10.a.m Hither Green Station, Lewisham
Wednesday 20th June: Stonehenge open from 8pm ~ Happy Solstice!


evening of sunday24thjune2001: In London - I've slept most of today. yesterday was Sunny's funeral, the night before driving, before that Altered Native at Glastonbury, before that recovering from Stonehenge, and Avebury, tumbling down the banks again and again with Noah, Saff and Sunch.. and and.. tromboning with drummers at stonehenge, had camera but didnt take any photos...

wow - Thu 28 June 2001 - what a week that was, too busy to write! I'm writing a new webpage ssol2001.htm with photos and words about stonehenge. It was the best solstice since 1984, or '83, but Rinky Dink were stopped getting in, and the after party didn't happen, vehicles piled into Avebury and made a bit of a mess there. I was driving and accompanying an ex-ex-girlfriend and her daughter, but one night she refused to slow down, so I said I'd drive, or sit beside her, but I wouldn't put up the L plates, it's a responsibility thing: but then again we were both tired and phreaked thinking of Sunny's funeral. I had one glimpse of his white freckled face in his coffin, loads of old friends walking along with the coffin, stupidly sad.

now in gosport , my mum's in hospital, cracked hip and Alzheimers' - she's forgetting English, talking Finnish...

differentialized: [11pm Wednesday 4th July 2001]: Yesterday J, a friend of a friend, came round as a 'diff consultant'. He'd looked at what I'd done Tuesday night and advised me to move the pinion back by one shim, which I did, then he tested the backlash and looked at the engineers blue markings and advised me to move the crownwheel left a few thousandths of an inch, which I did, then a little more, then he said it was OK.

He was trained in mechanics on tractors.

Today I reassembled more of it, unfortunately the cover gasket leaked oil, so I did that again last thing. And jacked the back axle down off the chocks. And put the spare wheel back. And tidied underneath it. And put water in the radiator. And tested the lights. And put some more paint on the left cab window. And played some flute and trombone. And did the washing up.

I want to do a lightshow on Friday, I've got a possible lift but yesterday realised that theoretically I could drive there in my bus, with all my lights and tools and stuff, the bus got an MOT twenty miles ago didnt it (last year when I broke the diff!)

whoops - [h00:01 thursday 5th July:] yesterday's date was Wednesday 4th July 2001 not Wednesday 7th July 2001 as I'd written and uploaded, but the generators off and i may not have enough battery power to upload a corrected version, the winds not blowing the windmill, and if I get online and upload half this webpage and then the power fails in the phone then you wont get the links below and windows will crash again, not even ctrl-alt-del will get it working, it'd have to be power on and power off so I'll upload this some other time. If you got confused thinkng wednesday was the 7th then sorry, it was the 7th month not the 7th day!

Pucklechurched. Friday 13th july 2001: yesterday, no, Wednesday, I bussed back from the weekend's parties at Pucklechurch. between Bristol and Bath. It was a 'community farm', it had been squatted since January or December, but now it's being evicted. I'd visited them one weekend around January, but didnt mention the place here, it was 'word of mouth'.
Many friends from Dead Womans Bottom, Wandsworth, and the Kentish Town Rainbow Centre -and some I'd never met before! I got there Friday, and soon was phoned for directions by Angel and Emily who were in a taxi with loads of kids. I sorted a light into the kids room just as the arrived, settled them in, danced to a band or two, tin whistled in the kitchem with Emily and Martin fiddling, (good jam), slept.
Saturday was ravey, I stayed in with the kids and read some books. Sunday great jamming with a couple of guitarists by the fire. Monday and Tuesday reading and chatting, a bit of tidying up. What did I read? An Ann Mcaffery, a Harry Harrison, The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams, Narziss and Goldmund by Hesse, and more that I can't even remember the names of!

in my bus (Sat14july), maybe i'll cycle to buddahfield tomorrow but now its raining.. good, my buckets are filling, I'll be able to wash!

tues24july: some of my webpages were unavailable for a few days but I think they're all working now. Thanks Mick, Paul and Bryan for alerting me, please tell me of any other such errors, bugs, or 'features' as seen in your browser - (or see my ruinous disclaimer! )

stalled: 22:15 25/07/2001 wednesday 25th July 2001: in my bus at Halecombe. Today I drove it to the garage at Nunney and back.
At the garage I put air in the tyres - it was over a year since they'd had air, some needed it.
The bus was sluggish uphill, struggling in first, recently I'd taken the carb to bits and reassembled, but havent tuned it, and anyway it was the bus'es first time on the road since December.
The diff seemed ok.

But reversing blindly round the corner towards the gate I misjudged the clutch and it stalled with the back right wheels in a hole. I tried to start it on the handle but it had flooded. Lorries couldnt pass, they started queuing up and watching me. I tried and tried on the handle until I was exhausted, I asked a lorry driver for a push but he didnt want to scratch his bumper, I got underneath and jacked the backwheel out of the hole, put planks under it. I turned the handle some more, apologised. An older driver suggested to a younger that he push, they put a plank between the bumpers and pushed my bus back into the gatepost.
The lorries got past.
I started the bus on the handle and drove it in.
It then took another half an hour of to-ing and fro-ing to get round the cars into my usual parkup position.
Now I'm typing into my laptop, but I can't find the Nokia orange phone which I use to upload my webpages, and get emails.
Where did I put it?
(friday: it was 18 inches away, between two bits of dexion)

started: friday 27th July - it started on the third turn of the handle which is great. I've been painting and wiring, for the first time ever it now has an oil light, and the water temperature guage works! Probably leaving Somerset Sunday/Monday... anyone want a lift (please - I like to have a co-pilot for reversing etcetera..)

gloucester: wed8august2001, in cybercafe, i've been at the rainbow circle camp a week, absolutely great, come along, drumming and guitaring and campfires and family stuff, phone me for details, I'll be here most of August.

One recent drunken saturday my laptop screen got smashed- so lend me one if you're coming, i could slot in my nokia mobile and internetify. The laptops going to London, it may be fixable. 12 volts, 486, with PCMCIA slot, or perhaps I should get a pentium. Hotmail has deleted some of my emails, so that may be why i havent replied even now!

I drove my bus here, OK (ish).

August I'm planning on driving to the Rainbow Circle camp, guitars, drums and campfires, loads of friends and family old and new. Then September bus front springs, and Stonehenge Campaign, Tribal Voices tape 5 , and perhaps computer work?

Typing on andy's nc200 amstrad... (thursday 9th august 2001)

now its 2 a.m., i've got the news on radio four / world service.. the pips, "one o clock ... BBC world service ... the macedonian leadership .. the taliban authorities" .. I turned it off.

Its annoying the arrow keys are different than on my computer.

I drove here on the Tuesday, got here just after sunset, helped put up the kitchen marquee on the Wednesday, helped fill it on the thursday, where did the other six days go?

Bolting together the toilets, trolleying up and down, tying ropes, tidying the kids bus (again and again) these are a list of 'doing things' what really is better are the learning things, the feeling things, today playing blocks with three little kids after dinner, 'russian roulette' I add a brick then you add a brick then they add a brick then I add a brick then you add a brick until it topples and the one whose brick toppled it loses.

We got it six, seven, eight high, despite frequent attacks from another kid bent on destruction.

And yesterday I was in the sand showing them how to make thunderbirds bases, but got out soon, it will be good to see how their 'culture of sandcastles' evolves, from the basic emptying out of buckets as moulds of two days ago...

And music, I've been playing tin whistle and flute and trombone with mute along with guitars and drums and singing...

noon, friday 24th august 2001: well, my daily diary of happenings here at the rainbow camp didnt happen, there's been so much happening that I havent bothered to turn this computer on.

Now andy's here, taking a marquee down, so I've an hour or so left with this machine.

I remember day one, helping put up the kitchen tent, but where have the rest gone?

Putting up toilets, draining a swamp, table football, watching a couple of films, only accounts for a few of the hours. Playing trombone and tin whistle with drummers, jamming with musicians, a lightshow live acoustic rave, visiting Cinderford library to clear my email, kids on my bus roof, a day's slight illness, a cannabis workshop, tidying the kids bus, playing music on my roof with Sess and Olly of rinky dink, talking of being victimised, many many talking/listening circles, petty arguments, patching up arguments, strengthing friendships, just being me, dicegeorge, as at so many sites before, and oh, I could give such a list of names of kids and mums and other grownups here but I wont.

maybe tomorrow we'll have a cabaret, maybe I'll help organise a kids rendition of part of Harry Potter, maybe I'll get my lights going again, and gosh there are some charming women, though I wont mention the two who spring to my mind, lost opportunities, well actually I lost them accidentally on purpose, but secretly I know how vulnerable I am... dot dot dot

Late on Tuesday 4th September, at Gosport, just got back from the music pub. Today I came here on two buses and a coach, earlier I'd driven my bus onto a new site.

Yesterday,Monday, I drove my bus from the Gloucester Rainbow Circle camp to Somerset, towing Jane's caravan. Driving down Bristol's Gloucester Road was fun, suprising the locals, but then at a petrol station the other side of Bristol the bus wouldnt start, I spent an embarrassing hour spinning the handle and taking the electrics and carb to bits before it cooled and started again.

6th Septemberer Thursday evening in London.. I think I've lost some emails since my laptop broke, doing temporary repairs and bodges...

webcafe-ing , 1 a.m. Saturday 8th September, at Victoria, London.
Some emails to have been getting lost by, please use to contact me instead...

Tuesday 18th September 2001 I wrote the following letter, and posted it to everyone on my dicenews egroup....

~~~ American War ~~ Tuesday 18th September 2001 ~~~

I've got no telly but last Tuesday mMatt phoned me and told me about the trouble in New York, I went and told them next door and we watched on telly as the first pictures came on of the fire, the second plane, the Pentagon, the fourth plane - we guessed it'd been shot down by american 'friendly fire' or the hostages had fought back.

It could've been worse - they could've targeted a nuclear power station and killed and cancered tens of thousands of innocents.

It isn't perhaps so very different than American cruise missiles killing civilians while they aimed for Serbian TV propaganda building or a city centre Iraqi military command centre, or the millions of human tragedies and betrayals since World War Two in Yalta, Palestine, Kurdistan, East Timor, Rwanda etcetera. (I spell etcetera out long because its a very big etcetera).

The victims at the Belgrano and the retreat from Kuwait were mostly conscripts, whereas the millionaire capitalists in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon warriors had chosen that lifestyle rather than eco-Protest.

Firemen, janitors and kids were killed in New York, its not black and white, Tash or Aslan?

I'm against war, I'm 99% per cent fluffy, not an eye for an eye or total non-violence but reserving the right (and duty) to, for example, assassinate a Hitler. I could've , but I ain't, yet.

Tuesday could've been worse: Arafat's immediate response was sadness at more killing, empathy for the bereaved: good man.

And the Yanks have at least paused for a week to think and find out what's what and who's who, if not why.

It reminds me of times when I've been attacked. The first consideration is to stop the violence, the second that it won't flare up again, the third is why?, and how to make it so it doesn't happen again. I know I've sometimes failed - but the only absolute defence against ever being hit again is either to kill everybody, or myself. Neither would stop all violence. And there's life to be lived, friends, family, responsibilities, positivisms, art, music...

The American constitution of Freedom derives from Tom Paine. Me, I'm closer to Tom Paine than Presidents Bush: Paine's freedom of ownership of property was of a farmer living with and improving the land, feeding humanity; not global capitalism bullying and fixing the system so the whilst this American generation consumes our planet.

In 1986 in Green CND and the Young Liberals I declared the Third World War: rich against poor, north against south.

If I'd been at the top of those towers would I have jumped? My impact could kill a survivor on the ground. But burning is a terrible death, I remember Roger's screams that night in London - funny but almost the last job I was offered was after Wandsworth Eco Village's cardboard fire (by a fireman!)

I'm for freedom, I'm very liberal, even freedom to do things I don't like, like talking nonsense and lies and freedom of speech - so long as it doesn't hurt others too much. Freedom for women to walk around naked without being insulted (as once at Rainbow Circle) or executed (as in Iran). Freedom to dance, freedom to be wrong or silly or foolish, freedom to drugs, freedom to believe in astrology or crop circles or God or Allah or Hecate or Irene or Freud or Marx or Santa or Greenspan.

Freedom to justice - not to be trashed by the police as almost happened to me. Freedom to trial by jury. But not freedom to murder - murderers should be locked up until they're sorry, or something like that: they destroy the freedom of others to walk down the road; freedom to be mild.

I probably disagree with some of the above, I've just typed it fast. I'm sure you'll disagree with something I've writ - if only because the words will mean something slightly different to you, depending on where you've heard them before, on how you use them.

For instance my use of the word 'nonsense' is special, I'm secretly referring to paedophiles and rumours and witch hunts and perfidys; but for legal and moral reasons I shouldn't discuss certain people on the internet. However let me say for the thousandth time that I'm against child abuse. I agree with and honour the United Declarations declaration of the Rights of the Child, I've got a copy filed somewhere; but truer than that committee's legalisms is a poem which I hold to my heart on Children by Kahil Gibran which was read out at our Kierra's funeral. She was killed in a car crash, with so many others. But I support the freedom to drive and to drink alcohol - but not at the same time.

Osama bin Laden has, the radio says, denied having any part in the attacks of September 11th. I would have thought that if, as seems likely, he was a part of the plot, then that as part of his 'holy war' against America he should have admitted responsibility. That would seem more honourable to me.

I remember in a pub once with Arthur , (the self-proclaimed King Arthur of Stonehenge media tart). I argued against his swearing his oaths on Truth Honour and Justice. They're all three male rational philosophies. And whilst I'm generally for them, higher, and above the three, is love. (c) 2001


Wed 19 September I've been reading "The Sleepwalkers" by Arthur Koestler written from 1955-1958, about the history of human thought about how the stars and planets move and what they are, Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, Copernicus, Drahe???, Kepler. And now I'm reading of the trial of Galileo. Koestler thinks that was a battle that need not have happened, if Glaileo hadnt unnecessarily, falsely and gratuitiously insulted certain Jesuits, claiming that all discoveries of the stars belonged to him, and rubbishing their sometimes correct opinions, then the Jesuits wouldn't have joined the small town small minded one-true-faith people who attacked Galileo for challenging the dogma that the sun goes round the earth in epicycles.

I wish I'd read that book before I half-heartedly 'studied' dynamics at Oxford, I only took hours to suss the maths of ellipses and parabolas, but Kepler wrote a huge long book detailing his struggles with the nerw accurate astronomical data he'd siezed... a book of many illuminating dead ends where the chapter begins with a new idea, builds it then at the very end disproves it and discards it! The development of scientific method, rather than trying to deduce everything from someone's translation of of someone else's had written copies of Aristotle or Genesis.

Stonehenge was great, I tin whistled with some drummers, There's a photo of me and a Stonehengeasaurus at Guilfin at

Updating the map of where I'm parked . An army helicopter circled round a few days ago - did they intercept my email? Would they disagree with what I said but defend my right to say it. I guess so. I disagree with some of what I said, I was typing fast, its impossible to say everything, think of it more as a poem, perhaps.

Tues25September: a fortnight after the attacks on New York and they still haven't hit back: good for them, I'm so glad that my pessimism was proved wrong, the American government have slowed down and thought. I'm sure there are more terrors ahead, but it could have been worse.
I had a few good emails replying to my American War email which I sent out to everyone @ dicenews egroup.
Meanwhile Fraser of has received some hate emails.from what he describes as 'rednecks' wanting instant total revenge for the seven thousand dead. Worrying times.

Trafalgar Squary: Sat29september2001, I popped into london for the march and rally, great. Been playing trombone and tin whistle with drummers, and RinkyDink, and loads of friends and kids, lovely...

Debbie Lost In Space sang jesus-was-a-mushroom.rm while I kept some of her kids amused.
(see my music webpage for more)

October 1st 2001: Monday evening - today I took the front springs off my bus. (I'd loosened the nuts last week). Tomorrow, hopefully, to London in Jim's car, and get them to the blacksmith who retempered the back ones five-ish years ago.
and Wednesday Stonehenge meeting.
Saturday I was going to Glastonbury for the Altered Native gig, but my Finnish aunt might be popping over just for the weekend, and I havent seen her since I visited them 1978/9!

And this Dell laptop Latitude XPi is now running from a car battery, (charged by TLIO windmill) - hurray, it works. And at the rainbow summer camp I got a 12volt charger for my Nokia, I've been emailing by windmill power. Great. But it wont play sounds, I think it needs a PCMCIA plugin.

I remember at the Diggers camp some years back up Georgina's hill someone (Ben??) singing Cows With Guns which can be heard at:

Congratulations, seems to be very popular and has been receiving a large amount of traffic. Our records indicate that you're using more than the allotted amount of data transfer we provide for a free web site, which is 3 gigabytes per month (measured on an hourly basis). That means that during the past few days we had to temporarily turn your site off to keep the bandwidth within this limit.
aaaaaargh.... geocities have been turning off my webpages... as a temporary fix I've deleted most of the pictures (Thu4oct2001)

Saturday 13th October: I've just read The Postman by David Brin, set in a fragmented America after World War Three when a survivor finds a postman's uniform and some letters and begins to delvier them, bringing hope, sociability and belief back to people.

Friday 19th October 2001: probably wont get to London tomorrow for the anarchist bookfair. Probably will get to Leominster on 27th for Rainbow Circle AGM

Been writing javascript: please tryout testimjhj.htm and tell me how many images load OK

Been cleaning and painting under my bus , havent got the springs back yet.

resprung! tues 23rd october 2000: resprung my bus Today I bolted the front springs back under my bus.
Yesterday we got them backfrom the blacksmith in London (thanks Jim). The bolts need tightening, it needs greasing, and I broke two things, but its 90% done. The bus could be towed.

It was a bit worrying being here withthe front chocked up and the springs in london - immobilised. I'l l check it tomorrow, (weather or not).

While we were in London someone pinned court papers onto a tree, there's a court case on Friday to evict us. But I was going to hitch to the Rainbow Circle AGM in Leominster Saturday and Sunday.
Another close escape from disaster. But sometimes it seems to me that while I'm back pedalling, free wheeling sort of lifestyle, not dashing around the country in cars like mostl people I'm sort of surviving between acidents. But itsn't like that, my websites are evolving, I'm playing music,surfing the waves of life, could be worse.

Could be a lot worse - I've spent a few weeks crawling under my bus hammering and leveriing 28yearold rusty bolts etcetera with the front jacked up on planks of wood with the springs off on amuddy site withthe wheels only attached by the brake pipes - if the bus had slid off the planks it wouldn't have fallen just a few inches but afew feet, perhaps until the gearbox and engine sump buried themselves in mud, damaging the brakes etceteraand squashing me or my hands or feet if I'd been under it...

When I did the back springs in London years ago I had huge logs underneath just in case it fell off the jacks, this time I didnt have anything like that - Here at the side of the road Long Cross there was nothing to use for safety. Time for a moan - or shall I complain about people complaining about negativisms on the emails - why not write something positive?

h23.50 sat23oct: listening to radio 4, Don Boyd, a film maker, talking to Michael Buerk about when a teacher had seduced him when he was a boy at school, and how he'd later been unfaithful to his wife for years, then blurted out the truth at a party, told his wife, and after a year's therapy written a book about his experiences naming and shaming the paedophile Tony Leyhill, (who had admitted it but begged him not to talk as he was now an old.)

We've all got a few unpleasant chidhood memories. Don Boyd said that for years he'd felt guilty because he'd been so lonely with a distant parents overseas. Only after yearsand therapy had he become so angry at being betrayed like that.

This freedom of speech intenet thing must include the fredom to make mmistakesx, or nothing would get writ - but but but - what about kids swearing and being rude just for attention - to every ten word law there's a ten word exception.

I'm writing this by candlelight on my little sharpZQ770 - which I got in London a few weeks ago.It has a tiny screen and keybpard, and has several annnoying features and ommisions, but it work, I'm typing with ten fingers, and it runs on two little batteries which I havent yet had t replace, and I've been using it for hours. On the back label it says the battery consumption is .33 watts, thats probably the maximum with the light on or PC connection happening. My laptop is about 50 watts, five amps at 12 volts, which is more power than my windmill gives me even in the perfect 20mph wind in the best direction,so if it wasn't foran unsustainable petrol generator nextdoor I wouldn't be able to use it more than a few hours a week, which isnt enough for collecting emails and deleting the spam, when what i want to be doing is writing and editing text and picures and designing webpages and debugging my Javascript and sussing out CDsfor TribalVoices and other artistic projects...

Jeremy Hardy talked of 'The War aginst Terrorism being moe a war against schools and hospitals - abbreviated TWAT

wed24oct radio4 h16.40 over 50% of children are first children, so there is now on average less experience of childcare in families and society than in the past, also less children are brought up in large families with aunties and grandparents living in the household or locality

baby boys are more greedy for milk than girls,
babys usually start walking sideways first, holding on to the furniture.
a 2 year old can push trike along with legs, only a five year old can turn pedals.
They first catch with arms, 4 years old when can catch with hands
Never ask a child to do a task which is too difficult, once they get success they will try again. with their confidence come independence
The woman presenter's experience is you've got to feed them, cuddle them, help them, talk to them.
and play

unwired: Monday 19 Nov 2001 my Dell laptop's broken (again) - the cable from the screen to the keyboard. i'm typing this on a borrowed Acer386S with 4M of RAM!

unimaginged? (Fri30Nov2001) - I still haven't fixed the broken images in these webpages , still havent got my laptop working, emails clogging up.
We got evicted on Wednesday, now parked at the side of a lane, but we'll be moved on soon I think.
Yesterday was rainy. I edited the veday webpages on this 386, maybe I'll upload them when i upload this webpage.. if most of the images work then I have - and please tell me of any that dont work.
Today it didn't drizzle, I got under my bus and removed the drainpipe exhaust and fitted an old pipe I got last week. Almost - the gum's setting at the front, tomorrow I'll do the back.
Tomoorrow's Saturday - I'll buy my weekly newspaper - the Saturday Guardian. I used to go to the joke first, but they've stopped that, nowadays I go to the Reader's Editor in thre middle of the Review, and AC Grayling's philosophy on the back page.
The news today is George Harrison died.
And in Afghanistan the arab and pakistani taliban are getting massacred.

reimaged: Thu 13dec2001 hopefully most of the images are working again... I'll write more here soon about this javascript (please tell me of any error messages)..

Wed19December-in my bus in Wiltshire, tomorrow is it's MOT. 50 - 50 if it passes. Sometimes the windscreen wipers dont work, sometimes the front left indicator doesnt work, I've been gungumming various exhaust leaks and sometimes it doesnt start. This time last year plus one day the diff broke. And in Afghanistan it sounds like Bin Liner has escaped, I dont think he's admitted responsibility for September 11th which I thought he should've if he was. And geocities have been hiding my webpages ====23:32 19/12/2001 (windows notepad / F5)


a message to to my

From: "dicegeorge" To: Subject: [dicenews] wiltshirrying Date: 19 December 2001 23:45 dear friends, Stonehenge Solstice sunrise is probably Saturday 22nd, Friday 21st --22nd is the longest night. Friday is the shortest day. Saturday the southest sunrise. I think. But I did get it wrong in the September Stonehenge Newsletter- there is no Saturday 23rd Dec 2001 ! whoooooops. I'm online with this Dell laptop. Windmill powered. But only 16 colours/colors - drivers? I want to write webpages not debug windows. And theres candlewax in the mousepad!

Stonehenged! , thursday night, 20 december, waiting for saturday sunrise, see newsletter for more info.
Today my bus passed its MOT again.
Then it stalled pulling out tof the garage, and I spent an hour trying to start it. Exhausting. Then I drove it here !

====20:57 20/12/2001
Thursday evening in track at stonehenge in my bus.
its very cold - if youre coming bring wood please!
I might have got an apostrophe wrong in its or it's
yesterday, I dont know how its supposed to be,
so Im not using them now!
(Like how the french are dropping accents.)
(and they mess up javascript too)

see dice2002.htm for january 2002 notes, etc

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