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I believe in Self Policing.

My criminal record is for walking into Glastonbury Police Station with Cannabis in my pocket as a protest

In 1985 I was charged with 'Unlawful Assembly' after the police had stopped our convoy to Stonehenge, the charge was changed to 'Criminal Damage to grass by driving on it' but this was dropped in a deal whereby I promised not to sue them for assault, broken windows etc, and they gave me my knife back.
In 1986 I was arrested for 'Obstructing a pavement by walking on it away from Stonehenge' but charges were dropped.
However in 1998 DC Lovell of Yeovil failed to investigate properly, and edited my statement drastically.
(I'd asked him to talk to Willy X and Susannah who were there at Wandsworth Eco Village at the time the allegation was first made by 'Woman W', but he refused and locked me up. The allegation was common knowledge and disbelieved.)

My official complaint to the Police Complaints Authority wasn't investigated properly, I was denied a fair oppurtunity to meet the 'investigating officer', as in Citizens Advice Bureau guidelines..
I'm still fighting to clear my name, I have a file of letters several inches thick, but at a trial I wasn't at and wasn't told about they decided to 'lay the charge on file'.
I've complained about the solicitors and the CPS and the police but they refuse to listen any more.
Framed. Not guilty.
It's not just my honour and reputation, but that of the sites I've lived at over the years, and friends I've made.

Thanks for all the letters of support.

But this is private and confidential, to protect one innocent person I should not name or identify Woman W.

Some people say it was a secret service plot to discredit us but if so DC Lovell would have known a lot more about me, he'd have offered me a deal to inform, no, he was ignorant overworked, caught up in the hysteria of the times and led Woman W into her worst fears. Many people described her as 'neurotic' but he, a trained police officed, should have investigated.

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