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From: "george@dicenews.com"
Subject: [rainbow-circle] rc20050906.txt ~ George's notes ~ Tuesday 6th September 2005 (updated Sunday11th)
Date: 11 September 2005 21:00


(dice) George's notes to Rainbow Circle egroup
Tuesday 6th September 2005 (updated Sunday11th)

Thanks everyone, for almost everything, I dug the experience of Rainbow Circle 2005, so many friends, old and new, may I here and now mention Coventry Craig and Martine and Emma and all...

I love Talking Stick Circles because often in meetings with chairmen and handsup its the leaders and more assertive noisy people who do most of the talking, whereas in a Talking Stick Circle everyone gets a chance to speak and to be listened to, and its often the quieter people who wouldnt have asserted themselves in a chaired meeting who say the wisest and most profound things. We are a circle, as Barry said, and when the alleged 'leaders' appear to be too self-important to listen to the 'rank-and-file', confidence in the process is lost.

The last talking circle of the Rainbow Circle Visions camp, the day before yesterday was about the kids area, which I 'co-ordinated' at Beltane and Astro camps, and as site crew. Someone made criticisms which I did not agree with, but I kept silent until the stick came to me. But by then she'd left the circle. When the stick came to me some kids had arrived and I let them speak first, as I had quite a heavy speech buzzing blossoming inside my head. More people left, I started to speak, but was interrupted and shouted over and mis-interpreted by a someone who'd been criticised in a circle the day before for similar behaviour.

I was criticised for the shouting and arguing in the Kids area, wheras in fact my fault is perhaps not shouting enough, going silent when things kick off. I shout at kids when theres danger or bullyingish behaviour, but they're not scared of me, they understand what I'm doing, I try to be fair, that's not what I'm criticised for. At Beltane I shouted at someone at the gate who'd left the gate open, nobody has the 100% awareness to be conscious of the gate at all times and if its open kids could get round the back of the dip and out the gate whilst one's filling the kettle. I shouted at Sarah years ago at Flaxley for doing just that, and she's a founder member, much wiser than me in many things, but the memories of the funerals of Sunny and Elkie and Kierra and Kayla and Jason and Missy convince me that as an issue of self-respect on this I must speak out and shout out, it's an issue which I would resign over, If Rainbow Circle decide to leave the road gate open then I would resign, andor park my bus in the gate, andor use minimum necessary force (with levers) to shut it.

After Family Fun camp when the kids had gone and a few of us were tatting down there was left one disruptive person who wasnt helping, he was hindering, he wouldnt leave, a friend of mine had brought him and left him here, he was going into peoples private spaces and worrying us. I shouted at him when he went into my car. But I grabbed the first thing that came to hand, which was a hammer, and one second later felt myself a right idiot to have done so, if he'd grabbed it off met here could have been a terrible scene, so I offered my resignation as kids co-ordinater to Toni, but she said to carry on for her camp. Thanks.

In fact it was my ex-girlfriend who did most of the shouting in front of the kids, 'going ballistic' and also other people reacting to her. The one rainiest day at Astro camp several mediators spent hours talking to her in the kids bus - the one wettest day when we'd really have wanted to get as many kids as possible doing art in the the dryness of the bus. People said to me: 'Can't you control your woman' which to me is the same sort of paradox as 'Will you stop beating your dog' whereto neither a 'Yes' not a 'No' is a possible answer.

I did not volunteer to be kids co-ordinater at Craft camp for the above and other reasons. Star did a great job, as did Max and Lisa at my Musicology camp. There was no Kids co-ordinator at the Visions Camp, the bus was locked for most of the time, but I was ready to open it up if the rain had poured, but it didnt. The last two or three years what I've done about locking the bus is left it unlocked at the start of each season, then only when the kids have gone a bit naughty and had a paint wasting incident, locked it up. Generally kids should be on it only with adult supervision, but then again most of our kids are sensible most of the time, and we should trust them more. The sharp scissors and glass paints are out of the reach of the little kids, the most dangerous thing is falling down the step or pulling a drawer on one's head, there were far more dangerous things outside in the field, cars, kids playing in the containers, the old quarry kiln, the crumbing quarry next door, the fires, the boiling water in the kitchen, the nicking of knives from the kitchen, the farm machinery, the road, the unknown and unknowable and unforeseeable: if our kids are going to be dangerous and a bit bullying I'd prefer it to be in sight of us, which is why I didnt complain when loads of them got on the trampoline, better a broken arm where we can see them than a broken back in the quarry (fingers crossed).

The Kids Area is everywhere on site (apart from behind the counter in the kitchen and the carpark and gate). And wasnt it fun whizzing down the sides of the hole in the lower field!

I had little to do with the teen zone, what went on up there? Do they have condoms? There were none in the litter up there. The area was left in a mess, inside and out, and none of them (except Z) would admit any responsibility for it, saying it was other teens' mess.

The Butterfly artspace had a few very busy days. I see the bus as not just for little kids, but a storehouse for art materials, and a safe space where things like glass painting can go on without being interrupted by little kids, and craft activities which involve knives etcetera, things which we wouldnt want dropped on the green organic field. Unfortunately the Circus tent never got put up, we just didnt have enough site crew energy, so plans of a vibrant arts and crafts area got delayed another year.

The kitchen was great, could have done with more help, and as a tea addict I didnt like 40p for tea, but I found other suppliers...

The biggest failure in my Musicology camp was the gate: the gate crew I'd asked to park there did not. I spent hardly any time down there (apart from checking that the road gate was shut); we lost money from casual visitors. And, far worse, when vehicles were leaving kids were running after them, hanging on the back, titchy kids running close to the wheels as cars with caravans turned. One time three biggish kids followed a car out of the gate on little plastic go-carts down the lane, the noise woke up the complaining nieghbours but worse still what if theyd caught up with the car and been squashed, how would we explain that to the hospital, police, etcetera?

So now its the Tuesday after end of camp. We've got most of the canvas in the container, lots more site work to do, I'm going to go through the bus, chucking out food scraps which would encourage mice, getting it tidy so that next year we can have a good kids area up and running if its raining for the first few days - whoever is to do it, whether or not I'm there. Kevin's fitted new seals to the brakes, hopefully they'll be OK, havent tested it yet. Starcus has metal to improve the steps, but didnt have time to get it out this season. I'll try and measure them. Butterfly Lisa and me did a good job of cleaning it and painting it over the last years, Jess was talking of painting the off side, and a smile could be added to the face on the back, it needs a lot of sanding and preparation first, perhaps i'll have time to do that this week. But clearing this field is more important.

One mistake I think we made was not having dinner circles and morning gatherings in between camps, at the tat times. A lot of people didnt know what was happening, it was at these times that some trouble occured, and also having meetings would have been a source of volunteers and workers. One fault I share with Starcus is difficulty in asking for help, it's often a lot easier to do a job than to ask for help, remind the volunteer, show them how to do it, check up on them, and to then to do it, and to tidy up after them and find and replace the tools, and to remember all the above. Depends how important it is.

Co-ordinaters and Council members should not be thought of as 'leaders' of Rainbow Circle but as 'servants', the membership at the AGM agrees a broad plan for the coming year, their servants in the Winter W**king Group should implement this plan, and furthur it. I propose that there should be an EGM around Easter time, whereat the wider membership can come together and see has been done, and volunteer to fill in the gaps. A Gate co-ordinator should camp by the gate in case of night-time emergencies etc.

Over the last few years I've helped bring in the idea of mediators, which seemed to a great help this season, but one thing that seemed to have got lost was the phrase 'mutually agreed mediators'. Mediators as I see it arent appointed by the Circle to sort out our problems like policemen: the first stage should be approaching the alleged problem person and asking who they would accept as a mediator. In the one case when the Council was called on Monday 29th August 2005 after 3 kids were bruised when a drunk pushed over a chair we spent about ten hours in a tipi and it worked quite well: if it had been a meeting only of the concerned elders then the first motion of 8-3 to ban someone for 2 years would have been passed, it's only because they had to summon everyone on site who'd been elected by the AGM that dissenting doubts were heard and the decisions were modified to two suspensions of membership and one final warning to never again be drunk on site else he will be banned. But we did not talk about calling the police, and one of the letters written in the name of the council which was supposed to be fluffy and flowery was, in my opinion, badly written and unnecessarily insulting. We also did not communicate our decisions properly to the wider circle. In my opinion a democratically elected council is the best way we have of dealing with big problems, we shouldnt discuss confidential matters in open circles, but even this wont work in all possible cases, what if there's someone outrageously disruptive elected? is there a subclause in the constitution? However after all three had left site I tried to call a short council meeting to discuss the letter which was written in our name, only two other Council members supported me, the others said they had more important things to do. However the letter was signed in the name of the Rainbow Council, but contained things which might have been said at the meeting but which I would not have put in the letter. NOT IN MY NAME. This, in my opinion, brings the whole Rainbow Circle disputes process into disrepute, and as a matter of personal honour should I therefore resign from the council? But what if theres a council meeting before the next AGM? So perhaps I should resign a few minutes before the next AGM, as a protest, but keeping my dissenting seat on the Council in case there is another meeting before the AGM.

On Thursday 1st September PC David Naylor told me there was no legal way for us to evict someone from our fields. He must be wrong - there must be a way, and we must find one. It's not like squatting an empty property, but like if an unwanted person turns up in our home. If someone we suspect of previous rape turns up on our fields we must be able to evict them. Whether or not they've paid, or come over the fence. It's not like we're a court of law putting someone in jail or extraditing them from Britain, we only want control of our fields in our camps. That's why I stayed away for years until some lies and rumours about me were acknowleged to be investigated and untrue. Otherwise no parent is going to feel safe bringing their kids to Rainbow Circle camps. It is of utmost importance that we suss eviction out before next season. The procedure we agreed on at the last AGM as on page 5 of the pink newsletter failed. What if it had been someone really nasty and dangerous we wanted to evict?

I managed to keep the rainbow circle internet stuff uptodate on site using wind and solar power. This autumn I'll dig out more of my notes, and hopefully you lot will send in lots of text and pictures for the egroup and website. Almost anything goes on the egroup, except for personal insults and libel, but webpages should be non-contentious, represent the conscensus view, unless clearly marked as personal opinion, thats what I think and will try to make it so. There's loads of space on the website for more webpages, every area and every person could have their own webpage, like http://www.rainbowcircle.co.uk/rpeople/spike.html and http://www.rainbowcircle.co.uk/rpeople/cinda.html !

Last year I edited our newsletter (the pink one), at a guess it took six weeks at fourteen hours a day and many phone calls begging, pleading, reminding, searching for content and balance. It was great fun, a creative artistic experience, I trod on a few toes and have a few apologies and corrections to make in the next newsletter, if there is a next one. If I'm evicted this winter and without mains electric I may not be able to do anything half as intricate. I tried to be fair and balanced but if anyone out there has oodles of time I wont hinder you from editing our 2006 newsletter, and will forward emails and help with the computerisms as much as possible. I gave the newsletter to the printer as a huge file on a CD which is why the artwork looked good (except the 2 grey squares on the front cover); however the photos could have printed better, some trouble with the PDFs I think. But then there could be a huge debate about using any photos, I did not have the time or energy or inclination to contact every single person in the photos, I used my judgement, if someone is smiling into the camera then I assume theyre not ashamed, for many of us the summer passes in a blur, new people see only a little of our rainbow visions, the newsletter given to newcomers can explain so much. We kill far less trees to make it than any newspaper, and some people treasure their newsletter for years, which is why they should be stapled!

There will be discussions over the next few weeks about how we can interact with International Rainbow's gathering in England next summer, some of the more controlling tickety people in rainbow circle want nothing to do with it, but I believe if half of us went to Rainbow International there wouldnt be enough people to attain the standards we reached this summer, and to attempt a camp would bring rainbow circle into more disrepute. Others think it would get rid of the rifraf, and it would be like the good old days. I hope to work with Hazel and others getting a proposal to our AGM about this, the AGM is officially the controller of Rainbow Circle Council and Winter Working Group, and tells them what to do. This is one reason why, when Jon arrived at the closing circle with his Agenda for our AGM I insisted that that was only a Draft Agenda. It's one duty of our secretary, Mshel, to produce and agenda with all the motions which have been proposed and seconded by members, probably with a month's notice, -ish. So I hope to see you all at the AGM for some wonderful Talking Stick Circles please listen and respect the stick!

george@dicenews.com 07970-378-572

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The Otomi Nation (Mexican Indigenous Tribe/Culture) have send out their request that 8,000 Sacred Drummers join their efforts to fulfill their Prophecy that when 8,000 Saced Drummers around the world drum in unison that it will be the beginning of the new age and the Healing of the Mother Earth.

Winter Working Group 28/29 February 2004 @ Hatfield Court

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    We want everyone to be aware that we all are the Magic Hat!! What we put in provides for all our needs, so we give all the money, time, and loving energy we can. When we create our magic hat village in the field we assemble it together, do all the jobs ourselves for life support in the natural world.

    We bring warm bedding and waterproof clothing, tents and living spaces of our own.

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    Let's leave the city hassles behind us when we enter the circle of rainbow magic!

    Solstice Call!

    As you are probably aware we held open Solstice Celebrations at Stonehenge in June 2000.

    We hope for an even better event this summer - perhaps we'll even see the sun rise instead of drizzle.

    I think it would be really nice to have a large Rainbow Presence at the Solstice. My vision is to have a chanting circle - a sacred space, formed by living human beings - an open and welcoming space, a space which everybody can join, but which holds the energy of this most sacred time.

    Unfortunately, when the Great Goddess distributed her gifts she didn't think fit to give me the ability to sing either in tune or in time. Anybody from my Rainbow Sisters and Brothers who would like to take part in such a chanting circle

    please contact me on 0117 955 1852.
    Blessed be,

    WWG voted.

    On Saturday 14th April 2001 and Sunday
    the Rainbow Circle Winter Working Group,
    and others, spent hours talking in circles
    about the Beltane Camp.
    We were told that there are 
    no confirmed cases of Foot+Mouth in Somerset,
    and that the farmer is happy for the camp
    to go ahead.
    We could not reach concensus.
    On Sunday afternoon I, (George), proposed
    and Lyn seconded a motion that
    "The Beltane Camp 2001 be postponed".
    Votes were:
    4 For
    3 Abstentions
    10 against.
    The necessary 2/3 majority was not reached
    so the motion failed.
    Of the 3 camp co-ordinators one voted for,
    one against, and one abstained.
    Starkus resigned as camp co-ordinator.
    (dice) [george] (Miles)
    I hope Foot+Mouth doesnt occur in Somerset
    in April, May or June. Or Ever

    ==Mediators RFC - Request For Comment  ==
    "Perhaps when situations arise,
     mutually agreed mediators could
     talk to all sides of the problems and
     clarify beliefs and misunderstandings -
     perhaps bringing considered proposals
     to a bigger group."
        (Some issues are too complicated
        or confidential or unimportant
        for big meetings to resolve. e.g:
    Two argued at a camp, left in a huff:
    perhaps neither will come next summer;
    winter time mediation could help.
    Or when something erupts,
    rather than a huge immediate circle:
       a mediatior could spend a day
       shuttling around, sussing out).
    I asked X to mediate on Z between me and Y.
      "Mutually Agreed" means all three must
       consent to and define the process).
    This is "Self Policing".     []george.
    From: "David Baker" [gandhilion@genie.co.uk] Date: 15 January 2001 04:18

    We have occasionally used mediators before to great effect. Problem solvers, troubleshooters, and mercuries, as we’ve named them in the past, may also do this type of work but I think you are talking about a more specialised area, as you say another layer, where expertise can be called upon. ===============

    From: J
    To: [rainbow-circle@egroups.com]
    Cc: [rainbow-circle@egroups.com]
    Subject: Re: [rainbow-circle] Communications & ethics!!
    Date: 20 January 2001 06:54

    The prospect of ‘hundreds of mediators’ digging up every past rumoured conflict, however well meaning, is alarming to say the least! Who is to decide the masses of essential issues like even what IS a conflict? Is it a ‘bad thing’ or a vital way of growing and learning?

    Unless it is endangering others, surely each individual must be responsible for recognition &/or resolution of any issue. No real support can be imposed - requests must come from the individual. Loads of other issues . . . .....

    From: [dicegeorge@stones.com]
    Date: 16 April 2001 09:32
    RCC 1:Name. Amendment1 proposed to Constitution
                for Rainbow Circle EGM 6 May 2001:
    1. Name:
    In section 1 and throughout delete
    "Rainbow Circle" and replace it by:
    "Rainbow Squiggle spiral web galaxy
    with magenta and grey and gray
    and black and white and silver and pink
    and neon and RGB and CMYK and transparent
    and translucent and psychedelic
    and unimaginable and undescribable
    and infra red and ultraviolet
    and infinite and invisible and
    brown (joke)
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    From: "Karen Everson" 
    To: rainbow-circle@yahoogroups.com
    Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2002 9:35 PM
    Subject: Re: [rainbow-circle] what is rainbow to you (everybody please)
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    ] From: rainbow-circle@yahoogroups.com
    ] Date: Thursday, July 11, 2002 12:54:04
    ] To: rainbow-circle@yahoogroups.com
    ] Subject: Re: [rainbow-circle] what is rainbow to you
    ] Somewhere over the Rainbow
    ] Here is my tale, Sister and Brother,
    ] I'll show you a link from one point to another,
    ] to be the master of your mind, will lead to the freedom of humankind.
    ] With every passing man-made hour, the closer you come to that infinite
    ] Follow the Rainbow, those who care, for she has come to take you there.
    ] The bridge between the Heaven and Earth, guides us into the new rebirth.
    ] She has come to show us the way, how to be free, and how to play,
    ] the bow of the dreamers , the bridge to the truth,
    ] the elixir of life, eternal youth.
    ] She has no beginning, she has no ending, 
    on becoming one, we are depending.
    ] The Rainbow Tribe are growing strong, 
    sharing their love, their voice, their
    ] song
    ] The Rainbow Warriors, as prophecies say,
     have finally come, to save the day.
    ] So from Pisces to Aquarius, Sister and Brother,
    ] we have made a link from one point to another,
    ] no lesser, no greater, our tribe are all equal, 
    and now at last, we are
    ] forming the sequel.
    ] We're coming together, Women and Men,
    ] A rainbow Circle, united again,
    ] for the rest of our journey, 
    we'll walk hand in hand, 
    back to the future and
    ] the promised land.
    ] (one of many poems, 
    inspired by my time with the Rainbow Circle)
    ] Love ,Peace and Rainbows,
    ] Keep thrashing the Yoghurt Cheesy!

    National Gathering of Rainbow Family
    23rd May 10th June 2001

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