Stonehenge Talking Circle at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms,
Sunday 23 March 2003
2pm-5pm (free)
Stonehenge Campaign
c/o 99 Torriano Av. London NW5 2RX

8pm Saturday 22rd March 2003
S.C. / Tribal Voices Benefit Gig
@Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
{ http://www.geocities.com/tribalvoices/ }

Here's the latest version of an A4 photocopyable poster for the Glastonbury meeting, you may notice that it's similar to last years, and the year before's, some of the wallpaper paste still shows through the photoshopping!
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On Sunday 23rd March 2003 let's have a Stonehenge Talking Stick Circle. Last year about a 23 of us met, and chatted in our usual anarchic manner. But with a hundred this wouldnt work. In a Talking Stick Circle we sit in a circle, so everyone can see everyone, and a stick (or feather or broom or chillum..) is passed around the circle, and whoever has the stick talks (or sings, or remains silent...) and we all listen. I want to hear what the people who don't have the loudest voice and the loudest profile have to say. The circle enables this. Short respectful points of information or jokes could be allowed, but concentration can be lost this way, (get the speakers nodded agreement to this).

This year we want the big hall upstairs, a bigger circle, hopefully with Hippies, Travellers, Druids, Pagans, Festivalers, Tourists - no, we're people not labels. I suggested this at a Stonehenge Peace Process meeting and there was a feeling to go for the bigger room upstairs - thousands of us were at Stonehenge June 2002, more could come in June 2003, and the more we discuss and spread consciousness of the many dimensions, desires, beliefs, views and hopes the better chance we have for a successful sunrise gathering (and leaving) in this and future years - we had 14 years of English Heriticage's contraception fences after the Free Festival convoy was ambushed by Thatcher's police in 1985, summers 2000 and 2001 weren't perfect but were a million times better than 1986-1999.

Please circulate details of this meeting, and come.
george 07970 378572 george@dicenews.com

Glastonbury Assembly Rooms webpage

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stonedays 2002:

Wed 06 March 2002: 8pm Stonehenge Campaign meeting at 
     99 Torriano Av, Kentish Town, London. 

Thursday 21 March 6a.m. Equinox Sunrise east.

Saturday 23 March 8pm Glastonbury Assembly Rooms 
  Benefit Gig for TribalVoices and Stonehenge Campaign
  4/5 with New Age Radio from Crystal Palace and more
  (eco musicians from Twyford etc)   [07970-378572] 

Sunday 24 March 2-5pm free Stonehenge Meeting
  at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms [07970-378572]

Saturday 1st June 2-3pm Stonehenge Walkers picnic
   with musical jam at Battersea Peace Pagoda.
   3pm: Walk out of London.

Friday 21st June Solstice sun rises over the Helestone
    all are welcome who come in peace

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Stonehenge Campaign, c/o 99 Torriano Av, London NW5 2RX

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