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dgflutes.htm: I'm Dice George , an undiscovered popstar (aren't we all)
I want to play solo flute on Sunday afternoon live on Stage 1 at Glastonbury Festival live on BBC, ITV, MTV, Sky, CNN etc
(but i'm an introvert so thats ok - your loss not mine)

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december 2006: using winlame to make mp3s, ( winLAME is distributed and licensed under the GNU General Public License ) and MediaCoder from http://mediacoder.sourceforge.net/
hope to have broadband nearby soon and update these sounds, things have moved on in the last five years!
November 2001: planning Tribal Voices tape 5 , and CDs - b ut my laptop's broken ...

Sat 24 March 2001: I played a bit of tin whistle with Now Age Radio at the Tribal Voices gig at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms.

5th March2001: recorded the Farringdon Jam, with me fluting and Angel Tin Whistling.
(See the Maggie Nicols Musicians Gathering webpage: www.geocities.com/tribalvoices/magather.htm )

Friday 10 november: all the sounds disappeared due to improvements at phreak , do they work now?
all 4 Tribal Voices tapes will be on sale again soon- lets revive this project, and save the planet with music!
Monday 09 October: added table of sound samples to end of this webpage.

Monday 11th September 2000 recorded a jam at the London Musicians Gathering, Farringdon, here?

(Jes has some music at http://www.peoplesound/artist/halo and at www.smiralrecords.net)
see jesmiral.htm here @psb

Wednesday 3rd May recorded two demos with Angel in her kitchen on this laptop, several mistakes in it - after a one minute tuneup I said go for it and we recorded- I had a meeting to get to across london. We hadnt played together for a year - and it shows!
angel-ragggle-taggle-gypsy.rm 513K 4mins9seconds
angel-fight-for-your-rights.rm 449K 3mins38secs

24april2000 recorded real audio of me playing my flute- "Belgrano", it was to have been the B side of my single back in the 80s when I was a romantic fool and so angry with Lady Belgrano's killing of those peasant boys. See belgrano.htm

20 april2000 in Glastonbury - jamming with pok and ruthflute 20april2000jam.rm (500kb - 4minutes+3seconds) and 21april2000later.rm (316KB 2minutes+33seconds).   Both "recordings" could be for my concept album to put on at the end of parties to get rid of everybody! But they were made using this laptop's inbuilt microphone as a Real Audio file, compressed, only AM radio quality.

Lost In Space

6april2000 - South London jamming with dave and debs lost in space
roly-roly and
jesus-was-a-mushroom.rm .




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h00:41wed09feb2000 yesterday yesterday monday evening i went to the London Musicians Gathering upstairs in a pub in Farringdon, (organised by Magi Nicholls).
(see her webpage: www.geocities.com/tribalvoices/magather.htm )
I recorded it with my laptop, real encoder, and yesterday, earlier tonight, I uploaded the sound tracks from mick's - thanks.
My favourite "track" is at: http://www.dicegeorge.com:8080/ramgen/stonehenge/7feb200c.rm ( I can hear me tin whistling in it),
the others are here goto top of this webpage 14 December 1999 I'm at London, Victoria Cybercafe, earlier, at Simon's in Bath, I borrowed his Mac and sampled and compressed some more sounds, and thinking it over on the coach I realise that I have thus published an
Internet Single - Repetitive Squeaks
the soundfile being: http://www.dicegeorge.com:8080/ramgen/stonehenge/repetitive-squeaks.rm

see directory http://www.dicegeorge.com:8080/ramgen/stonehenge/ for more real audio sounds, and a few videos too!
and see Tribal Voices website trombone goto top of this webpage August 1999: I tin-whistle on Pixies Jinx (track 6) of the Tribadelica Space Goat CD SG23 , for more details see Mandala Records goto top of this webpage Please someone please record my song The Only Time I Lied (was when I said I didnt love you anymore) (as published in Festival Eye 1999 and get it to number one for Valentines Day and send me the songwriting dosh! July 1998 - I've bought a trombone, learning to play it at the seaside, an instrument with such potential, such a deep low brassy sound, and analogue, slideable..
though still I prefer my tinwhistles to my flute - or should I say that my lights are my primary muscial instrument?
goto top of this webpage tvbanner Tribal Voices 4 tape is out in a limited edition of one hundred, I've got one, been playing it loads, it's all fantastic apart from the squeeaky tinwhistle in the little Green men which is me, playing opposite Ruth Space Goat's flute, with Jez singing "CCTV" and "Strange Family", what a camp that was - how powerful are the poems and songs on it , such an honour and a privilege to be there - Invisible Opera Company of Tibet - wow, it grows on me

and see the Tribal Voices webpage here at psb tvgeorge.htm with details of how to buy the tapes and CDs, a feedback form, and more..

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20 October 1997:

note: in July 1997 I left London in my bus, having given my two digital master tapes to Dave and Clive who have done nothing with them. But I've offered them them for a possible future TribalVoices compilation tape. goto top of this webpage

TribalVoices camp in Devon

In September 1997 at Stonehenge Equinox non-sunrise met Jez. He told me his band were going to record at the Tribal Voices Camp in Devon. I said "I'm in your band aren't I?" and he said "Yes"!

So they gave me a lift back to DeadWoman'sBum to get my tinwhistles etcetera, and after a few days delay we went to Devon, hung around for a few days, practiced, ate smoke and drank around the campfire. We recorded two tunes three times: "Stone" and "CCTV" (I prefer the first take. There was three guitars, ExSpaceGoat Ruth on beautiful flute, and me tinwhistling.

Someone said that they recorded a hundred and one tracks that week, enough for several tapes, CDs, singles etcetera. goto top of this webpage


Soar: Dice george and the drongos compilation tape benefit for the Stonehenge Campaign.

I sold nearly a hundred for three pounds each, I haven't sold one for years, there are a few left, I've lost the accounts. goto top of this webpage

Big Green Gathering 1997

In July 1997 at the Big Green Gathering I jammed with other musicians most nights.

The best was the first, on I think Tuesday night, In the Golden Moon Marquee with three most amazing guitaring singing women - I didnt ask or remember their names, (whoops)

and one night an amazing guitarist by a fire, I mentioned the russian astronauts stuck on the broken down space shuttle, we played Bowie's Starman and Major Tom, wow;
I asked "can you do any Joni Mitchell"? (because something in his voice seemed that way inclined) - he said he'd just done "Clouds" before I came

and the next day I remembered that and was sorrier, and now it seems almost worse, I remember that song from years ago, it's the most amazing poem - but I can't remember any of it now - I'm so sorry he didn't sing it, (I use the words 'remember' and 'amazing' too much)

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In 1997 or late 1996 I cycled to Gypsy Hill South London and recorded 40 seconds on a track with the SpaceGoats, and they included it on their cassette tape "13 moons", I'm on the first track on side one, the terrible tin-whistling (the beautiful recorder is chrissy , you could probably buy it via TribalVoices, Guilfin or Schnews (see dicenews hotlinks
goto top of this webpage 2001: Brian is dead, see a tribute webpage at http://www.phreak.co.uk/stonehenge/psb/brian.htm

Some years ago I recorded me and Belfast Brian onto Ampex quality tape, "Freedom Festival" and"Dice George and the Drongos".
I made some C90 cassettes from these and other lower-quality recordings, and sold a hundred or so as a Stonehenge Campaign benefit cassette.

I've written two songs - "Wildcard" and "Fossil", but can't/won't/don't sing.

I play for 40 seconds on the latest Space Goats cassette from New Age Radio

Last year, at the Kentish Town Rainbow Centre we record minutes of a solid jam (with a beginning and an ending) on Clive's DCC digital tape recorder with a stereo microphone, but he's in Australia, I want to transfer digitally from DCC to DAT, then adjust the sound levels where a child dropped a cowbell - does anyone out there have the technology (because there were random unknown people involved this would have to be a charity non-commercial publication) - Lord Eric Sugumugu led the drumming..

Monday evenings jamming with the London experimental Music Co-op upstairs at Betsy Trotwoods pub opposite the Guardian

This November I recorded 4 minutes onto DAT at the NewAgeRadio studios, tin whistle and drums, it could be the next DiceGeorge number one single - called "Repetitive Squeaks"

Because I'm an introvert this is enough for me. It's the world's loss!

goto top of this webpage 13feb2000: I remember years ago at Pilton / Glastonbury Festival on the Monday or Tuesday meeting a guitarist, and me tin whistling, and asking for Hunky Dory, and he knew most of the tracks, we jammed them there for an hour or two- Kooks and Frank Lloyd Right and the Bewley Brothers and and and... it's David Bowie's best album but every other album of his is different (unlike so many bands). Because of this meeting I missed several connections and my window got lost for a week etcetera - but it was worth it.
guitarist's I've met
There's one called 'Clive' I've met 2 or three times
and that one in Ozrics
and Red Ice Brian and
and Andy and Pew and
and Angel and Kerry and ........

2004 - see jesmiral.htm

Sound files: diceGeorge , Stonehenge, and Tribal Voices
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