Red Ice Brian Cathcart.
stonehenge Red Ice Brian is dead.

I dont know the details but..
he was a good friend, i first met him when he was doing free food at Stonehengey Free Festivals in the 70s and 80s.

Later he invited me to South London, Rotherhithe Street, December 1985, after my bus windows had been smashed that June, where I lived a few years and did several lightshows.

Some years ago I recorded me and Belfast Brian onto Ampex quality tape, "Freedom Festival" and "Dice George and the Drongos".
rotherhithe-jam.rm ????

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Brian was featured in The Observer / Magazine / The death of Brian Sunday March 14, 2004,11913,1167336,00.html
The article was by a journalist of the same name, Brian Cathcart.

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It is with deep sadness that today (29/01/06) I thought I had found my long lost best schoolfriend Brian Cathcart as a successful author living in London (even ordered some books and articles he wrote) only to find out, with further investigation, that I had found the wrong Brian and my Buddy was Dead.

One has many memories of 'best school friends' but Brian always stood out to me, as I sincerely feel him and I developed our caring and deep 'UN' political conciousnesses together. We both learnt to steal together (very minimal, a phase), we both learnt to care for the elderly and underprivileged together, we both learnt music together, we both made that beautiful hazardous journey from boy to youth together.

I left his company and friendship behind when I joined the Merchant Navy and he went to Queens but I have never left those happy memories behind of a good honest caring Best friend. Today I am sad and very sorrowful but it lifts me to see there are others around who enjoyed his deepness quietness and kindness.To any friends, family or brothers who may read this, I share in your loss. But I am sure everyone feels as I, that he has left us all a legacy and that is the pleasure we can all share from the knowledge that we knew him. He touched every one of us,I am sure in some special way.

Goodbye my friend

From: "stephen langdon"
Subject: red ice brian
Date: 16 September 2001 20:21

How sad I was to hear that red ice brian had passed away.

My commiserations to his friends and family around the world.

No doubt the stage crews at successive stonehenge free festivals will recall the legendry red ice led by brian whose forceful stage presence and cheeky character which reminded me at times of another Irish legend Phil Lynott.

He was the leader of the archtypical free festival band often wrangling star billing away from more whimpy pop stars gaining a reputation of authenticity and passion in a plastic world, Brian was a person who could be counted on to stand up for freedom and peace and with his music he demonstrated this many times on many stages.

Love and Peace.

Big Steve

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