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I reminisce about 1998 perhaps getting a trombone will be seen as the most important, or playing on the Tribal Voices Stage at the Big Green Gathering,

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dice1998.htm 1998 notes from Dice George's homepage

1st January 1998 h03:30 a.m. the radio is on, "pumping" not very exciting music, around midnight we had radio one live from glasgow, not very exciting- next year will be tribal voices at numbers one, two, three, four,,, here in Somerset the party's over: a few years ago in London at three the first band would almost be ready,

I remember that squat party at Market Road near camden, three rooms of disco / rave/ reggae/ hardcore and one with Reknaw PA from Hackney and Tofu Love Frogs, punk bands etcetera, and Dice George Light Show me with total blackout, even the bar's light on an extension lead switchable: I'd switch them off, flash my lights, as one fought through the crowds to ask me why their light was off, as he/she approached I'd turn it on again they'd turn back - they never sussed,
and also I had my electric kettle to make tea, when I turned it on with too many lights it'd trip the trip-fuses and I'd have to fight through the roomfull of punks, then the way outside, then through two rooms of ravers to get to the trip switches and turn them back on, then going back through the crowds I'd meet others on the same mission - to turn on the power -

I played some tin whistle tonight, with some singers,. and later with a guitarist, then I went out and got a bit drunk by the campfire - ..."drugs not hugs" I remember bawling -... but not half as drunk as james B.B. James (Yellow Submariner) , kept losing his boot, and kissing everyone, say no more.....

0ne of the worst things about living here is the radio -it's dire-
i was going to write a list of ten good things about London,
One: there's so much good stuff on the radio,
then I only need nine more things then I'd have a list!
so here am I in Somerset and the radio's crap, radio one techno head ache, BBC world service not what I want now, what do I want? rock and roll, I want to complain! to moan!
The funniest thing tonight, in fact the funniest thing all year, was someone saying:
" is Joe's party on, or hasn't it started yet, or is it all over" ,
and I said it's hard to tell the difference.

I said I'd probably blown my life, here I am in a clapped out old bus in the middle of nowhere - probably blown it, the chance that something'll happen must be ten percent or less, I'm an undiscovered popstar - aren't we all!

there was a moment last night, jamming tinwhistling in the kitchen with them singing and drumming some old Heathens All song when I said it was like Mandy had popped up there in the room,

I don't want to write all that happened tonight, lot's personal stuff, i was joking a lot, just saying things I felt, without the reasons, and putting sticks on the fire and pressing it down- live wood:

I used to live in this yard in Shepherd's Bush where two guys had a business pruning trees from the avenues of London and dumping lorryloads of greenery then saying "this weekend we're having a party" and burning a huge bonfire to get rid of it, efficient least effort gi-enormous bonfires, the size of two cars.


so I know how to burn wood, in the boy scouts they taught us a fire needs three things: fuel, oxygen and heat, but there's a fourth -
it needs leaving a few minutes to dry out then spring into flame-age, beautiful warm colourful and fascinating like a woman, but get too close and ow she burns!

A bottle of sherry, that's my secret, drank most of it myself, with a bit of help from whats-her-name, she who was there then, yesterday, (though not now) another lucky escape. the lads of DWB

So rich and rewarding and lively playing with the kids today, three small boys and an eight year old girl on site now as it happens- what I like about the Finnish language is their word "han" meaning he/she, you can talk about individuals as han he/she/it without bringing gender into it - as european (english, french, german) would, personal pronouns have gender - (is that grammatically correct?) what I mean is this language forces me to say "I played with him" or "her", forcing sex into the language, when love of children isn't sexual, the maternal/paternal/parenting instinct, love for a kitten, isn't sexy- and just because I haven't doesn't mean I wouldn't doesn't mean I dont- mum's the word: - I refer you to my poem about Womens Issues published in the Green Collective mailing 1986, when I was older than now.

Or read a book on respect for children by John Holt.

My birthday was a hoot- I didn't tell anyone, the next day as if by chance I said: "what's the date?" and "oh, I knew I'd forgotten something, it was my birthday yesterday" I did their heads in, flummoxed them, SC @ geo cos I say I got reborn at last Spring Equinox when I jumped the fence and ran through Stonehenge touching Stone Eleven- and through the Peter Pan principle (if you get through a birthday without anyone saying "Happy Birthday" or sussing it then you take a year off your age - so that mean's I'm minus three months old - (now as I think of it that's not quite fair, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys didn't do minus years, they just didn't get older, (but surely day to day experience would age them; no, it didnt - they remained innocents... further thought needed george... )))

the moral is : what a waste of alcohol:
more drugs, less hugs,
or vice versa,
more hugs, less drugs,
it's all one,
oh no it isn't
oh yes it is
oh no it isn't
oh yes it is
(behind you)
(panto season)

So here I am, four a.m. thursday 1st january 1998 typing rubbish into this computer, to be saved to disk for possible internet publishing, what a joke!

So if there was somebody ever to read this what I say to make them think it worth their time?

entertainment or information?

science or art?

Why did the Mobius Strip?
because it had a cute angle
(joke by me and Orc)

When I think back to young whats-her-name I begin to suspect my Jungian reasons for that joke, ha ha.

One thing I found playing my tin whistle along with Radio One tonight was that I'm going faster than they are.

I remember last year this time my new Years Resolution was to write "Guinness Kills Trees" in gi-enormous white letters outside the old Wandsworth Eco Village site. I got on my bike and did it, four feet high, with serifs, hit January the 2nd running.. Here, in Somerset , it's a lot quieter, I've half thought of one but I don't want to write it down here,
- another possible New Years Resolution is:


some years ago a resolution was "learn to sing" but I never really did
(written a few songs though)

I visited friends' van an hour ago blurbling "I've already broken my new Year's Resolution"... but it was a joke, I havent thought of one officially,

But I did, a few days ago, start to keyin the start of a first draft of my letter to Festival Eye for Summer 1998. That's who I am - I'm a letter in Festival Eye,..
I'm a random flautist jamming with some musicians somewhere. I'm who I was last night.

I'm a bit drunk.

and a bit high

All the world's a church, every day is Sunday, we all have Jesus within us, we all have devils within us, (it's only when we don't recognise our subconscious 'devils' that they can harm us (I learnt this from a great book by the Jungian Irene Claremont de Castillejo (spelling???))) I don't talk of the "inner child" but of the "inner monster", ,my toes are cold, ,my socks are damp because there's holes in these shoes, so I'll turn off this computer and go to bed,

but here, now in Somerset, I've come home to my bus and I'm keying this in by candlelight, on the radio they're whistling, not very exciting

Sunday 4th January 1997 - 3.30pm, getting dark soon, starting a new webpage about karelia , my bus and today I tried to build a new back gear system for my pushbike, out of several old bent ones.

and today was very very windy, I swapped the windmill over from my radio internal radio battery to the bus battery yesterday, I wonder if the battery's good enough to turn the starter motor if I put it back into the bus?

Sunday11january1998 moving 1997 notes from here to a new webpage dice1997.htm

5 cops

20 January 1998 surprise illegal eviction from Dead Womans Bottom , now parked with Yellow Sub James and co about half a mile west of Nunney Catch down the A361 towards Shepton, just past the vineyard turnoff, down the track by the layby marked "GRAINSTORE Cloford" then right phone 01749-880144

Thu5feb1998 uploading new datelist etc

Sun08feb1998 font bigger, new javascript to confirm frames
Thursday 19th Feb: up all night adding pictures to CHIC cannabis website, and to my whatley quarry page,
updating Stonehenge webpage with the sad rumour that Ali Glastafari has suddenly died...

Next Saturday 21st February I'm doing my lightshow with musicians after the days meeting of the West Country Activists - from 10.30 a.m. at Window Arts Center, Lower Borough Walls, central Bath, 01225-312688, three pounds with vegan food and no blaggers, talking about land rights etc... I phoned on Monday and they said come and do it... Saturday21stFebruary West Country Activists meeting in Bath, what a good day out, met many old friends from all over, and a few new ones, we talked, listened, ate and drank, then in the evening I put up my Lightshow around the musicians, there was a video projector which went onto a screen above the stage, complementing my 150watt lights, the lights all worked (after a year in the boot of my bus), I've got some great new magentas (thanks TofuChris and JK), I flashed a bit in some drumming, then when Pok ?? was playing a hendrixy guitar song a strode to my switches and gave them a wild psychedelic flasherama - afterwards he said "thanks for that" but I said "It wasn't for you, it was for Hendrix"!

Several folky acts came on, I turned some lights onto the dancers, but then James james let little Jake play with the lights and he wouldn't let me have a go for the whole of Theo and Shannon's set - so I danced.

sun08march1998: Typing by candlelight,in my bus by Cloford Grain Store down Wednesday04march1998: hitched and walked to London, to Chingford Mill to return a metal thingy and say hello, then buses down to Torriano Av for the Stonehenge Campaign meeting.
Slept on WX's floor for some hours, put some clothes in his electriffic washing machine - the water went a Somerset black.
Then to court, he got fined £130 for possession of 2,613 grams of cannabis hemp (two thousand six hundred and thirteen!) because it was 0.01% strong, found growing in a hemp farm along the Stonehenge Walk last summer!
Those cops must have thought it was Christmas!
But it wasn't - it was summer.

Then to groundswell ??? used their 486 PC to debug the renamed Stonehenge webpages I'd written here and saved to disk, then a busride west to a Land Is Ours computer to upload and debug (using a videotron free internet connection).

Where next? north to a jk's friendly Mac, but it had crashed some weeks ago and he hadnt had time to fix it. I left it well alone, and read his new book Mac Secrets which had an amusing story of a user who phoned apple for help apologising for the delay as she had to move a desk to unplug the keyboard and plug in the mouse - there's a socket in the keyboard whereto plug in the mouse!

But some of the advice to kids on how to april fool people by swapping confirm and delete was unwise - there's enough bugs and crashes already without deliberately setting more!

Walked south, visited some caravans, got advice on welding or retempering my bus starting handle from Bob, and he said that the Class 4 MOT now includes an emissions test, which as a air-breather I applaud, but as an old clapped out huge petrol engined bus owner .... (I only drive it about a hundred miles a year, so I pollute less than modern car drivers - they drive thousands of unnecessary miles - sorry to drone and 'preach', click for someone who knows more about it than me:- foe????

Asking Callum about absent friends, Andy, Di, Barry the Busker? "he's next door" and he was, with Refiki dog, shuffling to open the door, quite paralysed on the left because a boathook had hit the right side of his brain, I remember Joe saying he could see grey brains oozing or pulsing, Barry had been flown by emergency helicopter to hospital, when I left London in July he was still out...
When I broke my right wrist with the bus starting handle, all my right hand was paralysed, It took months to get it back slowly, and that was just the nerve wire in the wrist, (I learnt to wa** left-handed, and now my mechanics etcetera is more ambidextrous, whereas before I'd do everything my with my right),
But Barry, some of the long words werent ending right, but it was him, he had the same personality and go for-it-ness, I said he'd better learn to write with his left hand, the right side will take years to get back, with a pen he wrote down the alphabet,, he couldnt remember the shape of 'J', and missed a few letters out, said his left hand had only stopped shaking a few weeks ago,- I've got a tape of him singing and guitaring and me tinwhistling years ago - My Dinosaur song and "The Party's over It's time To Go Home" for my concept album to put on at the end of parties to get rid of people.. (see that video hiho ) I should copy a few for our friends

then south, to invisible rory's ????? to update this webpage etcetera but it had crashed an hour before, he was reformatting the hard disk and reinstalling Windows95 etcetera. said he'd lost two months work, I said he should have stopped, made tea, turned it off, waited and pondered a few days before reformatting, data was still there on the hard disk, ( I've done terrible things with my bus engines when things went wrong or I didnt quite understand, steaming ahead and creating months of rework repairing "user-inflicted-damage".

"Go easy on me" he said, having lost months of work, his MIDI tunes etc, I've done it so many times myself, trashed disks, turned off with it only in the RAM, done "DEL stg*.*" on the hardisk when I thought I was on a floppy, deleting dozens of important files when I'd only meant to do a few old ones on the floppy..

"Never delete a file" I say, disks are cheap..,,., but now I've got this Toshiba with a 20Meg harddisk and so many HTML files, and though I've deleted Microsoft Works and almost everything apart from DOS, GWBASIC, Tinyed and Sam Wilmott's SLED (DOSLynx crashes - why?) it still fills up so fast.

Rory had a copy of Windows95 on the shelf, I asked about documentation, there was a small pamphlet introducing Windows95, I read it.
The DOS window seems to work better in Win95 than Win3.1, but it's very annoying the way it hides filename extensions unless you find that preference and change it,

Rory was hours installing software and restarting, and defragmenting the hard disk, several times the machine crashed - and this was after having cleaned the hard disk- I'm unimpressed by this - of course these computers are thousands of times more complicated than what I used to use at GEC before PC's, but there's something slack when it crashes installing, I expect software to crash when there's three or four programs running at the same time and interacting with each other in millions of permutations, yes, of course , almost all software's buggy, but the software engineers should have debugged installation - there's only one thing going on - surely the errors could be reported?

Friday up early-ish, bus, walk, hitch, hitch, hitch, Bristol, bus, bus, bus, walk, home, sat around, ate some muesli, read Saturday's Guardian, went to bed early, sleep.

Monday09March1998 uploading from Frome... future dates
festival eye mag deadline today festivaleye@stones.com
Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter very soon, to be distributed at Stonehenge equinox
Equinox sunrise Saturday 21st March, 6 a.m. east, Stonehenge (nearest sunrise to astronomical instant)
2pm Sunday 22nd March98 annual Stonehenge Campaign meeting at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms (or nearby if the roof's off!)
Monday 1st June 2pm Stonehenge Walkers picnic at Battersea Park 3pm walkers leave, blah blah

whoops, I deleted Musicians Network from all the Stonehenge pages, then got told it's revived - check it out...

Friday03april1998at www.festivaleye.com secret base in Hereford being "picture editor" for this summer's magazine, loads of photoshop imagery, getting the kids to draw fonts, learning so much more about windows 95 (task bar to the left and half a screen wide so I can see more details about current documents) and Macintosh (Norton DiskDoctor finds and corrects major faults every day), all sorts of interfacing, bugs, crashes, and setting up his Bitware phone answering software, 01568 760492, I don't like the software, there was a route where if you didn't press the magic keys everything hung up,..

Listening to a new CD from Baka Beyond , one of the Rinky Dink bicycle powered bands from last summer, my favourite is a tape/CD from ShakShak, I've replayed it dozens of times, "If there were no bullets we'd all be bullet proof" haunts and that clicky percussion melds with my mouse-clicking! my brane,

I've left my bus in Somerset, hope it's still there, probably back tomorrow

updated Stonehenge Datelist and lots more pages for the Stonehenge VE Day book , pages 31 , 32, 33 , 44 , 45 , 46 , 47, 49, 51, 55, 59, new picture of ali glastafari in the Stones on VE Day, and new writings from the Tribal Voices 3 camp

Been visiting Pirate Radio http://interface.pirate-radio.co.uk/ and their chat, they're friends of festival eye, but the chat frames arent resizable.. To N: Didn't you know it, I'm a poet, I'm from Stonehenge, but I won't take revenge, "'An Eye For An Eye' - The All Will Be Blind" said Mahatma Ghandi - let's all unwind a notch or two slower, sit down with a flower, sit down by a river, or cuddle in a punt. (c)diceGeorge1998 (99% fluffy)

Thu07may1998 at London, hitched here yesterday for Stonehenge Campaign Meeting.
Before then I'd cycled to the Rainbow Circle Magic Hat Beltane Gathering at Ted Stone's Farm on the corner of Pilton and Shepton Mallet, where I went to a workshop and learned to sing, (thanks Tanji, that was one inhibition too many - my flute playing came from repressed singing, my refusal at school to sing those dodgy words of hymns, "How can you sing words you don't believe in?" I asked Tanji - the answer is that it's poetry, which, like the fiction of John Steinbeck, is truer than truth.)

 John Pendragon  died, and 
 Ali Glastafari  died , 
didn't make me a hundredth as sad
as when those kids I knew died.

What do you do if someone spreads false rumours about you? Last week from my anguishy brane out popped a poem: my best since '86:

To N:

Didn't you know it, I'm a poet,
I'm from Stonehenge, but I won't take revenge,
"'An Eye For An Eye' - The All Will Be Blind"
said Mahatma Ghandi - let's all unwind
a notch or two slower, sit down with a flower,
sit down by a river, or cuddle in a punt.
(c)diceGeorge1998 (99% fluffy)

Sat 23 May 1998 Staying with my parents in Hampshire for a few weeks, bit of a mid-life crisis, I've now got a mobile phone, an Orange MR30, me
phone: 07970-378572
and postal address is still:

Dice George Light Show
BCM 2002

I might get to the Kingstone Green Fair by the Thames on bank holiday Monday 25th afternoon...

Festival Eye magazine 1998 should be back from the printers any day, I was going to Hereford to do more Photoshop and Quark work on the pictures, but because of various false rumours a nutter's been spreading about me I had to come here, and have been giving Andy advice over the phone as he wrestled with his Mac (one phone call went dead - later he said the manor had been hit by lightening and lost all power...

I had a few great jams with other musicians at the Rainbow Camp, renewed my friendship with Coventry Craig, cycled to and from all week, thanks to Tipi Jean for a great camp...
(unfortunately I can't get to the next one, hope I'll get to the Big Green Gathering in July/August - it was the best festival last summer)

We're collecting stuff about John Pendragon's life, writings by him, about him, inspired by him, art, etc, please post to:
John Pendragon Project 
c/o Glastonbury Assembly Rooms BA6 9DU 
email:  tribalvoices@geocities.com 

Tue26may98 Festival Eye 1998 is printed, click here for details and apologies
I had a good time at Kingston Green Fair yesterday, loads of friends, tinwhistled with Shak Shak and the Space Goats...

h23:00 sunday 31 may 1998: staying at my parents' house in Gosport for a few weeks: family problems - say no more.
This town is either very cool or not - tonight in the pub, Olivers, there was a guitaristess singing and nobody clapped (except me, once), and I played along with one little tune on my tin whistle, someone I talked to says when his friends say that Gosport's crap he says - "why don't you leave then?", we looked around the room and instantly saw the flaw in his logic.
Last week, 8 days ago, Saturday night, was WOB, a guitar-songwriter, bass and drums. Five people clapped, which, for Gosport, was top marks. Jayne from way back was there for a while, eventually it all got too much for me so i did my punky dance from London/Stonehenge/Coventry then walked out embarrassed - what a town! (but rumours have it that Matt SpaceGoat was from Gosport! (And Steffie Sharpstrings of Here+Now. But like most of us they left when they learnt to walk)).
Thu04June1998 I've read "Private Angelo" by Eric Linklater (1946) a comic but soulful tale of an Italian caught up in the Italian, German, and Allied armies, very wise.
And now I'm rereading Herman Hesse's Glass Bead Game, recalling my maths tutor at Oxford, study and learning for the sake of it, art for art's sake, before Thatcherism's intellectual devastations.
21June1998 I passed by Stonehenge around Summer Solstice, but was unable to be there at sunrise. Salisbury Reclaim The Streets was fun the day before!
Wednesday 13 July 1998 : Andy Weaver of Musicians Network , Stonehenge Campaign, etcetera, died of cancer this morning. muismatt@hotmail.com Music Matt knows more - his phone is 07970-967936
Thursday16July1998: I'm still stuck in Gosport , tomorrow, Friday, I'm doing a lightshow in Olivers pub in Stoke Road with Tristate (keyboards, bass and drums), and on Saturday afternoon there's a free concert in Portsmouth Guildhall Square starring my old friends the Tofu Love Frogs (rumours say that Ozrics won't be there)

My next bail hearing is probably on 16 July in London, but on that day our site's up in court in Bristol, they're evicting my bus which is still in Somerset, HELP - where can I put it, anyone know a shed or haybarn or space I can park it and leave it whilst those London lawyers slowly realise that I didn't attack anyone at Wandsworth Eco Village: a nutter's trying to frame me. I'm collecting character references -please phone me if you can help, the truth should suffice. Enough said - it's "sub judice", whatever that means.

www.terraserver.microsoft.com spy satellite photos of the US and parts of Europe?? If you've got the time to check it out please download an image of Stonehenge, Avebury, etcetera, then stick it up your webpage and we'll link to it, (I don't think I can get email attachments via geocities and hotmail)

Thu23July1998 Bad day in court yesterday - I still have to spend every night here in Gosport , but my bus is being evicted soon, I'm searching for somewhere to stash it

Andy Weaver's funeral is tomorrow, Friday

The Big Green Gathering is on next week in Wiltshire, I really really really want to go, perhaps for a day to play with my friends from Tribal Voices on the Dragon Stage???? - I've just received tapes 3 and 4 (in the special first edition of 100) and am playing them all the time - my tinwhistling is on 3 tracks from Little Green Men and MaryJane

Thu07august1998 spent last week commuting to and from the Big Green Gathering - met many old friends, played on stage with the Little Green Men (my band from the Tribal Voices Tape 4, and there was Nansi the woodcarver, who told me of their website at www.woodpecker.demon.co.uk

2pm Sunday 16 August is the Smokey Bears picnic on Southsea Common - I'll take my trombone and have a blow...
to London tomorrow again... phone me if you can help

been updating my javascript frames for these pages and my Stonehenge pages - do they sort themselves out for you? please email me if they dont - there's so many browsers out there, and I have so little time to check things out on my weekly visit to the cybercafe..

someone said they'd sent me an email but I havent received it - I reply to most whenever I get them so please try again

Monday 24th August 1998: quite a week!
Sunday 16th August : I cycled to Portsmouth for the Smokey Bears Picnic, got stopped by a policeman whilst entering the common for possession of a trombone, he radioed another who showed me a byelaw against playing music on the common, I said I'm only learning, what I do isn't music; but they found another byelaw against making annoying noises - I let someone else play the trombone, that wasn't covered - and played tin whistle for an hour with some drummers and guitarers, great..

Monday I drove my mum's car to Somerset, to my bus, got a hose pipe, stuck it on that water tap that'd been leaking, opened the tap, drained the radiator water/antifreeze mix into a bucket, found a spanner that fitted, then tried and tried to undo the nut, eventually unbolting the dynamo so that I could get a pipe over the spanner as a lever; (the dynamo fell and ripped out two wires), finally got the tap off, it's brass, cleaned it up with a rag and a screwdriver, the little spring on it was very rusted, the circlip broke.
Drove to Frome industrial estate with the brass tap. Tit's sold me a tapering water plug of a similar (but not identical thread), after a few more visits I found the nuts and bolts shop, they sold me a nut bolt and washer that I could have used with hermetite to block the bolt, but when I got back first I tried the tapering bolt with hermetite, I tightened it until it wouldn't go any further, it worked - no leak - I refilled the radiator from the water I'd saved.
And reconnected the dynamo.
And tatted down, adjusted mirrors, picked up litter, made tea, etecetera etcetera.
Put my pushbike into the car, drove it to the cafe carpark at Nunney Catch, cycled back, made tea, put the front back on the bus, checked the roof, started it, and drove to Nunney Catch Roundabout where I filled up with petrol and chocolate and tried to pump up the tyres but their air pump was weaker than the tyres' pressure - they lost air.
Drove onwards past Cley Hill, some strange noises up front and the ignition light came on - "dynamo failed" I thought but no, when I stopped some miles later I found that the fanbelt had come off - so the water pump wasn't turning, so the engine must have been overheating and nearly seizing..
Fixed it, and the mirrors, and the windscreen wipers, tried the air but no, drove to Westbury, the road outside the MOT station, parked, turned off, cycled around, found a better spot, drove the bus there, turned it off, disconnected the battery, adjusted some things, then played trombone, got near to the "Drunken Sailor" for the first time, then slept in my own bed in my own bus
Woken at 7.a.m. by banging and shouting - "Get off our Land or we'll get out our cranes" shouted some workers who wanted to park, I connected battery and moved down the road, slept a bit, then drove into the MOT yard, they laughed I noticed the windscreen washers weren't working, poked the paint out with a safety pin ,
drove it in, brakes, steering, etcetera, it failed on a cracked mirror which I replaced, and on it not having a chassis plate- I made one out of aluminium and a letter punch set they lent me, got MOT certificate, pumped up the tyres to 95psi on their superb pumps, drove back to our new site, parked, got out my pushbike, cycled back to Nunney Catch, got my mum's car, drove back to the bus via the off-licence, got quite drunk, went to sleep.

Wednesday got up, packed, turned the bus round, mended a puncture, drove my mum's car to Glastonbury, hello hello hello old friends, and Galatea cybercafe - found my missing email at usa.net, then to the King Arthur Pub with my trombone, several Greenlanders and others there, hello hello, then visited Helen and her new baby Fraser Tom, her boy Gwynn's in France, talked of my troubles and hers, then drove back to Hampshire, (stopping in a layby in Fareham for a kip)

Thursday Nat Gonella's funeral , to Alverstoke Church - (first time I'd been in it since I dropped out of Sunday School! (But squatting the Rainbow Centre church in Kentish Town was enlightening - at dawen after a party the disco lights would relatively dim and through the stained glass windows wide-armed Jesus appeared - "Bet it's a long time since you've been in a church on a Sunday" I'd say and do their heads in...)
Nat Gonella's funeral , the church was packed, a woman heckled the vicar - because his was a stuffy old-fashioned tolerance of the spirit of jazz, tnot the sort of roisterer I imagined Nat to have been, then Jo Baker sang "Swing Low Sweet Chariots" backed by a great musicians;
then outside, I nipped into the off-license (which was empty -???), followed the Excelsior Marching Band to Anns Hill cemetry, (observing how they held their trombones), then on to the wake in the Thorngate Halls, (I didn't play my whistle or dance - I knew nobody there - I'd hoped to meet 2 or 3 old friends, Len, Sue, Denise...)

Then took my trombone out to Gilkiker, by the sea, but didn't play it much, then to bed...read a book I'd bought that day - "Sweet Thursday" by John Steinbeck - I'd read it a year before but wow, it's his best book

Friday , tidied up a bit, a phonecall to Alison, my lawyer in London, cycled to oscars cyber cafe, updated dglights.htm and dice1998.htm , got some email, tried to buy a (Byte magazine but the newsagent still only had July issues for sale - the other net magazines are already into September!)
Cycled to Olivers, checked they didn't want my lights (as advertised) cycled home for dinner, then back to the cybercafe with a CD coverdisk of Netscape Communicator 4.05 for them (they only had Internet Explorer in which which can't right-click and save a frame), then on to Olivers, around ten, Tristate had a disco lightshow, I laughed at it, the white lights were on front stage, and the streetlight, a few friends were sort of dancing, I sort of danced my punky dance, then cycled around gosport visiting people who were mostly out or asleep, then here, to this PC, where I'm keying in, quite a week...

Saturday I slept and computered

Sunday I took my lights to the Railway Pub, had some trouble putting them up because the ceiling was so low, started getting grief off the band (who's name I won't mention), the landlord promised me free beers if I left, I took them home, returned, didn't get and free beer, I knew the bassist from years back, but, oh gosport , you can't get me down, I won't let you...

Wednesday 26 August I'm free A phone call from my lawyer - they're dropping charges against me. What a waste of a summer, if the police had talked to who I'd told them to, (Susanna and Willy X and everybody who knew us at Wandsworth Eco Village etcetera) they'd have heard about Nicki's nutty behaviour there and elsewhere, and wouldn't have wasted my summer, their time and money, and wouldn't have put everybody under so much stress. I may write a new webpage diceplay.htm about how children need to play. "Art" is a 'grown up' sort of play....

Yesterday night played some tin whistle at the folk jam night in the Fighting Cocks pub. I don't often drink alcohol, (luckily I've never become enslaved by it - many who have now can't touch a drop) but there's not much else to do in this town, and you've got to buy beer if they're going to let us play music. - see http://www.keepitlive.com which is done by one of the musicians whose name I've forgot..(sorry).

Thursday 27 August - been correcting these webpages using the excellent HTML validator which comes with homesite on a magazine coverdisk - and using the global replace over all files in a directory to correct things..
perhaps DrHTML might be worth a go in the cybercaff

www.uknighttimeonline.com ?? friends of friends???

chic printed a leaflet with a wrong url - I've asked nootopia to patch it - have they?

21 September 1998:
Hello, I'm in my bus, typing by candlelight, into the Toshiba T1200 with the LCD screen with the broken light, so I can't see what I'm writing. I'll correct it later. The last time was May, my summer got confused.

I've been reading John Steinbeck books, I'd walked into a second-hand bookshop in Gosport, looked at the 'S' shelf, and found four Steinbeck's which I didn't recognise - I bought them all.

"The Short Reign of Pippin IV" - a political comedy about a modern day King of France.

The second was "The Winter of Our Discontent". After a few pages I noticed that I'd read it before, but was still gripped by the story. It's Jungian. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially those with growing children or teenagers. It's so wise, compassionate and human.

When someone in a pub saw me reading a Steinbeck , and asked who he was, I asked "Have you read Jack Kerouac?" - "Yes" - "Well Steinbeck's better.

I really should write a booklist, perhaps a webpage called dicebook.htm???

I'm on a new site, near Wells, Somerset.

Last month I drove my bus to Westbury for an MOT at a big Mercedes Truck depot, they laughed at it, but after I'd replaced a cracked mirror, and riveted on a hand-made chassis plate, they passed it.

Then a few weeks ago I drove it to Shepton Mallet, to the Tribe Of Doris Drum and Dance camp,. That was a great week. I learnt a little drumming, heard some fantastic music, played a little tinwhistle on Wednesday night in the pub bender with a most fantastic African Kora player, and a fiddler, guitars, and bongos, my tinwhistle seemed to be playing itself.

And on the last Sunday I dared take my trombone into a marquee and play along with some drummers, simple stuff, but it worked - they didn't complain. wow.

The next week I stayed put, because in the same fields was the Earth First! national gathering, loads of workshops about direct action lifestyle etcetera, and fantastic food from Rampeplan of Holland or somewhere.

And catching up with then news from the summer, and old friends from years ago, and a few new.

At the Big Green Gathering in August I left my windmill on top of the Tribal Voices stage , afterwards they took it to London and stuck it on Crystal Palace eco protest site, I phoned for it back, apparently someone was going to bring it to Shepton Mallet but they didn't, so I'm trying to find out who, and where it is - it's rumoured Kingston - Spacegoat Clive says he's got the Voltage regulator, the wire, and the scaffold clip, which is three out of four.

And I got lent a 486 laptop, with a lightup screen, and Windows 3.1, and Netscape3, but Jason said the diskdrive was faulty, I'd have to transfer data by a cable, so I'm not using it until I get a second opinion, I'm using this Toshiba T1200 which is an 8086 with a 20MB hard disk, and the editor I'm using is SLED.EXE, (Simple Light Editor), which I should upload to geocities, it has one advantage over Tinyed.exe which is that if you hit [Enter] or [Return] you get a new line, whereas in Tinyed to split a line you had to do [Alt-S]. But the way you can repeat and edit editor commands in tinyed.exe using the up-arrow key was very useful when I used to do mass edit sessions, converting from Mac to PC formats, etcetera.

On Saturday I went into Glastonbury on my way back from Yeovil, I found Mr Cannabis in his shop, after a chat we bimbled off to his Mac to update his website, which I (hopefully) did, then I decided to run Norton Utilities to give his machine a spring clean, after about twenty minutes I got bored and wanted to get back to my bus for sunset so I tried to stop Norton by clicking it's stop button... it wouldn't... then I hit [Ctrl-Alt-Del]], or [Command-Option-Power] or whatever the combination is on the Mac, it restarted with a sad mac face - I'd broken the computer - shouldn't have interrupted Norton's program - whoops, instantly I knew what I'd done wrong - a big mistake - I should have used Norton to make an emergency back up disk first, and definitely shouldn't have interrupted such a deep level program - ow. Luckily I was alone - nobody knew. I rifled through Rob's disks for a boot discs (or whatever Macs call them), but couldn't find one, I went downstairs and asked Bruce (who also has Macs) but he was System 8, went next door to Alister, an expert, he lent me a CD of something or other, but it wouldn't work. After half an hour I gave up, wrote an apologetic note explaining what I'd done, locked up and slunk away. I went back today. It was still bust. Borrowed some disks off of someone else, still wouldn't work. Eventually after much grovelling on my part Alister of glastafa ????? agreed to help, brought along a JAZ drive loaded with Mac software, booted it up and fixed it. Phew. And he's gonna suss new RAM chips, he said the Mac had far too little. hurrah. how embarrassing. As I said, I've lots of experience of making mistakes! .

Tomorrow's Tuesday, I'll try to level up the bus, whether by driving it onto ramps, or jacking it. But at the , Dead Womans Bottom eviction they arrested me and towed my bus away, and by the time I got back the next day and asked for my mangle, wooden chocks, etc they said they'd burnt them. Well, that's not 100% accurate, I should write it up and put it into the relevant webpage whatley.htm .

What do I think of the Clinton Sex Scandals - the video was released today, it'll be on the news soon. Well, they were all consenting adults, weren't they. It depends on what his arrangement with Hilary was. Someone said he's had over 400 girlfriends in his early life. Was that part of his marriage agreement with her? If so, then that's morally OK. And I think she must have known at least about a few, if it was so many, and lived with it, so OK. And it's not such a great sin to lie about the little things of love.

Truth is one, , but jelly blob human affairs ain't like that.. ah, its midnight, the news

"BBC Radio 4 the News - President Clinton's videotaped evidence in the Monica Lewinsky affair has been shown across the world
Tony Blair in America...
FloJo the sprinter has died..
... unprecedented footage of a president giving evidence on oath.. explicit sexual nature.. questioned at length, his blushes were not spared, if the american people judge .. then the process of impeachment will be unstoppable.. moments of anger and determination when he went on the counter attack... he admitted "inappropriate contact" - they did not constitute "sexual intercourse, nor what he understood as "sexual relations" - for reasons of privacy and the dignity of his office ...

add to the noporn disclaimer an adult warning - whilst this site contains no pornographic images, sexuality is discussed in these pages

King Arthur of Andover has as his motto "Truth Honour and Justice, I wouldn't swear to that under his sword, I'd say that love is higher than those three, if it came to an otherwise equal choice, I'd choose love over truth, and I think that's what Jesus Christ said.

but however ideally the cause of true love is honourable and true and just, there should be no conflict, but in modern day human life compromise situations there is.

A robot should follow Isaac Asimov's Laws of Robotics,

On the last day at EarthFirst ???? we were split up into three big groups to discuss the past, the present, and the future (or perhaps three other aspects of our movement - ) then in each of three groups we numbered off "one", "two", "three", up to twelve, and around again, and these became the next twelve groups - into each of each (with a bit of random error) each of the previous three groups was proportionately represented - wow, what organisation. Then the twelve groups reported back with things people were going to do next year, and one big idea each - one group said to rename the "Earth First Action Update" at "Action Update", another said to put in big letters what we're about , which was "To Dismantle International Capitalism" - so Earth First! is now renamed "To Dismantle International Capitalism Action Update", which is a lot harder to paint on banners than "Earth First!" - no I mock, (I'm a comic not a cynic) lots spoke against, for further discussions, several really positive future directions were announced, and volunteers went home inspired and motivated, and there was a pub bender every night with good cheap beer and "How to Deal with Slightly Drunk People" workshops, and music, yeah...

27 September:
Waterbabys say nothing will harm you if you remember all your lessons - (according to the play on the radio, to be scientific that ain't true, but it's a good book, art,...)
Tuesday 6 october 1998:
hello, I'm typing by light of the Tilley lamp, if I put my eyes 3 inches from the screen and peer I can just make out the letters I'm typing, not good enough to edit by, but enough to see what I'm doing - (a few nights ago I typed for ages, but when I came to save to disk nothing happened - and on the radio - John Peel - listening to his music reminded me to type here, so what's worth saying?

This evening I drew on paper a piano keyboard with my codes for trombone positions on it, it's a different way of looking at it than in the book, and the more ways I look at it, the better I'll get, it's a slow process learning the trombone, I thought that because I already play flute and tin whistle it'd only take a few weeks, but now, after about 3 months, I still make mistakes playing:

 "Happy Birthday to you, 
squashed tomatoes and stew",
which I've been practising for months:
it's the first tune I recognised as a Must Play on the trombone, it's the most popular kids tune, their little faces light up as they remember (perhaps only subconsciously) parties and cakes and food fights and mad games, the birthday experience,(though personally I'm against food fights, I think wasting food is a great sin of disrespect to the starving - see my poems on the Third World War from my Young Liberal days..

Horse and us at Wells
Sunday 11thOctober 1998
Hello, it's ten to four on Sunday afternoon, the 11th October 1998, Last night I slept on a friend's sofa in Windmill Hill, Glastonbury, I'd driven Kerry's van to her new site, she drove her truck with horse, cat, dog, Dell, and her two boys, (her baby's due in a few weeks (or days).)

I'm up here alone, the windmill's spinning, humming like a motorbike.

A hundred yards away are friends, I can hear their dogs barking.

I missed the first bus this morning, went visiting Helen, Gwynn, and Fraser2, Gwynn took me for a park where we collected conkers, hid some in the sand (with a stick marking the place), then I tried to show him how to move your legs and swing without being pushed, ( i pondered what the physics of swinging is, you're putting in energy when you move your legs forwards to swing forward, and back as you being to swing back, but what's happening in terms of centre of gravity, momentum, etcetera?

You say: "All right?" no- half left - if I was all right I'd fall over, but if you mean is everything OK with you and the world then again no , not all right, the planet's falling to bits, I'm a falling to bits, ( I've got a terrible ache in the diodes down my left hand side, ) I looked up the word iconoclast in the dictionary - and was suprised to find that I am an iconoclast - a "person who attacks widely held beliefs or opinions"

People who think it's all right, they're deluding themselves...

Monday 12 October 1998
I've sent $140.00 to America for the domain names www.dicegeorge.htm and www.dicenews.com , can someone please advise me what next?

A good windy day today. I wrote and posted 3 letters to Judge McCrae, the Yeovil Police and the Crown Prosecution Service asking for clarification: today is the day my trial would have started if they hadn't dropped charges, I had many many witnesses who would have testified that I'm trusted and she isn't.

Gary came visiting, looking for James.

I cycled down to Wells bought vegetables and Gripfill (a rubbery gluey stuff I'm using to waterproof my bus roof). I got wood and cooked.

Jane visited with her twins, Peggy and Sandy, last time I saw them they were wee little babies, not talking, now they're six and a half. They climbed the ladder onto the roof, I showed them how to use their hands, don't let go with one hand until the other has a safe grip, they learnt fast - it makes sense. They played some trombone, and some tin whistle. Now I think back, she didn't say who had told her I was living up here - small world!

Thursday 22 October 1998 : afternoon
Last Saturday, the 17th October was the Anarchist Bookfair at Conway Hall in London.

I hitched to London on Friday, (caught a bus to bath then three good lifts), visited Steve and Suzie in Shepherds Bush, used his free internet connection to use a great program called checkweb to check my links page - (i haven't updated it yet), then slept at Angel's new flat. Met her kid Sunshine in the morning, then travelcarded to Rory's where he was working on my new 486 laptop. Not ready yet.

I travelcarded to the Tottenham Court Road computer fair where I bought Rory two fans, and me a book on JavaScript. Then on to the anarchist bookfair. Met many friends from London and elsewhere.

Afterwards was a benefit gig with Tragic Roundabout and Pain , both bands who I've done Lightshows with, I danced and danced and danced my punky dance, except for a few breaks where I sat on the floor sweating and panting, I had flashbacks to dancing in Coventry in the days of Two Tone music Selector etcetera. Then it was time to go, I tossed a coin, it said not to take a lift with the Crystal Palace Posse to the Brixton Party, I ran to the tube, got to Shepherds Bush, I'd missed the 259, but round the corner there was a 220 to Wandsworth so I took that and walked.

Sunday morning Rory installed Laplink, transferred some programs, I packed, caught the 259 to Hammersmith, and hitched back to Somerset, (the second lift was someone whose name I've forgot who I'd met at Stonehenge years ago, I got dropped on the M5 A39 Bristol turnoff, walked, caught a bus, caught another Bus to Wells, home.

Monday my legs still ached from dancing. In the evening I went to Jane's, tested the 486, some of it worked, drank vodka with Howard who'd come from his mum's funeral. Watched a St Trinians Video.

Tuesday I cycled into Glastonbury, Kerry was on the bench, she said her waters had broken in the market! .I saw a lawyer, went to an Assembly Rooms Meeting, cycled to Sharpham where Kerry had had a baby, I ran her boys around for an hour, then cycled back to my bus.

Thursday 22 October 1998
in my bus, 8pm, Vera Brittain's "Testament of Youth" is on the radio - her boyfriend's off to the Front, She doesn't know, but we know, that almost all of the young men of her generation will be killed.

I was exploring my new 486 laptop, in DOS I loooked into AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS and \WINDOWS\WIN.INI and \WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI, it's only got 4M of RAM so I want to cut down on installed fonts and drivers. I changed the temporary drive from C:\TEMP to H:\TEMP, C: is compressed, H: isn't. Then I typed [ WIN Enter ] and loaded windows, In Program Manager I did HELP, explored it a bit, did another Help, started setting bookmarks, found how to open other Help files, did File/Open and looked at the available help files. l found Help on Installing and Removing Fonts, Help on configuring Devices, at each interesting page I added a bookmark, when the computer died, then started to power up and reboot - I'd forgotten to listen to the wind before saving a Help bookmark, when the program tried to write to disk it re-awoke the hard disk (which was saving power), but this power drained the battery to below the cut-off point, the computer died. I must remember to listen for a windy time before saving to disk.

I'm typing this on the Toshiba, the hard disk is turned off, I'll save it to disk now...

Friday 23 October 1998:
Friday night - good news, the 486 works on battery power. I had feared that I'd blown it up on the windmill last night because it wouldn't work off it's mains transformer.
Today after about half an hour it cut out - the battery was too low.

Yesterday I played "Red Flag" on trombone when James was visiting - my second tune ever on it, but just now today I've played several: one Irish air i remember from tinwhistling, and that Dave Brubeck piece I once learnt at piano lessons, 80% correct, which is very good I feel. Of course the timing was wrong and there were lots of wrong note, and the notes sounded bad, but I was 'singing' on it, jamming as I do on flute and whistle sometimes, early days yet though, but this is a personal milestone. hopefully I'll be playing by Christmas - hymns! Deciding not to transpose, and having the keyboard diagram has helped loads.

top of my bus at wells Saturday 24 October 1998:
Saturday evening - listening to Suzanne Vega in concert on BBC Radio Two - she just told such a sweet tale about a boyfriend she once had years ago at a summer camp - he was from Liverpool, with shaved hair and an earring, a poet who said he loved Leonard Cohen all the time, at the camp's end he'd asked for her phone number, she refused it, then he'd said "I won't say I'll love you forever because you never know about such things" - so she says that now whenever she's in Britain she talks about him on the radio, so maybe he'll call

at a gust of wind there I got 4.61 amps registered on the ammeter-
5.26 amps, the bus rockeddddddddd... the wind dropped, then the meter averaged around 2.3 amps for a few minutes, 2.27 is good, 3.23 the noise of the windmill is annoying, and things rattle, slowed down to 1.4 now, its almost silent, 2.58 is like a small motorbike a street away, a pleasant noise , knowing that my battery's charging- perhaps tomorrow the 486 will have enough power,. It booted up into DOS today, but when I keyed in LL3, (hoping to run Laplink) the computer died, as it accessed the hard disk the extra power suck I guess it sucked the voltage down below the limit.

I should have left it to so as to measure the amperage in powered down, after one minute

when the windmill amperage is above 3 it's noise is annoying, It's like a motorbike outside the window, and the bus rocks on it's four wheels and suspension, and things rattle.

The radio news today reported four people drowned around Britain in floods, in the last few weeks there's been huge floods all around in China and Bangladesh, and Tornadoes and Hurricanes trashing poor peasants and their huts on Third World Islands, and doing billions of dollars of damage in America where whole cities were evacuated!

Is the world falling apart, or is it just that I am listening to the radio news more than I used to? or both.

I don't think I had any radio or television when I lived in my bus first at Greenlands farm Glastonbury 1983-1984. And before I got a window, I didn't like wasting batteries, and charging involved precarious bicycle rides with the batteries balanced on the handlebars, leaking acid...

I hope the wind doesn't blow the bus into the quarry next door!

Sunday 25 October 1998:
Sunday evening: Last night the windmill was shaking the bus, and registering at over five amps on my ammeter, which is sixty watts, and the fins on the heatsink on it's regulator were too hot to touch, then there was a thud, then the windmill went silent.

I went outside to look, it looked wrong, I rigged up a 12 volt light and looked again, the windmill was skew, at about ten degrees off centre.

The way it was is there's a bit of scaffold permanently bolted vertical to the back of my bus with two bolts.

When I'm parked up I put another vertical bit of scaffold on top of that, using a scaffold clip which joins two bits into one, (last night the extender pole was about 4 feet long, sometimes when I'm parked up sheltered by trees I use a much longer one). On top of this extender I put another extender scaffold clip. Into this I slot the windmill unit.

By 'windmill unit' I mean the Rutland Windcharger, which is bolted onto about a foot of waterpipe, which is bolted into about three feet of scaffold tube.

I carry this onto the roof of my bus and slot it in. It's impossible to take down on a windy day.

What had happened last night was the windmill scaffold had slipped up an inch or so in the top extender clip, and thus the windmill was blown at an angle, and looked like it could be blown off and trashed at any time

It was very windy, and dark, and a bit rainy up there.

I untied the ladder from the side of the bus, took it to the back, and tied it on there.

The wind was fierce.

Then I went into the cab and dug out an old motorbike crash helmet.

Just as well I did, at one time later that evening I heard like a tapping on my head "Who's that?" I thought - it was the windmill blades tapping as it spun. If I'd had no helmet - ouch!

I did think of using a safety rope, I do sometimes when assembling the windmill (in daylight!), but I didn't, the wind was coming from behind the bus and was holding/blowing me onto the bus, it was as if my feet were magnetic!

I opened up the bus boot, pulled out some lightshow scaffold and clips, undid the clips, bolted on a short cross bit where the scaffold's bolted to my bus, and another cross bit on the windmill scaffold, and then a long vertical between these..

It took a lot of trial and error, many clips wouldn't fit because of the ten degree angle, I'd have to undo other ones to do one up, eventually it was the bottom clip which I did up last, using leverage down there to bring it into line.

I was over an hour up there, I lost feeling in my fingers because of the wind and rain, but I've lots of experience of building my lightshow scaffold in the dark with bands playing and me drunk - (but not raining)...

I didn't fall off, I secured it.

I had a cup of tea, dried and warmed my hands, then went up again and tightened all eight nuts.

But the ammeter said it was now charging at less than amp, and it sounded wrong.

This morning I looked at it, when the wind dropped I climbed up there, grabbed the tail fin and turned it 180 degrees, the blades slowed, and stopped - there was only one blade up there. The other three had blown off!

I remembered the spare blade, and fitted it. With two it's balanced, and it's now humming and giving power. Hurrah.

I found one of the missing blades, the screw holes are damaged where it was ripped off.

The reason I had a spare is that one day at Dead Womans Bottom I was adjusting my bus angle by a few feet , many people were watching as I reversed into a tree and got the windmill caught.
I climbed the tree, put rope around a branch and pulled it away, but one blade was snapped. I took the opposite blade out so the windmill would balance.

Actually it's not technically 'my' windmill, I rescued it off the Wandsworth Eco Village Roundhouse roof the night before we were evicted

Monday 26 October 1998:
Last night I started reading 'travels with Charley' by John Steinbeck, it starts with a storm buffeting his house, he wades along a flooded pier to his beloved boat, starts the engine, pulls up the anchor with one hand, drives it to safety in the middle of the harbour, anchors it, jumps overboard , clings onto some driftwood, and is blown ashore

Sunday 01 November 1998:
webpage dicenews.htm will now be a load of links to Alternative Campaigns, friends, etcetera Monday 02 November 1998:
I'm living in my bus at the top of Milton Lane, at the northwest corner of Wells in Somerset, looking for local internet contacts, waterproofing my bus, reading Steinbeck ,

I'm in Gosport for a day or two. Today I visited Portsmouth Crown court where the GANDALF trial was adjourned for a week - it's been going on since 1994, they're being prosecuted for putting dates of protest actions in the Green Anarchist Newsletter , the Hants Police didn't seem to realise they were threatening freedom of speech - people need to be able to vent their frustrations, and if they can't do it by shouting in the open then they'll do it elsewhere, and troublemakers will tag along in the dark..

I'm going to the Stonehenge Meeting in London on Wednesday, then I'll probably hitch back to Wells.

Tuesday 10 November 1998:
I went to London for the Stonehenge meeting, came back to windy Wells; then on Saturday cycled to Glastonbury for Rob Cannabis' party - wow. I played tin whistle for a couple of hours with some incredible guitarists, singers, bongoers, then got very confused, then danced some more, Sunday cycled back, then Kerry, baby, Ash, Catlin, Dell and Percy visited. Then I slept.
Navroad is a good little browser,...

15 November 1998:
On Radio 4, "pick of the week', last week's hemp program, there's my friend Rob saying "hempseed, cannabis seed, is the perfect spaceship, a carbon fibre outer body, came hurtling through space, ... earthed ... communed with the planet, through which came the tree of life, the cannabis plant
17 November 1998:
wrote some stuff about Luke Rheinhart's DiceMan book
Tuesday 24 November 1998:
last week the wind changed direction: there are trees sheltering us, so the windmill didn't turn.
Now today it's turning, I have enough power to turn this machine on and save to disk.

I did a bit of woodwork today,
the bus cab left window which got melted in a fire years ago and which looked like mutoidy art; the wood was rotting because of water,
so I'm rebuilding it, with a bit of perspex I picked up the night before the eviction at Wandsworth Eco Village.
I'm using a mixture of Dexion, wood and plastic,
what I want is for rainwater to go down the outside of the bus when the window's shut,
but for it to be easily openable for the co-driver to lean out of when I'm reversing
It's annoying because I had just the wood I needed for it at Dead Woman's Bottom, but they burnt it the rotters.

My lips sting from tromboning too much, I don't want blisters on my lips!
I'm improving on it, tonight I did my first ever version of "Silent Night",
it sounds like a motorbike in distress,,
sliding the trombone up and down,
my all ever time classic version of it was about a year ago
one night at Dead Womans Bottom I remember,
it was tin whistle noises to kill bats and scare the sleepiest children awake,
like if it was Batman versus DiceGeorge I'd destroy his bat-hearing with my dice tin whistle and capture him,
but I'm a goody too, well, 51% goody, 49% baddy perhaps,
I know I'm close to the edge sometimes,
like cycling through London.

For an introvert like me self-respect is the most important thing,
and most times I've lost it it's been because of something I didn't do,
the times I've sat silent when I should have leapt up like John Steinbeck in "Travels with Charlie".

I've got a third class brain, certified,
I've the certificate, from Oxford University,, third class,
what in? Maths and Philosophy,
I wish I'd gone to more lectures,
I could have sat in on music lectures - they were all open to members of the University,
I saw a computer there, it had punched cards,
I wrote a program where it jumbled text from fragments of Fatzer by Brecht -
it was strange.
And in Logic we did Turing machine proofs.
Philosophy of mind I failed: I was drunk!
Number theory at Oxford was a development of Set Theory,
but today with the boys numbers starts with fingers, counting to five,
a few days ago we counted and discovered there were five fingers on both hands and on each foot as well!
I have a plastic jar with pennies in it, and a slot at the top. Just 1p's, no 2 p's or 5 p's or any othger coin, just pennies.
Today for the first time ever,
Ash put them all into piles of five, except the three left over.
He checked that the piles were the same height.
His older brother was watching,
I could almost hear the clicks as cogs turned in his brain.
And "three-teen" is three fingers and ten toes.

I was remembering a time when I was seduced by that romantic immortal enchanting phrase:
"I've got a tent".

Last Saturday I cycled to Glastonbury to a talk by ..???? of the Blackfoot nation.
When I got to Glastonbury I found I'd forgotten to bring my wallet, so I asked several people to lend me money embarrasingly,

Troy de Roche played flute, then Serle Chapman, author of "Of Earth and Elders" spoke for an hour about the genocide as the Native American population fell to 5% or less of what it was, and how they're still now being thrown off what little sacred land they have left and moved onto nuclear-contaminated land where 25% die in the first few years.

and ?? played guitar, and ??? talked and sang and guitared and danced, but for me best was the flute

They're raising money for colleges for the Native American people, I think they said these colleges don't get and American Government funding, but they can't be right, surely education is free in the richest country in the world

It should, but it aint.

When I was a kid playing cowboys and indians I always wanted to be the indian.
( but that was more about jungian archetypes of our subconcious as boys in England watching cowboy films on telly, than about any real historical people and places.
I feel inadequate towards decribing how those people spoke their truths.

AIM Southern California's website is: http://home.earthlink.net/~rosebud9/ and AIM Grand Governing Council's website is: http://www.aimovement.org/ (American Indian Movement)

    (but I'm eclectic - mix and match, a little bit of this, a little bit of that) )

Sunday 29 November 1998:
Back from the Space Goats gig at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms.
I cycled there on Saturday, did a few errands, photocopied some Tribal Voices flyers (next gig Heathens All on Saturday 12th December).
First New Age Radio played ambient, the hall was empty for their soundcheck so I played along on my tin whistle.
The Star People performed, stunning, Lainey high on the podium, robed and singing loud so loud, wow
Then the Space Goats played, I danced and danced.
Walking to the party I noticed that a my bike back wheel was squashed by a car.
I sat on a sofa most night, didn't open my sherry, my lightshow was in another room, but the drumming was in another room, one person danced for a few minutes while I flashed the lights - well, it works, it's in the area, will I ever get it up again?
Sunday I discovered a blister on my foot.
Tuesday 01 December 1998:
finished reading "Descartes' Error : Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain" by Antonio R. Damasio, a Professor of Neurology.
He says that an organism has a mind if it has thoughts.
(reptiles have bodys and brains but not thoughts)
The five primary emotions are Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust.
Wednesday 02 December 1998:
midnight, London, returned from Stonehenge Campaign meeting .
I caught a coach here, I didn't hitch because I've a blister on my foot.
glastone Friday 04 December 1998:
a new webpage glastone.htm for the Stonehenge meeting in Glastonbury on Sunday 28th March 1999.
updated Stonehenge homepage and datelist

trombone scanned photos from this summer and autumn:
my bus going for it's MOT this summer (13K)
my bus parked at Mary's Grave site 15K
my bus at Tribe of Doris Camp, 13K
and some from where I'm now, up Milton Lane in Wells, Somerset:
My neighbours, Kerry, Dell, Catlin, Ash, dog and horse ( 47K) (ooh what a picture!)
kids running towards my bus, and a tree - 25K
the top of my bus, from the tree - 28K (showing the quarry)
the front of the top of my bus - 32K trolley, swings, ladders...
the back of the top of my bus - 27k bike bits, the seat, (windmill not up)
me, tromboning sideways- 11K
me tromboning forwards - 12K
Saturday 05 December 1998:
using www.netmechanic.com to check syntax and links
Sunday 06 December 1998:
still at Wandsworth - there's a Tribal Voices meeting before the Heathens All Gig on Saturday 12th December at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms , whenever I see telly or hear radio about CCTV or eco protests I wonder why they're not using Tribal Voices music as backing tracks, it's wonderful and digitally recorded - has someone out the equipment and time to stick small sound samples of the music up the web?
Wednesday 16th December 1998:
this morning I got back to my bus from the Heathens All gig at Glastonbury last Saturday.

Rob leant me his Mac, I updated the Tribal Voices website , building onto Tim's June 1998 frames,
at 5.a.m. on Sunday night / Monday morning
after dozens of computer crashes
when I'd almost got where I wanted to be online I decided to spring clean the system with Norton Utilities, but it never finished checking the directory structure, the progress bar was at 99% and it's icon was spinning but nothing changed, after an hour I tried Command-Option-Power for as soft reboot but that didnt work, I turned the power off and waited and turned it on but it didnt work, a sad Mac icon appeared.

I was too tired, I should have backed everything up to a Zip disk before trying Norton, this happened before.

Monday Morning I borrowed a mac System 8,1. CD and a ZIP with Norton4, booted it up from the CD, ,made a bootable Zip disk, ran Norton from the Zip, ran disk utility, Volume Recover and unerase but Norton couldn't repair it or fix it.
Norton Volume Recover promised to be able to recover files from an intialised harddisk, but it couldnt.

On tuesday I installed System 8 from CD, and netscape 3 and Claris and photoshop from the master disks, I got the scanner working, phoned Green Net several tems for help setting up the internet connection, but failed, I only got as far as "Domain name not recognised" when green net went home at help staff went home at five and( and I was watching videos and drinking tea and babysitting at the Friends and Families of Travellers event in the assembly rooms)

Saw Father Christmas from King William carnival club being pulled down the High street by a tractor with a young elf

Went to a meeting in Glastonbury assembly rooms : - we need to sell four more share to pay off the office overdraft, then get a wheelchair lift access.. then to the FFT farewell party, (the office is moving to Brighton) where I played some tin whistle at the same time as musicians from Tribal Voices were playing..

I got the last bus, 23.45pm from Glastonbury to Wells, met a greenlander in the bus station, chatted, then came back up the hill walked, my bus was as I'd left it. I made tea, then slept.
This morning I ran around with you catlin for an hour, I hope he behaved well in the van journey today! Got wood, lit my fire, tidied up a bit, did some wood work on the new front left window

when it got dark i played trombone, did several carols, I've improved more in the four days I was away without it than I did in a week of practice here in my bus! The tunes were recognisable but bad, packed with wrong notes, Alison of Greenlands asked me to play Hark the Herald Angels in her chapel but I'd probably get lynched by music lovers if I did it like tonight - perhaps nerxt year!

thu 17 December 1998:
The yanks are bombing Baghdad again, and some British planes are going too, showing Clinton and Blair have balls, according to a man on the radio. I don't know. But I do know that Saddam Hussein gassed hundreds of Kurd families about ten years ago when they were hiding in caves in the mountains - they just gassed the valley.

For an ariel I used to have some old mains wire stretched along the inside of my bus, about a week ago I replaced it with a real car radio Arial which I found somewhere, now I can't get Radio 4, or 3, or 2 FM, all I can get is local radio Bristol and one or two others, so i dont know much apart from the news headlines, and some footballer might move from Portsmouth to Bristol, and some cricketer may not be playing for Gloucester, There's a really nice DJ on now, Sarah I think she's called, an old lady just phoned in and played the spoons along to a backing tape of her husbands, live down the telephone, then read a Christmas poem.

someone one called in the radio denouncing saddam hussein for his murders, he said we're a Christian country, seemed to be slagging off all Muslims, I phoned sarah Gorell 0645-222269, , I said I worked with lots of peaceful muslims in covenrty, they wouldnt support saddam hussein, the man said he didnt think the chap said that, I said I hope some muslim calls up to say they wouldnt, then thankyou he said, I hung up...

( i didnt speak on air - just to the man)

a caller onto the radio said:

"I'm not a clever person,
but I watched a programme the other day,
there was a fashion show,
with a huge picture of him behind them
with a sickening grin on his face,
he really rules that place,
I worry about the children there"

been reading Green Hills of home by Heinlein, fine sci-fi, and Hiram Holiday by Gallico

23 December 1998:
Solstice night I watched telly all night at a friend's house, at 5.a.m. it was so foggy outside that I couldn't in any sense of honour go up and wake her and ask for a lift to Stonehenge , if she'd come down I'd have argued against going, too dangerous,
Friday 25 December 1998: 11 a.m.
It's rainy and windy, I wired in an old car cassette player and listened to Tribal Voices Tape 4, checking that the songs are in the same order as in the webpage, checking the words and scribbling more down.
it's now 12.20 pm, so the tape's about 80 minutes long.

Today is Christmas day, as the radio has been repeating continuously for over a week.

perhaps if you did a survey amongst kids more of them would say they believe in Santa than believe in God. They know there's a benefit in believing in Santa - presents. "There is no God" said my student hero Shelley in Queen Map. At times I'd say that I believe in Jesus but not in God, but having read what Irene wrote about the huge gulf between those who say they believe in all that God stuff, a and those of us who don't, whereas if you look at them behaviourally, then there's not much difference between them, we're all human, and if there is a god there is, and if there aint there aint.

I'm only talking about the Christian god here, I won't talk about Islam at all, because they put death threat fatwahs on people who argue with them, like Salman Rushdie who wrote some great stories, I don't know what I'm talking about and I don't what to know what I'm talking about, which is a shame because I had some good friends in Coventry from those sorts of backgrounds...

Christmas Day - the old winter solstice fire festival with fir trees and candles and presents and drunkenness and singing and kissing and feasting and Santa Claus in american cocaine-Cola Red and White, the Scandinavian amanita Muscari mushroom god, and baby Jesus, born to a virgin mother mary out of a Mayan chocolate egg, nine months after the Sunday after the full moon after the autumn equinox sunrise, the Jewish Feast of Passover, where they sacrificed him but spared the terrorist Barabus then ate his flesh and blood and he was reborn, but what I dont understand about Jesus is he's supposed to be Jewish and yet he's got a Mexican name?

Another thing that strikes me as odd about the Jesus stories is that his both his girlfriend and his mother had the same name - having read a bit of Freud and Adler and a bit more Jung I know it's dicey if an archetypal figure confuses his mother with his lover!

They say we make gods in our own image

But one thing that comes through all the lies and confusions of the Spanish Inquisition types of baddies, is that there was a prophet called Jesus who looked at the ancient Jewish Ten Commandments and put before them one:
Love your neighbours
which is harder to keep than most of the few of the ten I can remember.

I just made that up, up there,
(more or less)
it's not 100% what I think even now,
every bit of it I could argue with,
but it gives the attitude I feel now.

It's got dark outside, it's raining a bit

"supposed to be" is a very dodgy phrase,

Sunday 27th December 1998:
my top lip is tingling, numb, I've been tromboning .
on the radio is Miss P and the local radio reggae show, every Sunday all over the south west, good show.
31st December 1998: New year's Eve- Rainbow Lizzy came visiting, she, me, and James caught a bus into Glastonbury, I passed midnight playing tinwhistle in the King Arthur pub with Pew guitaring, and others, then on to a party somewhere where I played flute whilst hicupping, then slept, then crawled back to Wells. We've all got colds.

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