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my 1998 notes 31st December 1998: New year's Eve- Rainbow Lizzy came visiting, she, me, and James caught a bus into Glastonbury, I passed midnight playing tinwhistle in the King Arthur pub with Pew guitaring, and others, then on to a party somewhere where I played flute whilst hiccuping, then slept, then crawled back to Wells. We've all got colds.
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Monday 11 January 1999: I'm visiting Festival Eye HQ in Hereford.
I came here on Saturday, walked down the hill from my bus at Wells, bus to Bristol, walked to NetGates cyber cafe, grabbed email to disk, ran back to bus garage, bus to Gloucester, another to Hereford, train to Leominster, Andy de-iced his car and collected me.
I've been setting up his Mac for the DTP

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Saturday 16 January 1999: to London, to Fraser Clark's birthday, where I chatted with several idiots
Sunday 17 January 1999:
In London for the Diggers planning meeting in Conway Hall, actions planned for Easter 1998, 350 years after the Diggers occupied St George's Hill, after the new government of Cromwell started doing deals with the millionaires, as Blair is doing now.
But let me say here that the Blair government is a hundred times better than the Tories were, every year they introduced more repressive laws at Westminster serving the 1%.

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Monday 18 January 1999: I've got a new webpage, I'm an idiot, It's somewhere at: http://www.idiot.dircon.co.uk/
Sunday 31 January 1999: uploaded trombone pictures with javascript mouseover to popstar webpage

soon, perhaps, dicenews.com and dicegeorge.com will work!

Monday 01 February 1999:
at Festival Eye Magazine secret base, photoshopping photos and drawings, (on my left)
and rebuilding his internet connections (on my right)
(his modem was melted by lightening last May)

Please email us: festivaleye@stones.com with any words or pictures that could be included...

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19990209.txt Tuesday 9th February 1999, I've been drinking sherry...

Yesterday I woke cold, snuggled back under, later turned on the radio, snuggled back under, herad that there was snow in Somerset -came out, opened a curtain, an extra brightness, yes, snow, I got up, then we (me and the two boys) shovelled and scraped snow into a pile, now, today, that's all that's left.

I got back from walkabout on Saturday, in the car with Angel, Nick and Sunch, delay, delay, delay, we got here ten minutes before dark, I lit a fire, lit the tilley, then we drove off to Glastonbury for the Rainbow Circle Benefit gig, but when we got back the fire was out, it was cold, cold.
Sunday afternoon they fled back to London.
Monday we shovelled snow.
Tuesday was today.
I got two loads of wood from the woods, played with the boys for a few hours, chucked Ash out twice (once for squashing apple on the carpet, once for throwing metal cars) did some stencilling, tested my bus lights (they work (and therefore the battery has at least some power)).

Nobody knows this but tomorrow I'm thinking of starting the engine, driving forwards and left twenty yards, then backwards and left twenty yards, so the bus ends up left a few yards, because the weather radio says tomorrow will be a minus 4 degree frost, the coldest there's been since we've been here, and it's rained a lot, the ground is muddy. I'm stuck in the mud (though the wheels are on boards) but I've hidden the bus in a dip so it doesn't annoy the new houses over the road, which means I'm trapped down here unless it's really hot and dry like august, or frozen like tomorrow,

I've got a great long list of things I was going to do today, this week, this month, write them down in a notebook, a page a day usually, I feel when a thing's written down it's half done, and that's as far as most go, I should do my index, my datelist, my accounts, my legal stuff, go through the website, change the tash URLs, but I lunched it out again, If more men instead of jumping up in the morning and thrusting into their cars and going to work and making deals and consuming trees, instead stayed in bed and had a wank... then the world'd be a calmer place, (there's something in the physiology of the male that when it's come, ejaculated, scored a possible future baby, does relax.

something Julie Burchill wrote in her Saturday Guardian column last Saturday about the two types of people. the Breeders and the Readers.

I used to be amused by CJ Stone in the Guardian, because he talked about people I knew, and I met him at Westminstonia/Artillery Mansions, but what Julie Burchill's got that he hasn't is balls.


Wednesday 10th February 1999: Frosty this morning, but warm in bed. I got up, tidied, drank tea, then started the bus engine. (This took about half an hour on the starting handle.) Then I cleared the firewood etcetera from underneath, watched where the kids were, and drove forward, the idea was to get out of the muddy hole while the ground was frozen, but it was about noon, I'd advanced twelve yards, then got stuck again. The rest of the afternoon I spent jacking the 4 wheels up out of the mud and onto boards. Took some photos.

Tomorrow I may try again, but I'm aching all over. I proved that the bus works - it started, and that the battery, while not holding enough power to turn the starter, has enough oomph to provide sparks.

At night I created a new webpage scnotes.htm , to contain the old notes which were clogging up the Stonehenge Campaign homepage stonecam.htm , which was very big.
It still breaks web design guides, they advise that webpages should be less than 30K, including images, But if someone's gone to all the trouble to find the page I want them to get a feeling for what's going on, to see a few great pictures of people in the Stones, and to have something to keep if they print it.


Thursday 11 February 1999 :
I caught a bus to Bristol, first to a video show by i-contact ??????? , one, about the Ashton Court anti-quarry campaign started with a great 20 second poem..
Then on to Kebele cafe, several friends from random corners there, the poster for the gig arrived, Thursday 25 Feb at Black Swan, Easton with Dice George Lights and various DJs - what? I was there in December, saw Tragic Roundabout and other bands, said I should have had my lights there, but this coming gig is a disco, a rave, with records only, it ain't that kind of lightshow, 150 watt bulbs I flash on and off, it's a musical instrument, but drumming is the heartbeat of music, and if it's a drum machine or records it ain't live, I have flashed them at various raves in London, after the bands have played, but the thought of spending a day unloading them from my bus, blagging or hiring a van, loading them, driving to Bristol, unloading, assembling, just to flash them along with records, (plus they're not bright enough for a full on rave, they're stage lights), but on the poster it says Dice George Lights, so someone might turn up expecting me, it's a no win situation, even if I really got into the rave and was a total success aint good cos I dont want a reputation as a disco lightshow, aaargh... I'm hoping for a compromise/improvement where for an hour we turn off the records and bring in bongo drummers...

Then Friday I bought a map and walked across Bristol to the Maplins shop where I bought a few Dichromic lightbulbs and fittings, I'm experimenting on how to convert my lightshow to run off 12volts, for green festivals this summer, pedal powered?


kids running at Wells site 20feb The twins did some computering, but battery died before we saved it. did a lightshow in Bristol

somebody dug a hole in the woods path, just at the start, and the earth has disappeared, so it isn't a shit pit, about two wheelbarrow loads disappeared, right in the middle of the path, why? shitting in the doorstep, where's the earth? the only thing I can think is someone put it in a car and drove off with it, but what an annoying place to do it no theory fits the facts its annoying my brain,

bachelors cooking tip: boiled eggs are better than fried eggs.
why? because you dont have to wash up the pan.

Wednesday 24th February 1999. Today I got wood, rubbed down then painted some rust on my bus roof, (with some anti-rust primer I'd bought yesterday (yesterday I painted some orange with some paint I'd bought the day before (or perhaps the day before))).
24march Sunday was the Music Gathering at Glastonbury, I was going to cycle down the hill then catch the bus into Glastonbury, but I left it too late, and set off too fast, it was very windy and the roads steep downhill...

I was balancing my trombone on the handlebars when I noticed it was rubbing the front wheel, I front braked and fell off to the right, but the trombone was bent, I took it back to my bus and tried to straighten it with pliers but the slide wouldn't go up and down, so I left it, cursing my stupidity, and cycled without it.

At Rob's shop I was told he'd left as few minutes ago, for the Tor, I caught up with him by the Riflemans, decided to go up with them, (a nutter, NN drove past hooting her car horn and shouting, but I was up on the pavement with my bike safe behind railings) I pushed the bike up the Tor, going to the left so the wind blew us up. We sat watching people smile as they neared the top up the back path, then were blown down to the mud. How we laughed. Then I cycled down (almost all, only on the very steep bit I decided I was going to fast so I braked and somersaulted off gracelessly.

Then cycled to Bridies yard where the music Gathering was. At the London Gatherings there were usually lots of musicians to hide behind, here there was Maggi's voice, Sally's Cello and my flute and whistles, and a few more people, and several energetic noisy kids, I enjoyed it.

then cycled to visit Rob, nice meal, blagged his office keys off him, visited Tim about Tribal Voices and got him to proof read my song (The Only Time I Lied Was When I Said I Didnt Love You Any More) (which I might publish in Festival Eye magazine) then snuck into Rob's office (saying hello to Bruce from Greenlands turned on his Mac and downloaded his hundreds of emails and my dozen or so. It crashed several times. I couldn't get the ZIP drive to appear on the desktop, I wanted to backup to it.

I slept.

Monday Morning I finished off, then Will from CIA came round to help with the office work, he sounded vaguely interested, I taught him how to use Simple Text on the Mac. Then Rob came round, things got confusing with he three of us, so said "thanks" and left. Halfway "pop" went my back tyre, so I pushed the bike back home

I'd left a folder with my current projects behind. ow

The reason I fell off my bike was I was going too fast, I was overconfident. I was flying because of that gig last Thursday, Dice George Light Show in Bristol with Theo and Shannon of Seize The Day and the Space Goats. All 18 lights worked, we all enjoyed it, it was like a family reunion and new people too, and everyone was good, and no-one fell over, and I got quite pissed , and was doing my lights, and dancing like a lunatic as usual.


today, Wednesday, I took the 2 boys into town visiting, where we watched the Disney's Jungle Book video, because we've read the book many times,

The cat's come aboard, pushing itself against my finger here as I type.. 87ui9\ typed the cat

Monday 22nd march 1999: hello..
Today I got under my bus and jacked up the back wheels and one front wheel, up out of the mud onto boards, then, just as it started to rain, drove it forwards and up, and back to where it's now parked. Hours of tiring work crouched under the bus lifting the ten-ish ton bus inch by inch.

It works, I went for a drive. I set off at about one a.m. on Saturday morning, after several days' work preparing, drove to Wells petrol station and then to Bristol, to the Malcolm X Centre somewhere, I'm not sure where, jason was co-pilot and directed me. There I parked, and slept, got up Saturday afternoon, bought milk and Guardian, took my lights into the hall and set them up. One socket was faulty, I'll mend it tomorrowish.

I hacksawed some aluminium scaffold bar to improve the table for my switchbox. I adjusted the colours. One band set up and practised, the Rhythmites waited. At 8.34pm Kebele Martin arrived with some excellent food, abut said that Starlight PA had let him down, and werent coming, so there was no PA and the gig was cancelled. I ripped down my lights, packed them in my bus, then drove to Stonehenge

Drove into the track OK, there were about ten vehicles there, and a fire, I did a U turn OK , then parked. Lit my fire. Most people were by one fire, listening to a car's engine and a generator which was powering an ultraviolet neon light. I went to the other fire, where and listened to rave tapes someone was playing from their car, with a mediumish speaker out the boot. A van passed by - hello george. They came visiting. With them was Roger Moon, he's seven now, two and a half years since he came to stay on my bus at Wandsworth Eco Village, and then we'd gone on to the Big Green Gathering.

over a hundred of us followed Rolo the alleged Druid into the Stones, we there from about six to seven. Someone was drumming, I played along on my tin whistle. Later I had several visitors, all taking it turns to hold Ellie's new baby, and chat and plot.

Then I drove back to Wells, up the bump onto the common, then got stuck in the mud.

Now's the first time I've turned on a computer since I turned off the festival eye computers a week and a day ago and caught several buses back here. I'd been there a week working on the Mac and PC all day and all night, with brief gaps for food and sleep. Once we went for a walk with the kids.

29 March 1999: Monday 29th March 1999 3pm: In my bus, up Milton Hill in Wells, it's raining. Friday night I cycled to Glasto for a rave, I got there all steamed up, NN was there, I ignored her, she ignored me, she's got a new victim called Dave said Helen.. I danced, then cycled back here.

Saturday I blagged a lift off Marky, Unloaded the lights, they hummed and erred and at 7pm banned them because "they're home-made", but I've got an RCD and everything's earthed, and it runs off a standard plug with a 13 amp fuse just like a kettle, but without the water, so it's much safer than a kettle, but "it's more than my job's worth" so no lightshow, so I danced.

The profit was 13.00, which we gave the Assembly Rooms towards the 20.00 we owed for hire of the hall on Sunday. I cycled back to Wells (with my red light flashing), a pedal fell off but I made it.

Sunday I slept a bit, got up about 12, but the clocks had changed, drank more tea, cycled off, but puncture at the bottom of the hill, so I pushed it back and fixed it, got to the meeting at about 3.

There were about a dozen people there, most from outside Glastonbury (Nottingham, Dorset, Bristol), but it was well worth it, a recent legal case theoretically means that the police can't stop us walking peacefully to Stonehenge for this summer, but they will if they want to, it's up to them, we're going as usual. See Stonehenge webpages

Then I went to the Galatea CyberCafe in the High Street to collect my email, it crashed 3 times, but I managed to get about six messages to disk, including some of the Stonehenge Campaign newsletter , but not all the pictures..

There was birthday party in the King Arthur at 8, but I cycled back to Wells, (getting another flat tyre at the bottom of the hill), got back to my bus, went to sleep.

Today it's raining, so I'm collecting rainwater, I'll be able to wash, hurray - it's been too dry for days.

7march Festival Eye Magazine soon - festivaleye@stones.com
Friday9april1999 I'm up St George's Hill with the diggers ,we're having an open day on Sunday, but come any time, it's much as Wandsworth Eco Village was, but smaller:
from Weybridge walk along the A317 towards Walton on Thames for 15 minutes, (upto 100 yards after the B372 junction) then walk up Old Avenue for about 6 minutes, then past the security into the allegedly private bit up to the orange carrot after about 9 minutes.

I've left my bus and lights in Somerset.
It's nice to go to sleep to the noise of the sea, waves lapping against the M25, and to wake to the sound of chirping mobile phones!

I've had several adventures since I last updated this page, but they're saved on a disk in Somerset.

www.dicenews.com works NEW - - dice george hot links, does it work for you, how could I improve it?

13april1999: been to court, we're being evicted from George's Hill not before friday, phone for details, or click the diggers

h17:45Tuesday20april1999: It's raining outside.

I've spent the last few days resting, I caught a bit of a cold at the Diggers camp. Most of us did.

I didn't get enough sleep - one night I went to bed three times and got up again because the music and chat from the campfire sounded so good. And every morning there was so much to do, and the breakfasts so good.

I set off late afternoon on Good Friday, 2nd April, packed my bagh and walked down the hill towards Wells Bus Station. Walking down the High Street someone hailed me - 'George' - it was Chris the guitarist who I'd played with years ago at the Kentish Town Rainbow Centre, and at Wandsworth.

I said I was off to London, he said he was too, he'd give me a lift tomorrow, but first into Wells Cathedral to hear a choir, then walk along footpaths to sleep in a small roundhouse at a camp.

Saturday we drove up the A303, arriving at Walton on Thames and parking. There were the people with banners and flags, several I knew from here and there.

I nipped into the chemist and photocopied a few dozen dicenewses, featuring
"I'm an Eco Warrior (She might only be 11, but Poppy chooses to spend her free time protecting trees from bulldozers "
from the May 1999 Sugar magazine, page 95.

And I bought other essentials - milk powder, teabags, biscuits, antiseptic cream, micropore and condoms (unused, not that it's any of your business).

Perhaps 300 of us colourfully processed to St George's Hill. We passed through the churchyard and onwards, to St George's Hill golf Course.

We were joined by a handcart, and on it a memorial stone to Gerard Winstanley, 1649, the Digger who wrote the pamphlets about the Land being a Common Treasury for All.

I carried my rucksack for the hour's walk, and so felt comfortably tired when we reached the Golf Course.

There were speeches and a photo opportunity with the Stone, we cheered when Tash said that since a recent House of Lords ruling we are now allowed to walk down a pavement in twos, and so can walk to Stonehenge this summer.

Mostly I ignored the speeches, and bimbled round the edges. Angel and baby Sunshine arrived.

A rumour was passed round that instead of going straight home there was a land squat next. Leaflets had said so, I didn't know where, I didn't need to know, I didn't want to know, I thought we might be bussed back to the site of the demolished Wandsworth Eco Village but no, we walked out the back of the golf course, along two roads, and then into some forested waterboard land, smack in the middle of the exclusive private millionaires estate, Cliff Richard and All.

I stayed at the back of the walk, helping the three pushchairs, (Lawrence Van DerPost says he stays at the back when expeditioning through the jungle - that's where trouble starts), so I was able to call the steward when a stupid car barged through the end of the procession and hit a push chair. These people think they're born with a silver BMW in their mouth, but the car is probably responsible for more destruction than Hitler! (I'm a hippycrite, I too love cars, mine is the biggest and best and worst, but I only drive about a hundred miles a year - I cycle loads more).

24april1999 at Festival Eye , being picture editor and computer 'expert'.
I found a lovely animated gif of the forthcoming solar eclipse

an email from Sloterdijk@webtv.net a musician playing an eclectic mix of styles, he wrote:

Dear Friend,
I am a member of the 'SpaceRock ' community at
   http://anexa.com/spacerockcybercommunity/ and
I'm thinking about coming to England in the Fall ( around Fall Equinox).
I'm looking for like minded musicians/artists etc...
   Here in the states, my "scene", is quite small, and it appears that
what I'm trying to get more involved with, is still quite a lively thing
in England, what with Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Hawkwind etc.
   Anyway, thanks again for the info.
                              Sincerely, Mike Burro 

5may1999: I'm at the Rainbow Circle Beltane Camp at Teddy Stone's (along the Pilton road from Shepton Mallet), in my bus Here I have everything I need, plus many things I want.
The first days I settled in with my bus (next to Coventry Craig, Martine and kids), then Ash and Catlin came to stay for a few days while Kerry and Dell tatted down - our site in Wells is due for eviction today. Yesterday I joined Tipi Jean's Law Circle, I was assigned a place in the East, as a Contrary.

Chrissy from Bath asked me to check out www.tourbus.com ,
and Rebecca said www.tech2ucom.au/~scro/2000.htm has stuff about Australia 2000 (but I'm not going to drive there, or waste aviation fuel

Where next? That's a decision for Monday.

There's a cyber cafe in Shepton, I'll cycle there next and see if I can insert this disk, upload this webpage and dicenews.htm , and grab my emails.
I did.

h23:33 Sunday 16may1999, I look at the calendar on the wall to see the day of the month, 16th I think, if I'm looking at the right now, it's not mine.
I'm at andy's, working on festivaleye. I wrote 'work' but it's not a job, not paid work, not 'professional' but amateur. it's an art project. I'm saying that for me Festival Eye magazine is an art project, not 'work' in the sense of selling your soul for a nine to five reliability doing what the man says, like when I worked for GEC Coventry.

He's driven off to his kids' mum's place, he'll drive them to skool in the morning then arrive here at nine, finish the magazine, then take the hard disk to the local printer's where they'll connect it by plug and wire to their computer, perhaps a SCSI, I don't know exactly, but then they'll try and open it in Quark Express, and see if it works, if all the fonts and the pictures work, then they'll print out some kind of master film which'll go to the printers.
Or perhaps they'll produce one huge file from the quark and pictures and email it to the printers computer.
This time last year I was stuck at my parents house while andy was frantically phoning me asking where the picture files were...

However I shouldnt be woffling on this keyboard, I should be over on the mac

26may1999 at Gosport for a day or two, getting my trombone mended, checking mail, etcetera.
Pasting notes from February and March into this webpage, see below, adventures with my lightshow and bus
Last night I tinwhistled at the folk club in the Fighting Cocks, had to drink a lot of beer..

Festival Eye Magazine is back from the printers, but I haven't seen a copy yet. Hundreds of mistakes, no doubt, I worked on it non-stop from noon Sunday 16th May to 6pm Monday..
Friday/Sat 22nd May I updated some Cannabis Hemp webpages
and uploaded a 1999 datelist with festivals etcetera, for more see FE

thu27may1999: uploading onlytime , a song i've written
The Only Time I Lied (Was When I Said I Didn't Love You Any More)
Please someone record it and get it to number one and send me the songwriting dosh!

The diggers /LandIsOurs want the Wandsworth Eco Village windmill back for their next land reclaimation, it's bolted onto my bus powering my batteries, radio, phone, computer, aaargh - anyone know where we can get a second-hand windmill or two (it's a Rutland Windcharger) - please phone

Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter due out very soon, I'll get mine at Kingston-on-Thames Green Fair on Monday, or at the start of the London Walk on Tuesday (1-3pm, Battersea Park Peace Pagoda)

ga99drug.txt  thu27may1999

(this letter will probably wind you up,
specially the first paragraph,
thats why its a letter not an article,
but it'll wind up the cops even more!
dont print this bit,
or my phone number 07970-378-572
  respect!  [george]


 Letter to Green Anarchist 

(I'm not 100% anarchist because growing people
experiment with their shadows;  
some sensitive policing is better than lynch mobs;
but in a perfect world I wouldn't start from here).
About DRUGS: Sugar is the worst.
Some of my friends are junkies but it hasn't improved them
               (but alcoholics have caused me more trouble).

Cannabis herb is illegal in britain which is crazy -
 this leads to millions of lies and truth-decay
  and disrespect in general day to day life.

I haven't taken acid for quite some time now,
a few weeks, there was a lot of us,
it was great in the kitchen,
I was fluting so good when suddenly I realised
what a worthless lump of shit I am
and that I should go crawl off and die quietly - bummer!
Later my impy instinct emotional side said to me: 
"nah, george, smile, 
keep larking about, 
you're not a suicide".
But I am going to change a little bit,
and try to be a bit less grumpy
and a bit more open, just a bit.

Sat5june1999 in my bus at Radstock, I'm going to try to upload this from the local cybercafe and collect any email - ten minutes for a pound, they said.

I hitched to London for the Kingston Green Fair, there are loads of minor mistakes in , Festival Eye ,
on Tuesday the Stonehenge walk left London, I walked for a day, then to Mandala Records , Dave gave me a free Tribadelica Space Goat CD SG23 because of my tin-whistling on Pixies Jinx (track 6).
I'm dismantling and improving one of my lights

Tuesday 8th June I cycled to the to Shepton Mallet, to the Rainbow Circle Fun Camp had just ended.
Alan the Hat welcomed me, I sat by the kitchen fire, chatted to Jim and Orc about Rainbow Politics, it's coming on, but slowly, The Winter Working Group had discussed my troubles for hours, locals had told them what's what, 4 people had voted to give me a ticket, 3 had abstained, but they needed a 2/3 majority, so I didnt get a ticket! (but I'm promised one from Festival Eye for Pilton)
Catlin said hello, then I babysat Tamlin while Ash jumped on me, happy families...

and I sold one Festival Eye, and gave a battered copy to Tipi Jean who wintered at Llangybi 1984-5 with us

10 June 1999 I'm in Somerset, parked along the old Radstock Railway Line.
Festival Eye have promised me a vehicle pass to Pilton (Glastonbury Unfree Festival), my bus was last there in 1985, with 6 smashed windows...
www.festival-generation.co.uk phoned - I havent looked at their site yet
www.guilfin.org new URL???
Ken Kesey's bringing a bus to Britain soon!
see you at Stonehenge sunrises

Thursday 10 June1999, at Radstock . It's 8.45pm, evening, dark soon, I just got back from the cybercafe, "ten minutes internet for one Pound" they advertise, I wanted to upload the Stonehenge page, and download emails, after 15 minutes I gave up, the dialup connection was through BT Click, a free service which was ovberloaded and too busy.
i complained, asked if they had a better connection- "This one" said a man, led me to another computer with another modem. I keyed in http://www.dicenews.com , jumped to geocities file manager, chose "manually update" (show no files), logged in, browsed to my A:/disk and uploaded stonecam.htm, got a successful reply,and logged off.
90 seconds.
I qent to pay: "One Pound Fifty" he said, as if he was doing me a favour.
I sighed, he asked why, I said "One Pound Fifty for a minute and a half!" he said "Do you think I'll lose sleep?
according to my Penguin Book of the British Law, when a shopkeeper sells you a washing machine there's an unspoken contract that it'll work.
should I sue the cyber cafe for 1, or 50p?
I wanted to be friends with them, I was going to ask for an hour or two's work improving their customer service - I'm a cyber traveller, with experience of lots of cybercafes.
but I'm in this stupid argument, because I sighed, and if I ignore they won't respect me, because they're probably having second thoughts, and now I'm in another silly argument, aaargh...
I wont sue them, I'll go back, give them another quid, and upload this!
I wont put a link to them.
but when they find out they'll ban me out of spite, and I'll have to go elsewhere, and its a dangerous slog cycling to Shepton or Bath..
but, like my jokes, once I've thought of it, I do it, because I'm a fool! ha ha

I've been painting my bus, etcetera

Friday 11th June I went back to the cybercafe, (www.wireworld.co.uk) uploaded this webpage, grabbed some emails, logged off, offered them another quid for the ten minutes:
"have one on us - don't let it be said anyone goes away unhappy"
"But I just slagged you off on my webpage"
"Then unslag us then"
"I haven't the time"
I went away chuckling...
Saturday 12th June 1999: Yesterday I drove the lads' van to Frome, to the gig, PAIN, a band I lit many times in London. Some complained they werent as exciting as at Brighton free Festival years ago - yes, but this was Frome, a quiet little town.
I had a great time, dancing, dancing, they've a black drummer who added a whole new dimension to the music when he sang/toasted. Punk Ska. yeah
Today I stayed in bed with a Red Dwarf book, resting.

Tuesday 15th June1999 8pm I feel a bit ashamed and sorry that I haven't been writing about the war in Kosovo as it developed - it's been in my mind, I've been listening for hours on the radio. Broadly, I agree with Tony Blair, that Slobodan has been so outrageously out of order that strict legalities don't apply, even though he was democratically elected that doesnt give him an excuse for their so called "ethnic cleansing".
So called Serbian police / paramilitaries / thugs / nazis / freedom fighters call them what you will they were evil. They were terrorising village after village, raping and murdering and scaring the locals away. It was a million times worse than anything I've experienced here in Britain. But emotionally it's in every one of us, psychologically we fight it every day, civilisation against vandalism. I'm for civilisation, I'd rather live in a state of peace than of war. Theoretically I'd shoot Slobodan if I had a gun. (with a pistol or a suicide bomb like BonHoeffer would be morally better, I didnt mean 'gun' in the army sense of piece of artillery fired from a long way away on a radioed command)
I'm ashamed that Blair and Clinton couldn't commit ground troops because if one american got killed then they feared they'd lose votes from the mums, but there is a time for drawing a line in the sand. Then if they cross it perhaps draw another line, like for a naughty child, but there comes a time to stop, that's why one of my best slogans is
99% fluffy

Over ten years ago when in the Young Liberals I proposed that United Nations Peace Keeping Forces be sent forthwith to a troubled place, (but I can't now remember which, there have been so many, Palestine, Eritrea, Angola, East Timor, Tibet, Belfast,)
I've alluded to these things in my recent writings in Festival Eye, Stonehenge newsletter, and others, but that logical warlike part of my brain has been busy in my little battle with DC3024Lovell, or with the system he obeyed, perhaps underpaid and overworked and overstressed and feeling subconscious guilty from the British Police's failure to detect Fred and Rose West's murders for years. I'm waiting for the official reply to my Complaint Against the Police, depending on what they say I'll think about it, and then "take approriate action" (as we used to write in flowcharts when lazy).

When I get my Saturday Guardian first I turn to Julie Burchill because sometimes what she says really annoys me, she says the stupidest rubbish sometimes, and sometimes the wisest, and sometimes the most obvious, strong writing, freedom of speech
It's 8.30pm, I've spent 30 minutes writing this, so don't take it as gospel, it's how I feel now, but how can you know that these words mean the same to you as they do to me? Of course they won't 100% because we're different people, cousin.

3pm: I've just read "The Acid House" by Irvine Walsh, (he wrote Trainspotting" which I havent read: wow, a powerful book about scottish lowlife, junks, boozers... some very funny bits, and human, believable... how glad I am that I never got that bad..

h23:59 monday 5 july 1999: hello, I'm in my bus at Radstock again, I drove here today from Pilton, Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts.
Today I went to the Radstock sybercafe to upload my webpages, but found that the disk was corrupt. - Perhaps I can recover fragments.
last time I was there in my bus was 1985, with 6 broken windows after the beanfield.
If I'd "scored" then, then the child would now be thirteen!
I did a 12 volt lightshow on the Mandala stage with the Spacegoats.

I played flute and tinwhistle round the Rainbow Circle Crew's campfire, near where I was parked in the Undle Ground. On the Thursday afterwards I got quite very drunk, but nobody noticed because they were drunker.

I invited someone back for tea several times but she didn't come

On the first Thursday I danced to Seize The Day in the Greenpeace tent
On the Friday I cycled into Shepton to photocopy covers for Tribal Voices Tapes , (but someone left them to get wet so we didnt sell any); and to upload webpages, but the cybercafe virus-checker trashed my disk, and Geocities was closed for "improvements".
On Sunday I saw Al Green on the Pyramid Stage, and Burning Spear on the jazz stage. I missed seeing Patti Smith and Suzanne Vega.

Monday to Sunday I socialised, as old friends found my bus, etcetera.

Friday25June: I'm at Pilton, Glastonbury Festival, in my bus, in Undle Ground (from Stone Circle down the right hedge for two fields).
my lightshow is at the Manadala stage, near eco trip, two dow on the left hedge from the stone circle field.
I'm being DiceGeorge again
I went to London for the Carnival against Capitalism met ,loads of old friends etcetera, I was in the park bit watching the bands, but had to leave early because of the trouble; some people were throwing paint and beer bottles, and the police retaliated by charging towards where we were partying in the road,
then on to Stonehenge for Solstice Sunrise
when I got back to my bus in somerset there were 15 messages from my mobile phone from newspapers and radio, they'd found my number on the internet, but it was too late, they had their instant comments from the Wilts Police PR, but I havent seen it yet.
then I hitched to Wells , walked to Radstock, got loads of phone messages, slept, packed, then drove my bus to Pilton, here
Tuesday6July: uploading?
The funeral of Veet of World Peace Builders Trust is on Thursday 8th July, in London

1-21 August Moonshadow Eclipse Green Futures Camp. phone: 01819416277 www.eclipse.co.uk/moonshadow. - I'm taking my LIGHTSHOW?

Sunday 11 July 1999 Yesterday i went to Bristol RTS, then afterwards played tinwhistle for hours with Eric and other drummers
Some new links: www.xat.org | www.arabiannights.net | www.chaos-works.com | fraserclark | www.marsbard.com | www.videonetwork.org | http://surf.to/moonshadow | Seize The Day Monsanto song ???
sunday25july1999 on site at Radstock old railway, testing Simon's mobile internet -Toshiba LIBRETTO 30 infra-red to Nokia - wow!!!!
I've given the windmill back to The diggers /LandIsOurs so I now have no eco-power input in my bus to power my laptop - any ideas please?
sunday01august1999 tomorrow I've booked my bus for an MOT, then on towards Cornwall BUT it's got a water leak, so I'm not going to risk driving it tomorrow, so I probably won't get it to Cornwall eclipse, shame..
19990808 hello, 4a.m.sunday8august1999 in my bus at radstock, it's night-time, typing blind by candlelight - There's a shop in Bath are trying to get me a new seal for my water pump, they have the metal bearings in the stock but not the rubbers. I gave them the worn seal out of my bus, they're posting it to their office in the Midlands to try to get another, or make one.
The worst case is that they'll lose me old broken rubber, and not get a new one, then I wont have sample to show anyone.I'm told it's because I had the fanbelt too tight, I'd levered it as tight as I could get it so as not to slip on the dynamo, but this had but excess strain on the water pump pulley, and last week when i started it I noticed water leaking out, just a bit but enough that I knew that it wouldnt make the hundred or more miles to cornwall. Now I come to think of it it did steam up at the bottom of the hill on in Wells, before I drove through Glastonbury to Pilton Festival in June, But after I'd topped up the radiator it got there OK. Then there was that trouble with the barbecue
tonight I visited a truck with a battery and we watched 12 volt telly, black and white, the Channel 4 film about Ken Kesey and his bus. They were talking about the counter culture, and the "love and peace movement of the sixities" , but didnt mention Vietnam until the end, when kesey made a joke about bombing Vietnam which most english viewers wouldnt understand - I didnt understand it.

last monday after I'd cancelled my MOT appointment because of the waterleak, and realised that I wouldnt make it to Cornwall on in my bus for the eclipse lightshow, I borrowed two books and read one in teh day and one in he night. and since then I've read a book every night, all of them Dic Discworld books by Terry pratchett. "Moving Pictures" has many film references too clever for me, but even I understtood the finale, the King Kong ape librarian climbing the tower and fighting the well built blonde.
Terry Pratchet is cleverer and funnier than Tom Sharpe, and Douglas Adams, as the blurb in one said

allegedly Free Rob Cannabis has a new webpage at http://www.freecannabis.freeserve.co.uk

is my link from my links page www.dicenews.com to fraser at
is... http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/fraserclark/ working?

19990811 3.15pm, Tuesday 11 august 1999. Yesterday was a birthday -he was 8. I gave him a plastic alphabet stencil, pencils, paper and a sharpener.
Late at night some friends phoned from a car passing Stonehenge but I failed to divert them here.
Today was the eclipse, 99% here at Radstock .
I phoned, they're still looking for a good Bedford waterpump washer.
Someone saw my bus on telly on Saturday on one of the Channel 4 TV Summer of Love weekend. I didn't see it, but I did go visiting and see the Ken Kesey programme, about a dozen of us watched it. They didn't mention Vietnam until fleetingly at the very end, a joke of Kesey's that I didnt understand, the most violent thing in the whole film was the Hells Angels making the terrible mistake of beating up and killing a black man,
( irene writes in her book about how everybody projects huge pressures on such people)
Most english people watching the program wouldnt have been thinking that the american sixties hippy counterculture was simultaneous with the Vietnam War, young men getting drafted into the army and killed in a poor distant foreign third-world country that few of them cared about.
When I hitchhiked round america one truck driver asked me where I was from, when I said "England" he asked how to drive there.
We are one family, one race here on planet earth, rushing around and burning the resources in a way which everyone in 100 years will regret and condemn.
Sitting here, wating for the phone to ring.
Monday 16 August 1999 at Gosport for a few days, use of a computer, I've collected the 88ish emails that I've received this years and uploaded them to scem1999.htm , and updated the Stonehenge Campaign webpage.

I'm listening to the Space Goats CD for the first time, it's an improvement on the tapes - see my popstar webpage, or earlier notes here.

I still havent got power sorted in my bus , where can I get a second hand windmill?
and they're still looking for a water pump seal - eek!

I went to Portsmouth Smokey Bears yesterday, the police were being silly and hassling everybody, arresting people for possession of crumbs of cannabis, stopping drummers and guitarists and cassette players, they cautioned me for selling a few Festival Eye magazines. Orders from above? And I thought Portsmouth had a Liberal MP.

oxo my javasript Noughts and Crosses game doesnt work in the bottom left frame , I think it's a bug in the browsers Netscape 4 and IE3, because it usually works in a window of its own.

19990812 3.15a.m. I'm drunk. I remember reading somewhere of a native tribe somewhere who when they've something important to decide think about it together both sober and drunk, and if both times they agree on a course of action, whether it be War or Peace then to do it, the idea being that when both your conscious rational and subconscious irrational agree on something then it's the one to go for-
so how should i handle summer of '98? should i try and forget it, let it lie? I dont think so, because if I ignore it then looking at the official records in 100 years it could appear that dice george was probably guilty, which I'm not, which would therefore invalidate almost everything i've ever said and done, and the network of people who were there, the honour and culture of Wandsworth Eco Village, and of the kentish Town Rainbow Centre, Dead Womans, the Convoy. the Young Liberals, etcetera etcetera becomes fatally flawed if we were letting kids get hurt, (which we weren't) etcetera etcetera.
what are my aims? ~ to clear my name ~ that more investigations should have been done. ~ the word "reoffend" ~ the phrase "lie on file"

i dont like it but its there, in 1998 i was wrongly accused of child abuse and arrested by DC Martin Lovell after voluntarily meeting them and making a one and a half hour taped statement.
I've two official complaints of shoddy work which they've shrugged off...
if I was a nonce then people would have found out when I was drunk and I'd have been disappeared years ago
it could take over 100% of my life, but i wont let it take over more than 10%,
But this isnt who dicegeorge is, I've just been playing flute to myself so dicily, how much do i put on the web, how much do i write to myself, how great if id written my innermost thoughts these years, there'd be books and books of stuff, but i dont want to be known as george who was once accused of child abuse by a neurotic... i'm dicegeorge the flutist, writer, undiscovered popstar, happy to bimble off in my self not being discovered, content to live with who I'm living with, take what life throws up,
I'm an introvert, but there comes a point in 99% fluffy which is 98,. its this word "respect", which is not only self respect, and there are aspects of nazism in the word, it doesnt mean i respect you because i'm scared you'll beat the shit out of me if i deny you, no, its the opposite. this here needs a focus, am i literate/powerful enough to write, to function,

one point:
I'm not allowed to go to the USA because I made a conscious decision and and walked into glastonbury police station with cannabis in my pocket and got myself a criminal record, which means I'm not allowed into the USA because I've got a drugs conviction,. any true american would have done the same, in my boots, in the spirit of Thomas Paine, and the US constitution of life and liberty.

we dont have a constitution here in britain, I remember the Young Liberal motion beginning: "Our primary political value is love.."

Tuesday 17 august 1999: I tried to blag a ticket to see Ken Kesey and the pranksters tonight in Bristol, but got this email:
 From: "Ken Kesey & Ken Babbs" kenk@efn.org
            To: george@dicenews.com
            Subject: Re: Bristol guestlist dicegeorge please
            Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 07:18:33 -0700
    I think the Bristol gig has been canceled.
so I went to the Fighting Cocks in Gosport, and played some tin whistle: John Bowman from Somerset was there, afterwards we sheltered from the rain under the bridge and played some more music.
sunday22aug - at swampnet steve technopagan, hawkwind, etc
last night stayed in and blew my trombone, learning slowly, then flute practice, then tinwhistling on the roof, a jamming arrangement of "Silent Night" haha
about an hour.
most of saturday afternoon I spent/wasted reading the Saturday Guardian, and drafting a reply to the Police Complaints Authority, and worrying (I'm a rainbow Warrior) and improving my 12volt lightshow conversion.
because I've no windmill I havent been listening to much radio, but i think i'd have heard if my song was at number one, someone out there should do it soon...perhaps in time for valentines day, it took me years to write it!
tomorrow monday I must find out what that firm have done with my waterpump seal. assume that they've failed, switch to plan B, a 1963 petrol Bedford300 water pump or seal or similar please.
i think there something wrong with the videos webpage help needed, if you've got the hardware and time then please click to the tlio directory listing and then email me and say what works and what doesnt and how I can improve it please.
and we stilll havent got any Tribal Voices sound onto the web, click Seize the Day for the Monsanto song, whats the URL??

i sent out an email to the people who's emails I put on scem1999.htm but i know I've lost a lot of emails, hopefully backed up on a disk somewhere

mchengist sent me an email, and to all these others too!
To: "Dice George" 
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 10:47:12 +0100e

Dear fellow human being,
I would have thought the purpose of a "stonehenge campaign" would be
something other than to intercept the thoughts and words of it's
communicants and re-transmit them. Somewhere in that process should be
thought, sense and rationale but I cant see it. Many of the items are 
out of
date and cannot be answered now, others have a relevance only visible to
initiates of the music industry\festival scene, from whence the 
ethics of mammon are drawn. As I see it the Stonehenge Campaign is an
insane hippie bureaucracy, do we really need it?

19990827.txt : Friday27august I wish I had a sound recorder here, I was mucking around on my flute and I played such a tune in threes of threes I wish I could have recorded it, I've forgotten it.

Learning trombone is taking a lot longer than I thought it would have, practising loud and soft, trying to understand which notes and how and why, but also to know it intuitively without pause. I was playing solo flute for about half an hour, or more. How can I say it in words? I can not. one riff i got going from the sound of bells, of alverstoke church bells, four bells i think, but thats very few.

have I ever written my way of tying bootlaces?
You have your boots loose, with the ends of the laces tied together so can you get your feet in and out like slippers, (so the laces probably dont go through all the lace holes). Thats using boot s like slippers for casual use. when you have to run at night or cycle then you tie your laces up tight as follows:
first pull the laces knot outwards until the boot is tight, (around four inches of lace out), then tie an overhand loop knot in the lace so that it's tight at the boot, then wrap the end of the lace down under the bottom lace, then up again to the top lace, then overhand loop it once or twice (this keeps the end of the lace from hanging loose and getting trod on or stuck in bike gears etcetra).
Do the same for the other boot. Run.
Its easy to revert to slippers by untying the top knot.

last night i read Kurt Vonnegut Jr's book Slaughter House Five.
I woke up thinking about it, have been remembering it all day often. thats not a very elegant sentence - "all day often", but it says what I wanted to say, that book I regard it even now, the way he plays with time telling the story of Billy Pilgrim and the Childrens Crusade, so it goes.

Seven Billion people on this planet I think some one said , or will be soon, and they all want dignity.

Worse than that, they all want cars and to travel in jet planes, no, not all of them, but the noisy cocky "successful" ones want cars, and they're the ones we hear.

Is it time for more trombone practice? are the neighbours asleep?

Inside, on the roof of my bus, I drew a circle around a plate with a black marker, cut it into twelve slices with a straight edge and pen, then wrote in the Circle Of Fifths
( C G D A E B Fsharp Csharp Gsharp Eflat Bflat F C G D A...
I went all the way round the circle on my flute yesterday, the first time ever. Its nice to learn something knew. (OW - I used that word "nice" - I hate that word - its so middle class, look it up in an etymological dictionary to see how its meaning's changed..)

In Slaughter House 5, that book, inside were books by Kilgore Sprout,, 50's sci fi space ship abductions and all true and happening to our hero Billy Pilgrim in a four dimensional body with thousands of legs, baby legs at one end, and old legs at the other.
I almost hitch hiked off tonight on the quest for the Bedford waterpump, but it was wet and rainy, and I've got to go that way next week anyhow, tot he Stonehenge Meeting so i'll now do the other little jobs, tidy up a bit.

I wish I could remember that flute tune.. like the music was flowing through me not from me,
When I was at gosport last week I heard for the first time the space goat CD SG23, my five minutes of stardom in Pixies Jinx. I prefer this remix to the original version on the tape "13 Moons"
If it hadnt been for that CD then perhaps I'd have given up this hippy lifestyle and moved into a house and got flash car and a job .
I was tidying some wires in the cab of my bus today, working towards developing wires coming from various batteries. The batteries I used to charge from the windmill are now at eleven volts, if I dont charge them soon then they'll break, (however it is that batteries break - plates inside buckle is a car battery is left flat for more that 24 hours, or something like that,.
Theres a spider coming down a web about three inches to the left of this laptop, near the cup that had potcheen in it, the spiders gone up- there it is going up and down up there, it must re-ingest the thread it comes down on, In the jungle it could drop down and grab and ant to eat, whereas ten ants would have ganged up and ate it if it stayed down below.
I encourage spiders because they eat flies, and flies eat dogshit then shit on my food, they spread disease
Spiders are more local, and the germs it carries are local to this bus, somehow I find that encouraging, it gives me hope that we'll muddle through somehow, pessimist though I am.
The good thing about Pessimism is that is that sometimes not everything turns out for the worst, a few of the anticipated disasters dont happen as I feared they might, and those that happen are expected, so I'm happier than an optimist who must see their dreams smashed continually.

I sit slumped in front of this laptop, its not tonight I'm going to write my famous book, goodnight, save it to disk, turn it off. Tomorrow perhaps hitch-hike to find the waterpump.

1990828: h23:55 saturday28august1999, Bank Holiday Saturday night, and I'm in my bus, sad eh?
I almost took a lift to Luton, Exodus are having a big party, and in Notting Hill there's the carnival- I lived a quarter mile away for several years, but here I am, on site.
There was a telly going, it was John Peel night, I've written about him before, but I havent listened to his show for months. Come his funeral a hundred thousand of us will follow his coffin, and regret not tuning in. As someone said : "Peely's on, tip your hat then go down the pub - because he plays some rubbish!". No, shame.
Among the highlights were the Faces, David Bowie from Hunky Dory, Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy.
John Walters, who was Peel's producer, said of Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols that from his experience as an art teacher "here's a boy I wouldnt trust giving out the scissors".

Stunning Peel Session with Bob Marley and the Wailers doing Stir it Up, I hadnt seent that clip before, wow, Bob Marley.

Last week we watched some of the Kesey 60's programs, I was amazed when Fat Boy Slim came on talking about the Pranksters and I liked him: having heard the name a hundred times I'd shrugged it off, but I liked him. There's more of us than I thought,
does my webpage dicepubl.htm include the letter I wrote to Festival Eye many years ago about separating the sheep from the goats, us lot from them lot, perhaps to give us that mythy island of fat sid's, but when the liberals and the socialists and the country people, and the methodists and the middling along good old english come along there'd only be a few thatcherite crusties on their side of the fence, so we'd let them have the Isle of Wight, ha ha.

someone complained about my phone answering message, some comical tromboning, so a few days ago I replaced it with some tin whistling, about 20 seconds, , like as if I was live on TV on Glastonbury Stage One and GO, dice george.
I did this once with my flute and Invisible Rory guitaring at Pullens Festival between bands, Rory froze in silence but I went for it. Perhaps I could take over John Peel's Ivor Cutler eccentric spot!

If I'd turned rightwards in my teenage years I could now be a millionaire Conservative MP, (my grandad's brother would have helped me up), and I could have been far worse than William Hague, who seems a nice old chap, despite the way he seems to be making support for europe a heresy.

A scientist was on the radio supporting the military germ warfare research at Porton Down saying "we need germ warfare research in case we're attacked" 'we' being the british, applying this logically to the hundreds of nation states would mean that every each one of them must research germ warfare, making the chances of an accidental spillage or information leakage sometime over the next hundred years almost certain. Bad logic, boys.

future generations will curse us

What am i doing to help? Well, I'm not as bad as some. And I'm trying to support Tribal Voices save the planet with music

Now the world news on BBC world Service - confident of a high turn out in the East Timor elections, several thousand people at a polling station in the hills,' rain forests all around, been there since 5 a.m. in the morning before voting was due to start. Wouldnt it be good if afterwards the Indonesians withdraw honourable?

Monday 30 August: in my bus at Radstock - whereto next?.
Updated Stonehenge Campaign and hotlinks and recieved emails webpages.
Tuesday31august at cybercafe, got email OK, updated hotlinks , and Stonehenge with dates and news; and received emails .
Wednesday1stSeptember 03:49a.m. at EasyEverything cybercafe, Victoria, London, a pound for all night! checking links in dicenews etcetera.
Tueday evening I'd caught a bus to Bath, walked, thumbed for 2 hours, lift to M4, thumbed for half an hour, lift here. thanks.
in a few hours I'm off waterpump hunting, then to henge meeting , then back to radstock, perhaps friday to TLIO autumn gathering
Thursday 2nd September h23.23 at Victoria CyberCafe .
I got to Ely, got the new waterpump, back to london, then Stonehenge Meeting, then I got a headache having been not slept, back to Willy X's floor where I slept. Today I visited Lord Eric Sugumugu, he showed me a video of one of the gigs at the Rainbow Centre, featuring my lightshow , two tracks where I flashed them - I must get a copy! Again I asked him to get Finlay Quaye to get my song to number one. Then I came here.
MusiMatt and Dan 've got a website.
19990917.txt in my bus, 1a.m.saturday18sept1999, typing into the toshiba 8086, using SLED editor, by the tilley light.
sunday19sept1999 yesterday, here in Radstock, was the first day of autumn. I put on my plastic mac and hat and went out to the shops in the drizzle between showers. I passed a middle aged woman in wellys and green waterproofs. she was smiling, not a happy spring day in love with everybody smile, but a tight lipped english smile of defiance, battling against this weather, the british sprit of carrying on through the blitz, we like it, us british , having the weather to battle against, fighting the elements, it somehow makes it psychologically easier/ less emotional/ when we hear on the news about the miltias in Timor killing the brave young men who voted for independence, which is however a million times worse than rain.
Monday20september1999 Our local scrapyard sold me a starter solenoid for a fiver, shiny, great bit of luck them having one, they dont make them no more, nowadays they're built into the starter motor.
It's wet and windy outside, do I want to huddle in the rain in Stonehenge track wednesday night for Thursday equinox sunrise? I'm not going to drive my bus there because it's not 100% together, but, but..
Last night an old friend from years ago visited, he's a great guitarist but didnt have time to play, too busy advising the lads on the great diesel engine hybridisation project, later one of us on site played my guitar, he's a drummer not a guitarist, but he bashed out a rocky riff, and I played along on trombone, most of my notes were in key, the second time I've managed that (about 30% were out of key, but I'm getting there, it's definitely not a solo instrument the trombone, and its bulky and unwieldy unlike a trumpet, and every drunk wants to play it (no complicated fingering like a trumpet, just slide in and out, and its so easy to bend it (as in my infamous cycling accident last year ish (or was it early this year?
h22:07wed22sept1999: at this minute the last bus to Bath is leaving. If I'd caught it I could have hitched down the A36 towards Salisbury, got out where it cuts the A303, and walked to the Stonehenge track, where several friends should be waiting for tomorrow's equinox sunrise. There's still half a ten per cent chance that my phone will ring offering a lift.
If I'd really wanted to go I could have got an earlier bus, but all day there have been heavy showers, I dont want to catch another cold.
And yesterday Red turned up and put a tent up next to my bus, he's an old friend from Wandsworth Eco Village When I got up this morning at eleven he was gone - but he's s left some stuff with me. Perhaps he knocked quietly this morning and I didnt hear him- I love my sleep (I was up late reading another Ann McCaffery book). Red was talking about going to Shepton. How long should I wait for if he comes back for his things, or can I go on my travels, if so I'll leave my bus locked as usual.
When i got to Wandsworth Eco Village on day one it was so good with so many positive people building a community I thought should I leave my door unlocked or not, unlocked because we were a community, but decided to lock it when I went out because if some no good toe rag had drifted into the camp and 'borrowed' my adjustable spanner or my jack, then I'd have put such a terrible vibe around it would have made things worse.
I think there's a bit in Kahil Gibrain's the Prophet , or is it Nasrudin?, where it says the wise man even allows people to steal a little from them,
, I'm remembering those 14 year old estate kids who smashed 3 of my windows and broke into my bus at Kew, stealing a bike light, they were so scared when I caught them, I'd been for a shit so had my sharp metal spade with me, but I couldnt 100% prove it was them, and much of our richness here in britain was got by stealing from the third world, in times of Empire and now with the "International Free Market" of mega-rich corporations, (which means Shell paying corrupt government leaders to rape the land)...
but communism doesnt work with a tool kit, you cant distribute one socket each out of a socket set to each person, however too many people have cars, and the chinese all want one too, and now people want space tourism, a few thousand pounds to go up in a rocket for a few hours, how much more pollution for a thrill, we're seriously damaging this planet, I'm a philosopher and a humanist and I want humanity to survive for hundreds of years - what am I doiing about it? I'm not doing some stupid job making stupid non-renewable plastic rubbish and spending my wages whizzing around in cars and aeroplanes, but if everyone lunched out in a bus like I do then there'd be nobody to get food and milk delivered to the innocent babies in inner city estates, I know, I dont think everybody should be like me, I everybody lived in a bus I'd lived in a house, bla bla, has anyone got my song to number one yet?

h22:44 just got a phone call - it was Joe the welder from London, he's at Glastonbury with a woman and kids looking for somewhere to stay- (his ex got evicted and is a van in the road, he says) so they're driving here, I may have to give them my bed and sleep on the floor, or maybe the truck next door's empty..

Unfortunately this site isnt safe for little kids, five paces from my front door is the stream, I've got a ladder going down into it which I use to collect water in buckets, it's about ten foot down,

25sept1999: Noon - now in Hyde Park London is a Smokey Bears Cannabis lovers' rally.
I'm in my bus in Somerset - it's raining, not hitching weather.
Charles Kennedy, the new Liberal Leader mentioned in his first big speech the decriminalisation of Cannabis.
Robin Cook. the British Foreign Secretary, said yesterday that the international small arms trade is almost as serious as the international drugs trade, that there are about 5 thousand million small arms - pistols, rifles etc - in circulation. Rubbish. People buy guns to kill, rob, exploit, control. others. People buy drugs to enjoy themselves, its a "consensual crime", though are the real "criminals" the police who steal our cannabis and kidnap us for years in jails, or the politicians who tell them to, or who don't say anything because of fear of tablod "newspapers"?

Tue28sept1999 at gosport . In the coach down here my phone stopped working - is it bugged? (the Stonehenge police have said they're 'monitoring' the internet etcetera- so behave honourably at all times)
I went to the folk club at the Fighting Cocks up Haslar Rd, most of the songs I didnt know, I tin whistled along a few, one was GREAT - called "This Boy" - "who's that by?" I asked - "The Beatles", it's a B-side - and I thought I knew all the Beatles, great holes in my musical knowledge...
Wed29sept1999 updated Stonehenge webpage, etc

h22:00 sunday 3rd October 1999: today I hacksawed my bus front exhaust as a start to getting it welded. Joe the welder from Rotherhithe and Shepherds Bush came visiting with 3 of his kids, they're great friends. They did stencils and colouring and reading and writing and counting my pennies in fives and general mucking around...

On Friday I got a lift to Glastonbury and went to the Assembly Rooms Gig, I can't remembr the namer of the band, It was Cameron's band with Les from the Rainbow Centre and Stevie P from Heathens all and others some of whom I half recognised . My memory is like a whatdoyoumcallit, metal, with holes in, a colender. Lots of people from tribal Voices there, a few from Stonehenge, from the Rainbow Centre, from all over.
I danced a lot, as I do. I noticed a certain woman there, I ignored her, I shunned her, I turned my back on her and continued dancing. After half an hour she came at me as if to punch me again, but I ducked, moved away, people ushered her out, they say she ranted in the hallway and was asked to leave, promised free entrance to the next gig I'm not at. I heard stories about her smahsing her ex-boyfriends' car up. I feel so sorry for her little boy living with her tempers and tantrums, emotional abuse. It's good that they're in Glastonbury where people understand nutty women. enough said. I danced all night.

Then I went back to Frazer's listened to some tapes, played some tin whistle, slept.

Saturday I came back to Radstock, read the Saturday Guardian then went up the hill to the Radstock Gala Day and saw a few band, drank a few ciders.
The last band, the only band people danced to, had a computer / drum machine on most of the time dictating the rhythm and the beat, so it wasnt live heartbeat music, but it was better than watching telly!

I heard an interesting comment about fox hunting on the radio, someone saying that if it's banned then people who get caught on horses chasing foxes will get put in prison, be criminalised, because we disapprove of what they do, but that in a free society we should not make illegal everything of which we disaprove, that's a totalitarian society, murder is illegal because it infringes the freedom of the person murdered, and people are a lot more important than animals or germs.
At the TLIO autumn gathering we discussed the Country Side Alliance, which was set up by some very rich people who organised a huge country people demo in London, most of us wanted to ban foxhunting, but a few said they live in the country and dont want to oppose it, so we decided that TLIO should not have a policy on fox hunting, but is to campaign on other country side issues, such as rich people buying second homes in the country and making it too expensive for the children of the locals to live there, on sensible land yuse, etcetera..I'm not an expert...

Tue5oct1999 afternoon at Radstock College Internet Cafe, adding a new browse function to dicenews

Tue5oct1999 evening h21:05tue05oct1999- on radio2 is an hour about Monty Python, its 30 years to the minute since the first programme on BBC.
John Cleese's Barrister saying "furthermore My Learned Friend is neither learn-ed nor my friend
before Python some of them did a children's program "Do not adjust your set" I vaguely remember that,
Terry Giliam says he was just trying to fill up 3 minutes a week with someth9ing, he'd put them in at the last minute, all the other stuff was 'laughed in' at script meetings,
we interrupt this programme to annoy yuu, and to make things generally irritating (eric idle)
it replaced a religous affiars progra, which resulted in it getting complaints before it even started. And the BBC often changed the transmission time
the BBC brought in a standard middle class audience, the result: often nobody laughed at the jokes
sometimes it felt you had to have a PhD to watch Python, that was one convention the Pythons decided to break, the way they did it was not prohibitive, says Michael Palin who hasnt read Proust either.
they didnt assume their audience was stupid, unlike many nowadays
have you got anything without spam in it?
could I have egg bacon spam and sausage without the spam
Carol Clevedon was the only woman
it was very close to the line-
"intercourse the penguin" because they couldnt say the F word
canadian television took it off the air, causing a protest by 200 students dressed as Gumby

why do you contradict people
I dont
You told me your did
no i didnt

The Life of Brian not blasphemous but heretical, not an attack on religion but on the self serving way some people subvert religions, saying look what people do with religions- imagine Christ arriving in the middle ages and finding people burning heretics in his name...
cleese says one of the eternal messages is "think for your self"

(thatcher on the radio saying all of Britain's problems have come from europe, and the solutions from the english speaking nations, we're wonderful..-- rubbish)

h22:45 now on radio 4 Salman'Rushdie's The Ground beneath Her feet, episode 12 of 15, I've heard about half of them..

thu7oct99 at easyeverything cybercafe Victoria, after Stonehenge meeting
asked jeeves for Mathew's Sermon on the Mount

I just went back in the soho ring , to pictures of connlie's mother dying from CJD aka. Mad Cow's Disease

fri8oct99 In London, after Stonehenge meeting.
wednesday night / thursday morning i was in the cybercafe. Then I went to Angel and Sunshine's and slept. Sunshine's 3 now, chattering, she wanted me to play a game with her in the pushchair, but instead we pretended that the pink dinasaur was her, it kept falling out as we were too dangerous, she now understands concepts like 'if that's the baby in there'... and we played a game with smarties, if she got the colour name right then she ate it, if not then I ate it, but after a while she deliberately got the names wrong to test the borders of consistency..
Walking to their flat I noticed a lot of police on the Ladbroke Grove rail bridge - it's where Tuesday's rail crash was. A tory was condemning the government, calling for a full inquiry, but wasnt it them who split up Britain's rail network into lots of competing profit making companies, and sold it off cheap to rich people?

Thursday I was going to Luke's to set up his new computer, teach him how to surf faster, and upload the September Newsletter from a disk I was given at the meeting, but he phoned and cancelled. drat.
Instead I crashed at another old friend's at Notting Hill. I read Ray Bradley's 'Farenheit 451' a great novel about book burning, a bland censored sterile television soap society conformity, and free thought. I was offered some heroin to smoke: I said can I have my share and flush it down the toilet. Some of my best friends are junkies, but it hasn't improved any of them.

sat09oct1999 h04:02 in victoria cybercafe, added freefind search to end of this page

at victoria cybercafe, it just crashed and I lost 3 hours of stuff

getting emails:
John Pendragon's daughter Maria wants news

I might go to Fraser's Warp next saturday after the anarchist bookfair

jon says: From: "jon jones" tangentjon@hotmail.com
Subject: arthurswood Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 11:31:05 GMT
george another butiful woodland destroyed by the boabolonug manchester airport and hoardes of mordor longest tree eviction 8 days up tee climbers in no rush to get us out on 900 pound a day now bastards hope you are well from big jon

Merric says there's the Godhaven Ink/ Rooted Media site at http://home.freeuk.net/rooted

Mike (Sloterdijk) has improved his website

A Circle of Peaceful People: Open Discussions says: Next Monday, October 11th, is Columbus Day. For many, this is a day to celebrate an outstanding European discovery, for others it marks the beginning of 500 years of European invasion and conquest. ~~ Approximately 10 million Native people lived here in the Americas when Columbus arrived. Their communities, customs, languages and religions thrived. By 1900, their populations had been reduced to about 100,000.

Guilfin say: and remember that emails may be being monitored, so careful what you say. Echelon is a vast oppressive global surveillance system mainframe set up by the New World Disorder in order to monitor the world's electronic communications for subversive keywords.

Jeremy Hardy, on Radio4's News Quiz said that after the Labour conference we thought they were just like the tories, but now having seen the tories conference we remembered that they're much worse!

Friday's Independent had an article by Ian Burrell their Home Affairs Correspondent which seemed to apply that everybody prosecuted by the CPS for child abuse is guilty, but I know that the D.C. Lovell of the Yeovil Child Protection Unit is inept and prejudiced, does not thoroughly investigate, and tried to fit me up by selective editing of my one and a half hour statement. I'll start a webpage about it, this aint the place

Letter to Free State Magazine, Glastonbury

Letter from Karelia NFA  9x99 
Dear Free State Cousins, 
scientists claim all of us have one unique genetic human ancestor: 
they've dubbed her 'Eve'. 
AJ Ayer analysed 'knowledge' as 'true justified belief'. 
But greater human truths are expressed in poetry: Kipling's 'If', 
Matthew's 'Sermon on the Mount', the eco-songs of Tribal Voices, 
that poem you wrote when distraught. 
In 1983 I fell in love with my best friend's wife, 
declared dishonour on Margaret Thatcher for sinking the Belgrano offside, 
quit my job, packed my lightshow pipes and papers, left town, 
joined the convoy at Stonehenge, bought a mutant bus at Inglestone 
which conked out in Bath, got it towed to the first safe site we found - 
Alison's Greenlands farm behind the Tor, 23 months. 
Kids I played with are now bigger than me! 
On the bookshelf I found Kahil Gibran's poem 'The Prophet'. 
Down town I found 
 Glastonbury Assembly Rooms. 
In the 30's Shavians and Bloomsbury Bohemians would come here 
for theatre and socialisms. Imagine a hundred lusty singers before 
these days of prissy blairite curfews. 
Spike drum machines - rhythm is the heartbeat of music, 
alive and subconsciously changing every timeslice, 
looping feedback from dancers and listeners, 
live acoustic rave. 
Last New Year's Resolution was to be a bit more open, 
introvert though I be... 
rant woffle blah 
namaste      ~     [dice] george [miles] 
07970-378572  www.dicenews.com/live 

monday 12 october i got fooled by a spam , a chain-mail, I received it today on hotmail from a friend during a 20 minutes online internet session, I sent it on to about ten friends, $243 would be very handy, when I got back home to my bus i thought about it a few hours later and realised it was 99.9% likely a hoax, assuming one person sends it on to ten friends every ten minutes then microsoft would go bankrupt in a few days, not more than 2 I'd guess, and ten minutes later the internet would crash.
at least i forwarded it manually, each one separately though hotmail, imagine people who do it with their automatic lists they've got set up,

this morning I cycled up the hill to the photocopiers, did over a hundred photocopies for my ongoing Complaint against the Police
...it appears that i forgot to post two letters in august, so i sent them again today, to my ex-solicitor in wandsworth, and the other to the Police Complaints Authority, complaining of their whitewash of DC Lovell' s inept "investigation". They nearly got me, how many others has he unjustly attacked?

and i mended my bus roof leaks, and i cycled up the cyber cafe and downloaded some email and got fooled by that msmoney hoax. and this evening I've been here in my bus editing some of the files I've downloaded from what i did over the weekend in London. those nights in london easycafe.

thursday 14 october yesterday I bussed to Bath and helped Simon with his website www.thehedonist.co.uk , perhaps tomorrow I'll go back and we'll print some more Stonehenge Newsletters for Saturday's Anarchist Bookfair in London, which I'm headed for, and then afterwards probably to the Warp Parallel University club, to see SpaceGoats and other friends

saturday16oct1999 1a.m. in Victoria cybercafe.
updated the John Pendragon and Glastonbury webpages
h00:30 Monday17oct in Victoria Cybercafe, after Saturday's Anarchist Bookfair I went to the Warp theatre and club, I did a bit of babysitting Sunshine but slept most of the night, today I distributed Stonehenge newsletters, played some tinwhistle in Clive SpaceGoat's Dragon Song, networked, and watched quite a bit of the play
experimenting with fonts, Verdana, Arial, Geneva, Sans-Serif Serif Verdana now becomes my first choice, as advised by WebMonkey
sat23oct1999 in Glastonbury Cybercafe, last night I went to the folk night Glastonbury Assembly Rooms I played a bit of tinwhistle in the background when my friend fraser of Tribal Voices sang Buster's song Seeds things are going well for me. I cycled here from Radstock Thursday evening, 20 miles or so, up and down, tiring but I made it.

some amazing artwork at Men-an-Tol

who can help convert the videos from .mov to .mpg or whatever, invocate is 538K in .MOV format, but if you've a fast links check it out, we tried to save it on S's hard disk but failed, but it played OK

thu28oct1999 in my bus . On the radio they're saying today is the 30th anniversary of the internet, a messages was sent from one computer in California to another 300 miles away, the programmers had a telephone link, the first message was to be L O G to logon, "I'm sending the L" - "I've got it" - "I'm sending the O" - I've got it "I'm sending the G - whoops, it crashed"

I've been adding some javascript mouseovers to dicenews.htm my hotlinks page, with the destination and description of the links shown in the middle, the location/status bar in Internet Explorer 4 is usually only about 2 inches long in the bottom left of the screen, and nobody knows how to expand it. I prefer Netscape, but the page should work for those who dont have it. Does it work for you?

A firm in Bath advertised a 486 laptop with 32mb RAM: for me the RAM's more important than a fancier CPU because I dont have mains electricity to waste accessing the hard disk - but when I phoned they offered a machine with much less RAM for much more money, so I wont advertise them here.

Recently I've had letters printed in Glastonbury's Free State , in the Stonehenge Newsletter, and in the Green Anarchist

Sunday 7 Novemeber 1999 Roly the bassist from Ozrics, Damij, Wildcard etc died last Sunday, Hallowe'en. I'm waiting to hear when and if and where there's a funeral. I saw him a few weeks ago in London, at the time of the rail crash, visiting Carol their daughter Sophie, who's bouncing.

I've just listened to Under Milk Wood on Radio 3, the digitally remastered original 1954 production of Dylan Thomas's masterpiece, with Richard Burton. And being alon in my bus I heard 99% of it. Wow, the humanity.

My bus is booked in for an MOT on Wednesday, I was patching the exhaust today, here in a layby on the A361 near Frome, but the engine wouldn't start, tomorrow I must check over the HT electrics. And hopefully new windows will be delivered, Mike was going to cut them on Saturday but he phoned to say it was too windy to risk it in his garden. I phoned Susanah with the news, and for advice, she laughed = "again!", the combination of alcohol and perfidious person spreading rumours, lies and half-truths (again).
when does one and one not make two? - when the one and the other one are the same one.
I am dice George of the Convoy, the Mutants, Tribal Voices and the Young Liberals, 99% fluffy, a humanist, with a third class Oxford educated brain, now teaching and studying in the University of Life, I'm not perfect, a bit wierd, but I have my self respect, and I still agree with 99% of my puiblished writings in various newsletters and at
dicepubl.htm , especially my poem on Womens Issues, which you may notice I signed with my "real name".

Please dont trust the Yeovil Police , I have proof that they're not perfect.

Saturday 13 novemembr 1999 Joe wouldnt weld the old one so I bought a new silencer and gun gummed it on with various bits of pipe and aluminium shims. yesterday I hunted down some Whitworth bolts fior the distributer, but they didnt hold firm, the hiole thread was worn, so this morning I bought three self tapper screws and used them, sawing one off.

Today's Guardian reports that Gary Glitter has pl;eaded guilty to possession of over 4000- 4000 disgusting pictures on his laptop, showing children of ages 3 to 10 being sexually abused and tortured. Yeuk. I can imagine somebody wasting half an hour putting "hairy black pussy" or "child porn" into a search engine to see what they get, but that man spent hundreds of hours collecting pictures. Why?
There were societies wheren rich old nmen had harems with dozens of wives, and the young men relieved their sexual energies with buggery or whores. In such societies most women would get pregnant, have children, the children would be fed and would grow, the tribe would increase. But a tribe where children were tortured and raped would die out.
Children are naturally cute, it's genetically evolved that adults find kids fascinating, comfort crying children, entertain and educate them.
Middle class Victorian fathers were strict with their children not because they hated them but because they thought it best for their childrens' chances of success in their world.
But we are not slaves to our genetic predispositions. If I see a woman and fancy her I do not immediately grab her bum and propose we make babies - no, because I have honour and respect,. and self respect, and others would not tolerate such behaviour.
So what of Gary Glitter and his hundreds of pictures?
Can he claim freedom of speech, that he was harming nobody? he was harming himself, his own self respect, by collecting such pictures. And the children were harmed by posing for the photos, even if they were make beleive with tomato ketchup blood, because for children playing, fantasy and reality are not so separated as for us adults.
I'vbe read books by John Holt and others, and played with hundreds of kids over the years. They often test the boundaries and want to know there are limits, if a little boy pulls out his willy the correct response usually is to go "yeurrgh", a mild amused disgust, but no big deal. I remember nothing of being potty trained, of getting my disgust of pooh, but it must have happened!
I'm very liberal believeing that what consenting adults get up to in private is their own business and no concern of Government of police, as it long as it harms nobody . But they should close the curtains.. I think it's wrong and embarrassing that family newsagents dsiplay soft porn mags, tits and bums, where children and women see them, but I do own a few such mags which I "use" some nights - as I wrote in Festival Eye 1999 the male mammal after ejaculation gets sleepy. Once a girlfreind asked me to pretend to rape her, I refused, that's a place I dont want to go or imagine, sex and violence are both powerful
Once years ago I could have killed a man. He'd punched me several times over weeks, was often drunk and abusive, and I didnt deserve it. That night I was drunk, he'd punched me again. I put on two leather jackets, and boots, and armed myself with an iron bar. He came knocking at the door of my bus - "Sorry George". I never let him know how close I came. But I remember. If it ever happens to you use a wooden stick- then you can prove it was manslughter not murder- show the police the metal bar and say "If I'd meant to kill him I'd have used that"
That's alcohol.
My present enemy once described me as "non-violent", usually I am, I wear glasses and had no brothers sio I'd lose at fisticuffs, but philiosophically I'm 99% fluffy, sober and rationally, if I was in the right and it was very important and there was no better way.
My 1983 letter to the NME about Thatcher's Belgrano guilt was such an occassion.

there's a point at which I'd go to war, but I'm in control of my "inner dog".

Sunday 14 Novemember 1999: My bus wouldnt start, I removed and dismantled the distributer again, I had two wires wrong, silly me. Eventually it started on the handle and I drove it to Westbury, and parked it outside the MOT station just before dark.
Monday 15 Novemembr Started the bus on the handle, drove it the hundred yards to the MOT apointment, into the garage for steering check up, turned it off, quickly replaced the headlight beam indicator light which had blown sometime. When it was time to start the engine again I used the starter, hoping the battery had charged up yesterday, it had, the starter span for about five minutes but the engine didnt start,, then the plastic on the wires started to melt, and I couldnt turn it off, so I ripped off some wires. Eventually started it with the handle, drove outside, it conked out, disconnected some petrol pipes, got it working, went in to tell the testing man, when we got out it had stalled again, so i fought it again, got it started, drove onto the brake testers, tested it, passed the MOT, drove it out and parked up in the road outside for the night, phoned a few people about our family domestics, rumours etcetera

(Monday: cycled into Westbury for provisions, feasted on Corned Beef sandwiches, coleslaw and chocolate...)

Tuesday 16 November 1999 in my bus , back in Frome layby. This morning I cycled into Westbury with my jerry can and bought 20 litres of petrol, cycled back with it on the cross bar and poured it in. Started the baus with the handle at around one, drove half a mile, it conked out, the engine died, I disconnected the petrol pipe near the electric pump, blew down it, got it working, started it with the handle, drove about another half a mile when it conked out again, did the same trick, drove left into Silbury Close, (good view of the White Horse, I took a photo) drove the right wheels onto the pavement, got underneath, disconnected various pipes, blew down them, got the pump working again, started it with the handle, drove about another mile, the enigne died again, coasted onto the pavement, thought I had to remove the petrol tank but first removed the pipe coming from the tank and found it was totally blocked with a blue rubbery bubble which I removed. Could it be some gasket jointing compound, or what?
I replaced the pipes, started with the handle, passing schoolkids cheered, drove out of Westbury and the six miles to Frome, back to this layby which I set out from on Sunday, got here just as it was getting dark so I didnt have to use the lights much so theoretically the battery's charged (the ammeter showed charging at about five amps all the time). I settled down, lit my rayburn, put my feet up with a cup of tea and biscuits, melted the sole of a shoe, listened to some radio. Hurray! It's MOT positive. Next jobs - starter motor, tappets, oil change, engine tuning, paint, and suss out a gas conversion,....

11pm tuesday16november 1999: The saturday Guardian has a guide to the weeks TV and radio, I dont have a telly here but I do have a radio, and what treats were on today- -
this morning on Radio 4 politicians Gaffes, Claire Short came out as an honest common sense politiician, Tony Banks' joke about William Hague being a foetus, and how the tories wished they hadnt voted against abortion- wicked!
I missed Melvyn Bragg's Routes of English and the play because I was driving and conking out, but tonight I heard Milton Jones' comedy, then to Radio Two at 9pm for the Elvis Presley story, part One, early songs up to Hound Dog I remember hearing at Stan Parks house, but I didnt appreciate then what a star he was, listening to his early radio interviews, after he'd shocked America wiggling his hips on television he said in a 1956 radio interview:
Whatever you do there'll be someone doesnt like you, Jesus Christ, people killed him and he was a perfect man, if everyone was the same then they'd all marry the same woman and drive the same car" ,
in other interviews Elvis was also intelligent and perceptive, they said not only did the girls like him the men did too, and listening I could see why, his songs in his high boys voice and then deep low bits, so tempting to sing along too,
Then after that part one of the Ella Fitzgerald story, before tonight she was just a name to me, she went to an amateur night as a dancer but at the last minute sang instead, they said she wasnt pretty enough and that her skin was too dark, but when they heard her voice they gave her the job, they'd give her a song and the first time she'd play it perfect and the fourth time she'd play it better than the writer had imagined, and it's true, her voice is fab.

Then to radio One, John Peel, he played some tracks from 1972, , "My Friend the Sun" by Robin Wyatt, and "I love you still, Caroline" by Family, that a song I've only heard before live, there's a man at the Gosport Folk Club who sings it most nights, it's a lovely song, there he sings it sweet and pure.
But the original is cracked, like this guy isnt a great singer, he's got these words and song to put out, its so important and real he's gotta do it though he aint a great singer, like Neil Young, and I like it. That's what I'm like, with my song , but I'm much to scared to perform it, and I cant remember the words, even though I wrote them, that's why I want someone else to record it and get it to number one for Valentines, and send me the songwriting dosh!

if you find any child porn on the net you could report it to the Internet Watch Foundation www.internetwatch.org.uk (but dont send them any child porn - if you do then they might nick you! If you click an innocent looking link and get a child porn picture, or if someone sends you one in an email, then it's in your cache on your hard drive and technically you're guilty of "producing" pictures of child pornography,
But most police arent that stupid. I once found some soft porn pictures on a geocities site which was near to mine, this is against the geocities guidelines, on investigating I found that the web author lives in a wheel chair, I sent him an email telling him he was naughty, but I didnt grass him up. Its a matter of conscience, and proportionality

www.futureforests.com - buy trees online to offset your CO2 emmissions.
www.youdraw.com - joion in 500,000 smiley self protraits
http://www.nitpickers.com nitpicking inconsitistencies in movies
http://www.listbot.com  mailing list service
http://www.thefreesite.com web resiources
http://www.freestufffactory.com/ free web resources
www.ordsvy.gov.uk/ Ordanance Survey 10 downloadable maps
http://www.atomz.com/ site search
www.thecounter.com counter for mike
www.bigwig.net/hitmatic/ reports on broswers visiting page
http://www.anonymizer.com/ to dicenews a firewall between you and me
http://www.co www.codo.com/ Browserola - imitates different browsers
http://buyit.beseen.com/  6% commission to sell goods - american dollars
http://cetusoft.com   CWordPad 

Thu18nov1999 I'm told there's a memorial for Roly in London on the afternoon of 15 December.

This laptop's screen has died, I'm typing this in blind, hope it saves ok! (I'll edit the speling later)
http://www.bigfoot.com/~rinkydink bicycle powered sound system

Sat 27 novemember 1999 I'm in Bath, I've just sampled and uploaded web sound files for the Tribal Voices eco musicians?

allegedly www.thinkpix.com have cancelled the email forwarding from stones.com, thus many emails are lost and will continue to be lost, instead of george@dicenews.com please use george@dicenews.com . However I've included that email, and stonehenge@stones.com , in loads of webpages and newsletters and mgazines and publications - how annoying! If you know how to please tell thinkpix how annoying and disruptive and unprofessional they are, and beg them to reinstate our email!

Tue31nov1999 in London, at easycafe. got a new search from atomz.com: It took 3 minutes to crawl 274 pages and index 274 pages containing a 320467 words for a total of 3133433 bytes. 27148 word endings, 0 synonyms, and 30019 sound-alike words were included in the index.

Saturday4december1999 last night a great party under London Bridge, 2000DS played, many old friends, much dancing. My ears are still ringing.

Sunday 5 december 1999 uploading Ordnance Survey maps of Stonehenge
I'm told Gypsy Babs, from Frestonia, Latimer Road, killed herself a few weeks ago, allegedly she was getting hassled by the Social about earning little bits of extra money. I have a photo of her somewhere in my bus.
When I was a teenager a family friend, Tony Hislop, tried to hang himself, he half-failed, he cut off blood to his brain and was brain damaged, and was locked up in a mental hospital because he can't feed himself. This is probably why I never suicided, rather than any high faluting moral reason
14december1999 Tomorrow afternoon Roly's memorial at Notting Hill Tabernacle
(some stuff lost)
I'm at London, Victoria Cybercafe, earlier, at Simon's in Bath, I borrowed his Mac and sampled and compressed some more sounds, and thinking it over on the coach I realise that I have thus published an
Internet Single - Repetitive Squeaks

see dgflutes.htm for more real audio sounds, and a few videos too!
unfortunately they wont play here, I cant test them, please email me if the real audio streaming works!
does this load frames and then put dgflutes.htm into the main frame?

wed15dec1999 h08:23 leaving cybercafe, tired..

19991219.TXT HELLO typing this on my new laptop, using the DOS editor, in Bath in a kitchen.
Yesterday I cycled to Mells in melting snow, my hands got very cold, then cuaght a bus to Bath, popped into Microfinder and eventually bought this laptop. It's a 486, with windows95 (some bits missing) but only 8M or RAM, I thought they said 16K, but they're sussing out expanding it, they say it takes 30K SO DIN RAMs, it would take two 32Ks, or 16Ks, and then windows should fly, without wasting power on the hard disk.
Then to the Porter Butt to see WhirlWind, a 20 year anniversary with bits of Hawkwind. Great band, shame about the audience. Bath is covered in snow and melting slush, I'm getting the bus back in an hour.
Saturday18december1999 had been in my diary for months. George Firsoff had emailed me asking to do a lightshow in Glastonbury, where there were actually two gigs I'd haved loved to got to, (plus the pubs) but I went to the one in Bath.

Tim Sebastian had asked me to light in Bath on the 14th, but that gig was cancelled. Steve was doing the 18th gig in bath to celebrate 20 years of something, I was perhaps going to take my lights, but they said they already had a lightshow.

So on Saturday 18th I didnt drive, I cycled to the bus stop at Mells. It was raining melting snow, my hands got red and frozen, hard to brake. After half an hour on the bus they thawed and hurt a bit.

In Bath I visited Microfinder again, after some chat I bought this 486 laptop for £200, they said they could upgrade the RAM from 16K to 64K, and then windows95 should fly. But when I tested it later I found bits of Windows missing (such as the UK keyboard and Internet Connection) - I'll be back! I'll save this to disk and cycle to upload it somewhere sometime, Radstock or Frome or Bath or London, mayber tomorrow, maybe next millenium!

At the gig I drank a lot and danced. Their "lights" were four disco lights and a projection of bubbles. huh. I didnt sulk too much because driving my bus through all that snow and ice would have been a nightmare.

I went back to Steve's, plugged in the laptop, explored it, then slept.

Sunday I slipped on ice in Bath walking to the bus stop, buses to Mells were cancelled, I took the one to Frome then walked the 5 miles home.

Down the hill out of Frome was scary ...

Walking down I generally kept to the right because the moon was on my left, and there was more light away from the hedge's shadow, plus the snow and ice was more melted on the right from the earlier unshadowed sun.

There were black tracks where car wheels had been, I walked down these, but at times they got slippy with ice, I then found it better and safer to walk down the crunchy white frozen snow.

Once I could have sprained my ankle (it's weak from a month ago) it hurt , but I survived (digression: "I will survive" was a hit on the disco floor in Jyvaskylla in Finland when I visited december 1979ish + Diana Ross sung it on telly when I was in London ( I also saw David Bowie's band on telly, great, his voice is magnificent, the depth from 'Heroes'...)

Monday20december1999: recover from Bath gig, snow and ice outside, bus wouldnt start, getting dark, coughing and spluttering, eventually it did, I drove it off site and along the nasty Bulls Green Link Road to the layby by Frome, where I slept.

Tue21dec1999 phoned by T. , I drove to Frome Sainsburys where I filled up with drinking water and she and boy Z. got aboard, then we drove to the track at Stonehenge. The engine was backfiring ('farting') occassionally, (which hammers the engine)

see photo of boy on my roof that evening, with Stonehenge in the distance.

I got sorted, then walked to the campfire, discovered that the end had fallen off my trombone, went back looking for it, found it. Drove my bus neared the fire. E. and our site baby arrived. Lots of people visited. I took a few catnaps. I cooked a veggy stew. much talk, some sleep, two or three kids were playing cards, baby slept warm...

Around seven we went out and were let into the Stones for about an hour.

see photo (taken that morning in bad light)

As always it was over so soon, but if we'd done a sit in occupation then they wouldnt let us or others in again, and anyway we'd sort of promised to get out when we went in through their tunnel, and it was cold and wet

see stonehenge webpage

I played tin whistle with two guitarists, the Diggers Song:

"In 1649 I ragged band they called the diggers 
came to st georges hill
in nineyty nine, we came again,
reclaimed regained renamed Georgina's hill" 

Wednesday afternoon got my bus pulled of the mud by J and W's truck, turned right and drove towards Shrewton and Somerset, it started raining, the windscreen wipers stuck together at the top centre, I stopped in the road blocking traffic, jumped out, spannered it, the bus stalled, I put it into gear and rolled it down hill on the clutch, then let out the clutch: it started... drove a few miles to the petrol station, stalled on the corner coming out, starting handled it going again, stopped in a layby and adjusted the distributer manually then it was worse, struggling uphill, I adjusted it again, drove the the nearest safe parkup, a turn off for tanks on exercise on Salisbury Plain, got under and adjusted it again, then turned off the engine and made tea.
see photo

It was dark and the risk of conking out in a dark narow road was too much. " Sorry" I said to my passengers - They phoned a friend who came and rescued them in his van.

Thursday 23 december: a good sleep, alone in my bed. Started the bus on the handle drove it back here to Halecombe site. Yesterday's final timing adjustment was OK, but still a few backfires. and splutters I should take of the top and adjust the tappets.

hardest driving today was here in the yard: a 23-point turn to get parked so the engine's not over a puddle, so i can work on it.
Got a sniff and a bit of a cold.

Thu 30 december: a lift into Frome, uploaded this webpage, and Stonehenge homepage. Got some email.

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