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Autumn Equinox 1999

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September Equinox 1999 Newsletter
---------------------------------------------------------------- Stonehenge campaign - free newsletter - Autumn Equinox 1999


This was not the scene at Stonehenge this summer. Stonehenge is our spiritual centre. The area is designed for partying. The Beaker people tripped here on Fly Agaric, but for 1000's of years even before them this land was trampled by many 1000's of dancing feet. This lineage of celebration was strangled in 1985(see hisstory). Since then it's been like riding a sick dragon - exhilerating, but sad when you think what we should have.

The walks have always been great. The songs. The stories and the magic. This year the 3rd walk from Brighton met the 14th from London. The thread has never been broken. A resuscitation is occurring. Last year Salisbury RTS brought people closer. This year hundreds partied in the stones for a while. The stones survived again.

So next year there is no excuse for paranoia about the festival. Even English Heritage and the police admitted afterwards that we had done nothing wrong. The security guard who screamed it's not normal! at me was standing in a carpark built over my sacred space. I was even denied access to the car park. There were ridiculous ammounts of police. Maybe we should make the fence higher? Maybe we should ignore their desecration? We need to show that we can still be free. Back to the dragon.

(by Jez)

Summer Solstice 1999 An eye witness account...

WE decided to get married. Of the 200 odd people (not counting the police) whose paths had taken them to the centre of Stonehenge for the last summer solstice of the millenium, the first random person we asked agreed to act as our priest and was able to perform on the spot a traditional year and a day handfasting. As we were kissing towards the end of the ceremony he caught our attention to say We're going to have to hurry this up. There's a line of riot police charging at you now.

Moments later we were all in a huddle being menaced and goaded by the people in police uniform. They picked a man up by his cock- his trousers having come down in a tug of war between his friends and the police. At this his friends had to release him and the last I saw was him being dragged in this manner into a tortoise-shell of riot-police. It was horrific.

Some people were losing it and we worked as a crowd to regain our composure. Some of the police dogs seemed out of control. Their horses were useless and uncomfortable amongst the unpredictable stones. Old faces loomed like ancestors in the crowd, but English Heritage's promised new freedom of access was no-where to be seen. In a way the mainstream press was right. Hundreds of thugs did attack and disrupt the Stonehenge celebrations. Dressed up as riot police.


C.N.N. were banned from filming at the stones for the summer solstice. As an American news agency their images could have gone out to the world uncensored by the British establishment. Those innocents who had trusted English Heritage's ticket system were told ten minutes before the fence even came down that they were to be disappointed due to disruption.
Sir, I am writing to congratulate you on the most endearing bash this solstice. After some light boozing and a spot of chatter with the local constabulary (an awefully stirling chap, but something of a wig, I think!) I was enchanted to see the outer fence trampled in the enthusiasm of many to reach the monument. The private security proved to be a rum sort of scallywag and left the case to the thin blue line. Ascertaining that the police were threateningly out numbered, I ventured to talk to one of them. Whereupon he knocked me to the ground and kicked my behind as I crawled away. Luckily, as I was very drunk, some anarcho-types dragged me over a barbed wire fence. I will certainly attend your 2000AD shindig and am honoured to PLEDGE the support of Kazakhstan 60's garage band 'The Trashbeats'.

Lovehorse T. Ratus (ex ratus)

Dear Stone Circle webring members, I hope you won't object to hearing about this piece of inportant news. Details are coming through of a proposal by Eden Arts (Eden District Council) to build and part-fund a 25 ton modern granite obelisk at the entrance to Mayburgh Henge, the Neolithic henge monument on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria. I am horrified to hear about this, which is inappropriate at such an important prehistoric site. There is only one stone remaining of the circle as it is. What's left doesn't need overshadowing by a modern structure. Just because people Christianised these sites hundreds of years ago doesn't mean it's acceptable now. Please forward this message on to anyone you think might be able to help.
Why is it that superstition wins over common sense every time? A fear of the unknown, if its unknown there is a reason. Look at life from a natural point. Magic does not happen, even in the centre of big rocks. The only thing that separates us from the animal kingdom is meaningless rituals and mindless superstition. Ladka Gravis on Taxi. This is what's happening at Stonehenge. Thank you.
Neal Jensen
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 19:01:37 +OlOO
Dear Sir,After holding my regular Sabbat meeting at Stonehenge for Midsummer I was disgusted at the overt police presence there, the utter disdain that they held for anything out of the ordinary, against their definition of whatis'normal'. My group tben moved to Avebury, and witnessed a similar spectacle there, although in this case the police were in smaller numbers and trightened silly by a group of spiritualists and travellers! I'd like to offer my help, and that of my group, if we Carl aid in anyway the opening of Stonehenge for more mystical events such as the Sabbats.visit the URL below if you would like to know more about us, but we would be willing to help in any way to further this most worthy of causes. We don1t feel that a position of apathy and acceptance is good enough in the face of open bigotry and religious descrimination, and want to make a difference. Best regards, and heartiest congratulations for the good work,
Spectre, Archangel of CAOSClan of Anarchy and the occult Supernatural
Letter from Karelia NFA 9ix1999 ~~June '99
I zoomed around then caught a bus to Stonehenge car park, met some walkers, then slept in the Avenue field -I had solstice flu. I didn't go inside the Stones but jammed tinwhistle with a drummer in the road that shouldn't be there. Friends who'd been in the June18 London battles said here they werent rioting, they were jostling and pushing the police because they were there. It spoilt it for me seeing people mounting the stones. Why am I against that? Not so much because It might damage them nor because it annoys English Heriticage, but 'cos it feels wrong to dominate Stonehenge. Many hours I've spent at home in the day and night, sitting, dancing, fluting, seeing the shadows or stars move, how? why? four dimensions artistically framed by stone. Enclosing or climbing or painting or pissing on Stonehenge is like unsubtle top dog gang territory jungianisms, which shows disrespect to those engineers who built them.
your cousin [dice George
[smile] phone: 07970 378 572
Dear Stonehenge Campaigners, Have you ever noticed how most business symbo1s are pyramids (hierarchy-competition) and sharing, voluntary, protest group symboIs are circles (sharing, cooperation). I think the reason why a great cooperative civilisation who created the Stones didn't leave any records is cos they didn't need to write accounts, they trusted each other! Love, light & circles Frank
Hi. I'll get around to sending you some stamps soon! I was at stonehenge at the Solstice, was not involved in bringing the fence down, but did enter the Stone Circle. I was disgusted by the response of the Police, and especially by the 'security guards' who I saw punching people who were sitting on the floor. The attitude of the Police was beyond contempt, although they were more restrained than at other such incidents. The reason that the police gave for evicting the crowd from the Stones was that 'invited people' wished to begin a ceremony. Fair enough. But why couldn't representatives from English Heritage, pagan groups, druids have simply ASKED people to respect the ceremony? I'm sure most people would have done, given that I was treated with respect and love by all present (bar the Police). It is also worth bearing in mind that the police prevented those people with tickets from reaching the stones before dawn, so what was the point in evicting everybody? I have written to English Heritage, Jack Straw and my MP outlining my concerns over the site and access to it. I have received a reasonably encouraging reply from Sir Jocelyn Stevens, to which my MP will be replying in due course. There is a way forward, and I sincerely hope that by the Solstice of next year we will have found a solution so that as many people as possible can have access to the stones. I hope to see you at Stonehenge for the festival! Take care. Paul Cavanagh (Email)

Do or Die No.8 ISSN 1462-5989

Voices from the ecological Resistance. 350 A5 pages crammed with reports, analysis, opinions , paranoia, resources and pictures: June18, Globalisation, Tunnelling, Pirates, Genetix, trashings, squatting, barcodes, Germoney, Bougainville, Nepal,. Poland, Israel, Indonesia, Kamunist Kranti, Akha, Kalimantan, Colorado, a wise Big Fat Feminist Rant About Sex and lots more
5.00 cheque to "Do or Die"
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Stonehenge car park totempole oldest ritual centre vandalised by English 
Fri 31 Last day of millenium, fuck the Dome go somewhere good its not my 
there's no festival at Stonehenge 
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JANUARY 2000 (Qabalistic holy grail) 
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Saturday 25 March 2000 Stonehenge benefit gig at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms?
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MAY 2000 Walk leaves for Stonehenge from Beachy Head 
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StopPress:Mid-day mooners want witnesses of the kids being CS gassed at their eclipse camp in Cornwall e-mail:
The moon goes. The seagulls return... With their Haikus.
Wednesday 22nd December Winter Solstice @ 07:44 Full moon @ 17:31 in Cancer...
BADGES: 50p each in stamps, or 30p for 6+ from Campaign address. Other designs also available for 1 stamp + S.A.E.: Summer 93-98 Walk 93, Winter 93

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