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In 1997 I lived by the river Thames, then drove to the Big Green Gathering and to Dead Womans Bottom . In September I tinwhistled at the Tribal Voices music camp, and and and

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Sat 4thJan1997: at steveJ's computer - new frames, new stuff into dicenews.htm, and into dicepubl.htm.

Sun12Jan1997: Olivetti M10 'laptop' crahsed - I removed the batteries and lost all my new year's writings. Mon13 Jan 1997 : Cycled to Kingsway College Wed 15 Jan 1997: Someone said we're going to be evicted from Wandsworth/Fulham soon - anyone got room for a small bus ( or two (or ten..))

Monday 3rd Feb 1997 - These pages disappeared last week - I almost panicked, emailed geocities, etc (hello Nelson - email me?) got them back again yesterday - perhaps because I didnt have an index.html file - thought it was nice for you browsers to be able to look at the list of my files and choose which images to download...

Sat 15 Feb 1997 got evicted from Wandsworth bridge: now parked 100 yards southeast of Putney bridge; my bus, a truck, a van, a caravan and a tent. Wed 5th March - cycled to Kingsway college, updateing stonehenge pages, getting email, then to Stonehenge Meeting, the Glastonbury gig and meeting on 15,16 March are definitely on, , quite a lot of interest, then cycling back dropped by Golden internet cafe and did more debugging.. Sat 8th March: Moved to a nice green site inbetween Kew railway bridge, the Thames, and the Public Records office.

Karelia's starter solenoid got stuck, I disconnected the wires and started by handle (eventually), then off, towing caravan with Angel and Sunshine babe, but the entrance was blocked by two cars, parked there, towed caravan halfway across the main road (red route) , got stuck trying to pull it up into someone's drive, two friendly police helped, a few hours' sleep, woken by a nice cop, explained; more sleep, woken by a not-nice cop - fifteen minutes to move, he wouldn't believe I had MOT and insurance, I couldnt find them, pulled caravan across the road alone, hitched up, pulled onto site, slept for two days, terrible back aches, now, Saturday evening, cycled round to Steve's where I'm interneting for a few hours, his great Videotron connection..

Thu27March1997 Stonehenge equinox, I ran through, a torch light slashed out at me, I veered left, stroked Stone11 passing, then out, south, over A303 fence, ONE-NIL

Sat19April1997 updating datelist , and pruned findex and veday multimedia book relaunch for 7th/8th may?

Thursday 1st May, 2.a.m. in cybercafe, the word in London is that if the Tories win today's election then we'll know they're CHEATS and that democracy is con
been cycling through red lights, but stopped for an ambulance.
bad news on the popstar front, Dave and Clive lost my contribution for Tribal Voices2
and Michael Eavis hasn't replied yet to my letter offering to play tin whistle on the main stage on Sunday afternoon
new sound from stonehenge sample: drumloop - does it work for you?

I say I'm worth a hundred pounds an hour (but I'd do almost anything for a tenner (depends on tonights outcome what I do next (see my letter to the NME somewhere in my writings...

just imagine what'll happen when all this blurble gets crossreferenced and indexed, their computers will melt! Ha ha )))

working on 342K video etc for veday book next week, relunch!

I sent Eavis a cassette and a letter offering to play tinwhistle on the main stage at Glastonbury on Sunday afternoon, but havent been to the pobox to check if he's replied - his big chance! (its done wonders for my subconscious attitude)

Tuesday 13thMay1997 2a.m. at friend's Macintosh IIci, can I upload this ?

Stonehenge VE Day Book 3 frames

I love Geocities - the bestest web connectionationists I can upload webpages to it from any computer with Netscape; thanks!

Thursday22May1997restoring movies, and debugging the VE Day book (but still 2 pages missing at phreak - see ruinous specification

perhaps soon reinvent a CV and look for work, I need money for new specs and I'm not on strike against Thatcher any more but I havent time to work, I'd rather work ten hours for £100 than 100 hours for £10 as an opening bid, this here's my portfolio, perhaps my odds'd be better on the lottery ha ha, I could scrap my bus, but it seems a waste after all this time and if I was a popstar I could use it for a video with my band, but I aint on the phone and I havent got a bath and letters sometimes take years to arrive bus some email gets through sometimes

every day is a new age, as my friend baby Sunshine often reminds me

Thursday5June1997 been cycling towards Stonehenge

Tuesday17th June Bad News - the IRA have started war again - they admit shooting two RUC police yesterday, only 47 days after we'd got rid of the Tories after 18 years they couldn't wait 47 days before restarting their killing - and what if they win? If the British Army gives up and leaves and surrenders to the IRA commanders what then? Wouldn't the 'protestant' 'loyalist' terrorists feel justified to use bombs back, random 'civil' war for decades more, generations of kids growing up in that vibe, is that what they want for revenge? They couldn't wait two months for Our Little Tony after 18 years they couldn't even wait nine months.

Thursday19thJune1997 now updating Stonehenge pages because tomorrow is Solstice Eve, I think I'll hitch southwest (from Richmond) after blasting out John Peel from the roof of my bus for the general edumification of my new neighbours,

Shepherds Bushbaby Tuesday I drove my bus from Kew to Shepherds Bush, now parked at 'The Fun Factory', Bramley Rd, between Latimer Rd and Shepherds Bush and where we did Reclaim The Streets in the motorway where the creek used to go long before I lived nearby at Evesham Street a few years ago. Someone said we won't get evicted for at least three weeks, he though that was soon - it's 21 days, there's the solstice weekend, the Glastonbury Weekend ( I might stay up Glastonbury Tor tinwhistling - I sent Sir Michael Eavis a cassette and asked for a free ticket to play the main stage on Sunday afternoon but I dont think he's replied - his loss! (anyway I don't have a phone or letterbox, but I do get my email almost weekly (and why doesnt the mailto html tag work in Microsoft Internet Explorer3, Bill?)

9 July97 new link I've found

hello SpaceGoats!
thanks to Global cafe Dave and all
great online- DrHTML syntax checker

Monday 21stJuly1997: I drove my bus out of London to the BigGreenGathering - it got there - thanks to a lucky ten-quid vehicle pass. It conked out several times, had to push start it by Hammersmith Police Station, but it worked. Did 59mph downhill and 10mph uphill. With Rainbow Sunny as codriver and 3 hitch-hikers. Stopped Monday night in the track by Stonehenge, walked on the mounds, remembering festivals long past, then walked along the Avenue in the dark, how dense the Stones are. It became clear that originally there were two HeleStones, left and right of the Avenue. My bed was squatted, I slept in the grass by the track, peeping at the Stones.

Tuesday at the BigGreen was the best, me jamming tin whistle in the Golden Moon with three women singer/guitarists, called something like "Weave", hours and hours, wow!
The next night jamming in EcoTrip with a new black guitarist and many singers, ending with "I will survive" - my whistle played itself, noteperfect.

and more and more - a

Karelia Return

- 14 years since I bought my bus and it was towed to the lovely? Big Green Gathering 1983

Thursday15thAugust I've hitched to London to email Frome, and update these pages.

My bus now parked at:
Dead Womans Bottom Camp,
one mile west of Nunney,
five miles west of Frome,

(from the Frome/Shepton Road take the right turn after Nunney Chase, then first left)
It's a protest camp against a proposed road linking proposed quarries,
and against the Whatley Quarries in general,
the madness of an economic system where it's cheaper for farmers to buy crushed pure limestone for their muddy gates rather than recycled builders rubble,
and against this mad system generally,
(and it's my home).

I'll be working with locals to get a Whatley Quarry website together

the next big thing in my diary is the Stonehenge Equinox and meeting in the Amesbury pub on 22/23 September (if the sky doesnt fall on my before then (touch wood)
Nobody's indispensable / Everybody's indispensable

Just finished reading Carl Jung's "Man and His Symbols" ( a few pages a day for a few months.

and yesteray when I was a bit ill I read a biography of Alan Watts, the writer of "Zen, the Watercourse Way", he was horrid to his kids.

Thu4Sept1997: at Global Cafe's night of Dave aspect's doings again -
hitchhiked from Somerset yesterday (Wednesday), several hours waiting at Nunney Catch roundabout (opposite next weekend's Frome Festival site), turned down 4 lifts to Frome, then off, zoom, to the M4, pouring with rain, fast lift to Reading services, hald an hour or so then on to a London tube station, got on tube, helping foreigners I dropped my notebook, found pages gone, got off train, back to last station, found some on platform, some on trackway, thought about it, then jumped down and got them, (not electrocuted, not arrested), then onwards to Stonehenge Meeting , blah blah, half a lift here, walked, getting email, doing this
Been reading some SciFi, and the French Lieutenant's Woman, very good, recommended.
Talking to CJ Stone, he mentioned Canterbury, I said I'd never been there but knew it through Russell Hoban's book Ridley Walker, his friend had heard the radio version earlier this year, we all agreed that it is a VERY GOOD BOOK, very memorable, read it!
Phreak have (at last) updated my VE Day book pages , it should now work 97%

We had a great full moon party, 20 or 30 of us round a campfire, Monday 20th October 1997 - in KareliaBus on the concrete at Dead Woman's Bottom
Last week I drove my bus out of the shady corner it was in and then twenty yards up the bridleway and right, up onto the concrete, where it's now parked. It's much lighter here, and there's wind to power the windmill and charge my batteries so I can listen to the radio and tapes and power this here computer, this Toshiba 1200 (with a 20MB hard disk) which Rory gave me. I'm keying this in using SLED (Simple Light Editor) and saving to disk (the hard disk is turned off to save power, I'm working on the RAM disk. later I'll paste this into dicegeor.htm , then cycle somewhere and upload it. Perhaps 13 miles to Glastonbury where my friend Rob has a Mac and modem and his chic????? Cannabis Hemp Information Club website, or friends of the Assembly Rooms where we're building a new Tribal Voices website; or perhaps I'll cycle four miles to Frome where I've heard of a couple of friends of friends who have an internet connection (or Radstock, or, failing all that I could pay Glastonbury Galatea three opunds for half an hour, or hitch to London where I have several blaggable connections)

The last few days I've been smashing concrete, pickaxing the cracks in the old concrete here - it's abandoned quarry works from 15 years ago some say, pushing mud in the cracks and then sticks of Willow, which I'm told should root and flower. Friday24thoctober1997 - ..hurrying,.. updated whatley webpage...
the stonehenge webpages will be on telly on cyber cafe - ITV's internet show. It will be broadcast at 12.30pm on Saturday 15th November. We are showing at as part of our best and worst package. In case you're wondering , it will be featured in a positvie light Many Thanks Dipak Researcher
Cyber Cafe Meridian TV

( and see the Tribal Voices new experimental webpages)

Monday 10th Novemeber: back on my bus in Somerset, it's been windy so there's power in the batteries, I'm keying tyhis in using a 12volt neon light ot see the keyboasrd. If I stare very hard I can just make the text out, not good enough fro editing though. I'll keyin now , and edit later. I've been jkeeping myself busy chisleling drainage channels in the concrete, but last night an emergency - it was rianing, I heard a pouring rather than a drippibng, the window by the sink was letting in water, the temporary repair I did last easter after those tteenagers smashed the windows ====By candlelight I moved loads of stuff, then crowbared up the fkloorbaords, using old curtains to mop up, no wonder my feet were cold- twasn't wateroproof with the b8us leaning left as it is, and the rain comibng from the south. All the rian that hit the window was coming inside the bus.- cut some aluminium and bolted itt on, then then wedged some clear plastic below it, it works, the rain goes outside not in,\ but it wouldnt work on the road - it'd blow off, and rian come in -\worse is that I havent been working on the bus, someone said there's a fifty percent chance we'll be evicted by Christmas, and my MOT ran out last week, there's a cracked windscreen where a drunk at Fulham threw qwood for a dog and crac but cracked the window, and worser ther'es a hole in the exhaust, I ntocied it aonly a few days ago when I checked, It was many years ago at Acton when I put in that flexi-pipe, I patched it with a bit of drainbpipe in July, and got it welded at the Rainbow centre a year and a bit before, rtmororow, tomorrow I should work on it, But also my webiste's on telly on Friday, and there's stuff to update, the busgs in the VE day book to patch, news of alleged King Arthur...

Last week, tuesday, I got a lift with Rainbow Anna to London, stayed at the Chingford Mill Future Earth Circus Space, then Wednesday morning the van taking me, Pok, Raven, baby mum and driver southwards conked out, so we abandoned the mission and went back to base, ate some muesli, played with the babies, eventually I walked away, bought a travel card, bused and Tubed to Southwark to see how it was but when I got there they said Arthur, Dru-oids, hangerson, press and telly had gone on to Bow Street to get his sword back- I thought I was so delayed I'd miss them there that so I went up to Kings Cross where I found Pete in the van, chatted for an ghour or so, realised Arthur , Willie X and co were probably in a pub getting journalists to buy them drinks, so i walked away, up to Kingsway College to do some internet work.

Kingsway have a whole new system at kentish town, they've upgraded from Windows NT3ish to Windows 97 but unjfortunately hthey havent got it to work yet, a randonm tchniciaan logged in under a more priveleged passqword and set it up for me, I got online, the bugs were still there in the veday book, with Wordpad I edited file vedaygeo.htm to prompt people to load vbkframes.htm to get the thin frame at the bottom with the page numbers, but when I came to upload it to geocities I couldnet, because the machine's browser is now Microsfot Internet Exoplorer 2 or 3, (they said Netscape would cost the college money) (but Geocities file upload needs Netscape2 or MSIE4 or and FTP program) so I saved it to disk, and walked away, to the chip shop then torriano,

At the torriano meeting it was good - see my notes on the Stoneheng page stonecam.htm

At the meeting I phoned up a few of my London Internet friends, but they were all out, so i didnt go round there house, I wqent back with Arthur and Co to Willy's flat where about 20 of us watched v Monty Python's Holy Grail video and slept wherever.

The nextday I phoned some London Internet friends again,.,. but no yes, (meaning - I got no 'yes'), there was a lift back in the evening and I grabbed it.

my weekend internte connection in Frome didnt happen either. But I could cycle to Glastonbury and use the cybercafe -\ it's a pound for ten minutes, online, which is loads as I'm trying to survbive on £50 a month,. and this aint really the weather for cycling - wind and rain, busy mad roads.

I don't need to upload any of this stuff. But I want to.

Dear Bill Gates, please give ,me a windmill powered satellite internet connection and a 12volt computer which can browse HTML...

If everyone lived in buses I'd live in a house.

Tuesday 11th November cycled to Frome, couldnt use the bunnfunn Mac because they were making cakes (?)

Wed12thNovemember at Glastonbury, online at last!
Young Merlin (of the Stonehenge Walk ) has a new website!
Checkout Menwith Hill
Tomorrow is Tirthapda's birthday, commemorated here in Glast, serendipitious,
Friday is full moon, celebrate at Dead Woman's Bottom

thu14december1997 in London, trying to fix bugs in vedaybook pages 11 and 12, and with the new "improved" geocities counter at bottom of page.
bus still based in Somerset
new sitemap
website was on meridian TV, I'm told
new pages about druids and Stonehenge Free Festivalsnextish

snow Tuesday 23rd December h23:23 got a lift to Glastonbury, helping with the CHIC website and testing some new javascript for a clock in new style frames - does it work for you?

Tuesday 23rd december 1997 4.23pm it's getting dark outside, I'm in my bus, typing this on the Toshiba, I can't see what I'm writing - it's too dark..
Yesterday, Monday, was New Year Solstice sunrise at Stonehenge , but at 5 a.m. I found that the van I'd hoped would take me there was too full, another possible lift hadn't arrived, another had a petrol leak, and the fourth was asleep, so I didn't go.
They got into the Stones- English Heriticage let the few that were there - Druids and others, in.

Sunday night we had a solstice party here at Dead Woman's Bum

Laura from tribalvoices had rehearsed a play about the death and rebirth of Old King Oak: King Holly was the baddy, the ten people as the caterpillar were also remembered, but I was a bit drunk at the time.

I'd spent all day working on the new kitchen,and the fir the new fire, sweeping etceterra.

On Saturday I cycled to Nunney to get my Saturday Guardian, then went back to bed.

on Friday I'd cycled to Frome for our benefit gig. Before we went to a Sun Pub with real cider for one pound a pint, I started dancing before then first band and didnt stop. The bike got a puncture so I pushed it all the way home. Unfortunately I didn't get to do my lightshow - it would have been prefect for the room, but then again I didnt have to take it to bits after and and hustle a lift back, ha ha.

end dice1997.htm

see dice1996.htm for 1996 notes

see dice1998.htm for 1998 notes

see dicegeor.htm for latest notes

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