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==========GLASTONBURY MEETING===========
Last years meeting was a minor success,
23-ish of us met in the cafe, leaving
the hall to the noisy kids.  Perhaps
this year we'll fill the hall again???
I've set up this meeting not to tell
you my views or to hear the same old
hacks but to listen to new voices.
Thetas why I think we should sit in
a talking stick circle, and speak
in turn ( with short interruptions
for points of information, jokes etc)
If you can't wait for your turn,
If you can't respect other people,
then how the luck will we ever get a
free and peaceful festival together?
======== (diceG)===================
Them yanks done good, getting out
and voting for the least bad
leader. Some are worse than others.
In his October '92 Tory speech
Rubber Johnny slagged off New Age
Travellers.  Some deserve it, 
sharing his old-age selfish short-
term consumalot 'philosophy'.
"There's two kinds of hippies :
good and bad"  oversimplifies.
Have you got any ideas for a
"New Age Travellers' Code" :
a leaflet saying N.A.T.s:
= Care for the planet and others
= Spread love and smiles
= Bury their shit
= Clean up their sites
= etcetera - ideas please ???
And what name could we get the
newspapers to call those who
burn plastic, insult straights,
abuse sacred substances, leech?
========== (dice) george ==========             

Stonehenge newsletter December 1992

Letter from Karelia == 9 December 1992 Sitting on my bus roof with 3 blankets and 2 kids watching the monster shadow eating up the moon - one said "wow", another "wicked" - then they slept while I waited and smoked a toast dreaming of ancient full moon festivals, the dread and wonder of it, the moon earth and sun in a dead straight line, the time to synchronise watches, to reset the Aubrey hole moon marker stones - their language may have been an early form of Welsh or closer to Karelian Finnish or Siberian Lapp; did they have wheels or rollers, could they read and write on wood - we know they could calculate and knew more of predicting eclipses than you or I ('know' in the sense of knowing how to, how to use a tool, not why - their theories and gods can only be dreamed of). Stonehenge is writing in stone (and evidence of teamwork (and I'd guess slavery (in your imaginings do you have the mathematicians and warriors on ponies, sledges, boats, chariots))) as the moon glimmered then glinted in an arc top left and kissed her tiny hand and because it's the full moon nearest Winter Solstice yelled across site "Happy New Year!"


Soar C90 Stonehenge Benefit Cassette

#3.00 from S.C. 99 TorrianoAv NW5 2RX
with RedIceBrian, DiceGeorge, Oxfin's Eugene, Glastonbury's Danny, Invisible Rory, the Coventry Drongos etc



feb93 torri av
march 93 torri av
sat 20 march 93 equinox
2pm Sunday 21 March 1993
Stonehengers Open Meeting
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
(please insert this date into
as many listings as you can)
7pm Sunday 21 March 1993
Stonehenge videos and music
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms

april torri av
24-25 April firsoff meet
may torri av
june walk london peace pagoda
june solstice

Stonehenge Newsletter September 1992

{ Letter from Karelia }

In the Glastonbury Green Futures tent we heard an E at a rave is the fastest way to turn on the greatest number of people in the shortest time, and soon the new ravers will awake to New Age Consciousness ('raveolution'?): we heckled, yes, house music has improved, but Saturdays's Lou Reed for all his infamous junky lowlife past was a live satellite of Love blues guitarist soul singer man: we heckled Fraser on taste facts and tactics, but as a poet/shaman he's on our side - (how few of us lot in those fields and elsewhere voted in May, 10% or less, if we had then Major's minority wouldn't control Westminster) Imagine Willy's Stonehenge Rave - huge speakers between Standing Stones, ravers semaphore dancing on top no no no it's wrong to climb on the Stones, lets dance on the mounds, we don't need electrickery inside Stonehenge, pipes strings drums voices, look at the photos in old Festival Eyes - I get jealous hearing of the legendary 60's but Stonehenge Free Festival in 1984 was a whole month, time enough for random neighbours to become family (and the chalk drained rain unlike Somerset's mud) and when was the first? 1974? no: four thousand years ago when we built it.
{ (dice)George } -----


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