1995 June
                                        Monday 5 
 Unicorn Unicorn 
 Traveller of the ages 
 faster than lightening 
 wiser than sages. 
 Almighty horn 
 upon divine brow 
 Guide me to the Golden realm 
 there + now 
 Asalaam Asalaam 
 spiral light bearer 
 none is wiser none is fairer 
 Magic Mystic hooves 
 traversing the realms 
 Guiding home all who choose 
 Hey Ho Asalaam 
 Creature of divine light We as one unite 
 All Mythical beasts surround my being 
 of the Golden Realm 
 Asalaam My Father. 
 I am your daughter 

 I give my heart to the children 
 Storyworld the fathomless realm of endless fable 
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