June 1995 4 Sunday

Magic Mystery enchantment wonder and joy to you all.

Through the turning vision of the Stones I see I am her and she is me We are one. Wandering Weavers we meet rejoice in celebration to entice and allure new born creation. Wake Wake Wake Waking Woken entice the serpent of changing ages allow a re-dawning of axe born God.

Juggling Joyous Jesting Joy Joy Joy

Songs of praise for eleven days Reach out grab a star ride astride a meteor.

Oh stones of vision My soul therein dwells Ancient Gathering Mystic secret open open open opening.

When I stand upon thee I feel truth of mystic Magic Magnetism alive alive alive alivening

When I touch and feel thee I feel boundless energy in flight fly fly fly flying my body quivers in elation.

One truth one love Stone creatures rejoin to allow total rebirth

Ancient initiation of Surrender to the one and all

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