Natty Druids ina Stonehenge Stylee!
Crucial Rainbow Vibration!

Totally magical!

A beautiful sharing of voices in harmony, highly tuned exponents of the Muse, attuning with the harmony of the Spheres, sharing sacred bread, bananas, raisins, nuts, wine, benedictions, Holy Smoke!

It was thoroughly the Stones loved it to pieces. By the end of the day they were glowing with joy and hugs.

Yeah, man!

I swear I saw the Stones HUGGING THEMSELVES!

Or did someone spike the applejuice?

It was a triumphant Rainbow One Love Vibration Across Creation!

And had to be done!

That on such a loaded day as VE Day that such a key power-centre as Stonehenge received such energy was indeed a great blessing. As much as all those folk out there who were similarly inspired, albeit by the War Machine, by all the activities happening globally that day, so we were linked up to that global heart-surge to celebrate such a day, and that's what we were all doing. The Rainbow Tribe can see that because they have the collective medicine of all the shamanic paths - it's the Rainbow Heritage that we talk in different tongues, live in unity within a diversity of paths. Love is the common ground.

William Blake, who is said to have druidic connections, once wrote: "Where Mercy, Love and Pity dwell there God is dwelling too." The A


l of Love descended upon the Stones this day, and you can bet your boots Blake would have been there had he been in mortal form. He was for sure in spirit!

From an hour before sunrise, until an hour after sunset it was a long long day, so sweet it have melted the heart of granite, seduced the very soul to sing. Yes thankyou Goddess, Jah, Radha-Krishna, sistren & brethren.


(slightly late report, 21 December 1995) Ali Glastafari





Well wicked!

VE day in the Stones! A coup for the Rainbow Sistren & Brethren. The forces of Babylonia were well and truly outfoxed. The Stonehenge Security are on record as admitting

"we had absolutely no intelligence on this",

like the Old Bill had also confessed to earlier in the year at the land squat at Wisley Airport. Well you said it sports!

Actually the Security guys there at the Henge really dug it. It was very orderly, ver y creative, and generally very harmonious. Lots of good music from the Heathens All and friends, much of it composed by the musicians present there.

In fact the Tribe were congratulated and thanked by the Security because they had a really interesting day and enjoyed sharing their knowledge of the Stones with the Rainbow posse.

But there has to be a trifle discordia to just provide the balance and this shamanic role was enacted by some slightly lunched Dread brother, one of the few non-white faces in th e tribe there.

This brother took on himself the role of being High Priest Witchdoctor of the occasion and tried to focalise us and be the centre of attention. He had a monumental chip on his shoulder about the suppression of his race and culture in past times by the British Empire, and fair's fair he'd got a point. So he played a few head games with us - he was actually thoroughly pissed - but was treated gently by the sistren and brethren as obviously he needed healing and compassion from the Tribe, wounded as he clearly was.

So it was quite a dynamic happening all round. The Pixies danced their cotton socks off and then came back for more! Maybe a hundred or so came from different directions. A posse left Avalon around 3 a.m. in a hired bus with a Union Jack in the front, reclaiming their heritage along with a posse in a coach from the Cooltan Arts Centre in Brixton and the Rainbow Centre in Kentish Town. Another posse from Brighton - we all got in. The Old Bill just gave up - it was too well organised.

T he media had a field-day and got some classic photos and video coverage, some of it shock-horror - oh what an outrage these people depriving the tourists of the peacefulness of a Stonehenge quiet and still and fenced off.

What a laugh! Not only were they allowed in half price because of the occupation, but they got some classic photos and video.

They got a free show - it was TOTALLY CLASSIC! by Ali Glastafari

Peace, Shanti, Shalom!

March 1998: Ali Glastafari suddenly died -
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