I climbed onto Stonehenge
I couldnt help myself
and someone helped me up
I felt like a tingley feeling
when I first got to Stonehenge

This year was the first time I was there
I touched the Stones-
my hands and feet felt strange

When I was standing on top of the Stones I felt OK
I ate a bit of moss I found on top
I had to abseil down
for a week afterwards
I kept getting the strange powerful feeling of the Stones
but it was too much-
I felt like I was waiting for something bad to happen
like I'd done something wrong
I thought about what it was
I was OK after about a week
I only climbed the stones because I saw everyone and I wanted to

10k - jumping over the Stonehenge!


Letter to the Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter

=+= Poem from Karelia =o= Sun14May1995 =

Forget faked Corn Circles Fractals or

Eric Von Daniken's space-ape fictions,

get into spiders - spiders are wicked

thousands of ways they do their doings...

Monday I saw a great web at the Stones,

under a Lintel, high at the front,

(But I didn't climb up - that I won't do

See come and conquer, roman, dog?)

A chain's strength is the weakest knot

but a web's strength is flexible, man,

It's OK to fail sometimes (hu)man,

((( a woman is a man with a womb)))

it's the thought that counts, OK?

Rubber Johnny MP PM cancelled Mayday

Churchill was ousted in actual events

Christ this rhyme is bloody trying!

Love tin whistling in Stonehenge:


Orange   safety   catches   know

Yellow   fire   from  my  biro

Green  is life,     apples    grow

Blue  is  sky,      water   gray

I don't believe in Indigo.

Purple Hazel VE Day.

*** your cousin, (dice) George ******



Letter to the Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter



Irene Claremont de Castillejo,

who studied psychology with

Mrs Jung and Toni Wolff, wrote:

"It may sometimes be wisdom to

 use one's shadow deliberately.

 ...Christ vented his anger on

 the moneylenders in the temple.

 He knew what he was doing.

 We also need to know what we

 are doing, as it is only when

 our shadow comes up unbeknown

 that it causes mischief".

Wasn't Stonehenge VE Day great!

Linda Grant in Grauniad wrote:

 "At some protests one spies

 the extraordinary sight of the

 Union Jack, wrenched away at

 last from the hands of the BNP,

 and reworked as a Union Jill

 of Rainbow colours".

There were also standard Union

Jacks in our Stones that day,

(in any war you get eager boys

ready to kill for the team

they happened to be born in-

I empathised with the gassed

at the Stoney Cross Eviction,

herded like pigs to slaughter-

(I'm not calling police Nazis-

most are good at heart, but

rusted by everyday horrors-

(Register + vote tactical

(Reefer to ex Festival Eyes)


Rainbow Puzzler(last reserve).



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