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webpage about Yahoo's denial of service - my aim is to get them to give me more bandwidth, dont be too rude

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I'm george, i got my first Stonehenge Campaign webpage at geocities in around 1995, before they were bought by Yahoo. I've been developing the site ever since.

good news

let me say thanks for the webspace, paid for by the adverts. I give them nine out if ten for service, but one the one annoying thing is an email I got last month saying Congratualtions for having a popular webpage but in 2001 Yahoo started suspending the webpages (see other column).

Yahoo bought geocites a few years ago. i joined geocities free homepges around 1995, when friends at Kingsway College recommended their free webpages offer, and it worked almost all the time.

Ive spent hours getting it so when people search for stonehenge they get to our stonehenge campaign. Google works well I believe.

and we print the geocities URLs like in our newsletters, and many other sites are linked to the pages at geocities. Thats one of the wonders of the world wide web.

bad news

in 2001 they sent me an email of what yahoo called congratulations saying they were hiding my website from some people because yahoo will do it again.

congratulations said geociities, your website has been so successful that we've been turning it off. Send us money and we'll turn it a on for a bit longer.

Yahoo have invented new bandwidth rules, and that my website was now attracting too many people to view the informaton and art (and their adverts!)

But if I send yahoo dollars they'll let a few more people see my webpages (and their adverts), until my webpages get more popular when they'll suspend them again. Unless I pay more money. 'angry' is too strong a word for what i think of whoever at yahoo decided on this policy. Dont they value the goodwill that the name geocities used to have? arent lots of people sending them money to have adverts removed?

what probably happened is the amerians runnning yahoo paid themselves more money than they could afford, the advertising revenue was lessening...

Its not so easy as to move my webpages toanother website because loads of search engines and bookmarks and favourites and newsprint point to the Stonehenge Campaign webpages andto my writings,

lots of people come to my site after searching Google for Stonehenge. ---end




Subject: Your Data Transfer Status

Date: 04 October 2001 08:20

Dear GeoCities Member,

Congratulations, seems to be very popular and has been receiving a large amount of traffic. Our records indicate that you're using more than the allotted amount of data transfer we provide for a free web site, which is 3 gigabytes per month (measured on an hourly basis). That means that during the past few days we had to temporarily turn your site off to keep the bandwidth within this limit.

What can I do?

Keep in mind that large files such as images and multimedia files can effect your data transfer greatly. A single web page that contains 200,000 bytes of images will only be able to be viewed about 20-25 times an hour. By keeping your file sizes and page sizes as small as possible, you can maximize the amount of page views your site can produce.

You can also upgrade your site to one of our new premium services, GeoCities Pro or GeoCities Webmaster. These packages allow for 10 and 20 gigabytes of data transfer per month, and also give you the option of purchasing unlimited data transfer so your site will always be accessible. These packages also enable you to run an ad-free site at your own domain name (for example, AND get matching email accounts at that domain (like

For more information about our new packages, please visit Upgrading your current GeoCities site to one of our new premium packages is simple. You don't have to move ANY of your files, and your current GeoCities web address will continue to work in addition to your domain.

If you'd prefer not to receive this notice in the future, just go to to take your name off of the notify list. Of course, our servers will continue to monitor your site's data usage and turn it off if it exceeds the limits.

Thank you,

Yahoo! GeoCities


Thanks for these webpages.
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