TODAY newspaper: Tuesday May 9 1995, page 13

photo caption: Hippy, hippy shake: a rainbow reveller celebrates VE Day at Stonehenge


AN ARMY of hippies stage their own VE Day party at Stonehenge yesterday.

The 250-strong unit stormed the ancient monument's defences on Salisbury Plain under the cover of darkness.

Banners and Union Jacks adorned the stones as revellers atop the world famous arches danced to bongo music and ancient horns. Hippy reveller Shannon Smy, 29, said: It was our VE Day celebration in a place that's important to us.

"We all had granddads and relatives in the war and wanted to remember them in our way.

"It was a peaceful party, we didn't want trouble, and we left an hour after sunset"

The invasion, the first since riot police arrested 537 travellers in the infamous Battle of the Beanfield ten years ago, surprised Wiltshire bobbies.

The force operates a four-mile exclusion zone around the 4000-year-old monument in the run up to the summer solstice. But the crafty hippies parked a quarter of a mile away and walked.

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