* It was with considerable trepidation that I went to Stonehenge on VE Day '95. It was the first time I'd been there since '88's Summer Solstice. My memories of that year were massed ranks of police flying missiles, bright lights beaming down from helicopters, a bloody long walk, being chased by some freaked out MOD guy with a dog (consequently losing my stash tin in a field) and finally taking refuge in the Kings Barrow. It was another bloody long walk back to Cholderton Woods.

*These were my thoughts as I sat on the Big Red Bus from Glastonbury =0 what was I letting myself in for? Fortunately my first fears were not made manifest - (not first) an EH security man helped me over the fence as soon as I got there, and the day became progressively more mellow from then on. My favourite memory us is of a small Japanese man getting someone to photograph him hugging a very tall topless woman with spirals on her breasts - I guess his family now have a rather unique view of the British!

* I guess we'd all learned a lot from the experiences of the late 80's in keeping a fluffy vibe - the new technology helped too - mobile phones on the bus, the fax machine sending off press releases to the media at 6 a.m.. And What A Result! positive press in almost all the national media

* I'm writing this at the Tribal Voices 3 camp in Devon - the scene's moved on, and so have I.

Thanks to the Divine Creatrix who put me in the right place and time on the planet to know you all, and share in this most interesting of all times.

That's all the fluffy bollox I've got to say at present- please don't remind me of it when I'm back in my usual cynical frame of mind.

Love and stuff, Vicki , Sept '97

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