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my 486SLC laptop

I was given my 486SLC laptop in autumn 1998 by Jason. I'm typing on it now, here in my bus , powered by the windmill. The disk drive's broken, I transfer this file along the RS232 cable to my Toshiba and save it to disk. Then cycle to somewhere with an internet connection, insert the disk and upload.

The 486SLC runs Windows 3.1. I've got Program Manager arranged with all the icons I use in the Program Group window 'Main', icons I don't use are in minimised windows which I almost never open.

The 486SLC has only 4M or RAM, it's theoretically upgradeable to 8M, but has a special unknown connector, and I cannot find "Aries" who made the machine.

The software I'm using to type this is SLED , a freeware DOS editor which I prefer to Notepad, Word6 etcetera. It's PIF file tells it to stay in memory when I Alt-Tab to another window such as Netscape

geocities - free webpages

www.geocities.com To get free webpages at geocities first you need to have an email account where they cam email you information, if you haven't got one then get one from hotmail or somewhere else.
Then think of the name you'd like to be at geocities - I'm george@dicenews.com. See my notes at #hotmail on choosing a name.
Then grab a 'vacant lot', a webaddress at gfeocities. I'm at www.phreak.co.uk/stonehenge/psb/
grab any address at first, berfore you tell people .where it is you could look around geocities for a more memorable address when one comes available, and move to that address. But you cannot change your name at geocities. Only when you'vbe settled in to your geocities address statert to tell your freinds what it is, once people know it it's too late to change to a more memorable address.
I chose geocities.com/SoHo/Cafe/1963 for tribal voices because I think it's a memorable address, '1963' is a three-ey number, it's the year the Beatles release "She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah"!

I write my webpages raw and upload them using geocitie's file manager, at first you'd probably find it easier to use theri template pages. Then sabve them to disk abnd print out the raw HTML. see my webpage dghtmljs.htm for my notes about HTML (tyhe computer language webapges are written in), or look at the references in my Bookmarks webpage


hotmail with millions of memebrs, they give you a free email account which you can access from any computer with an internet connection, like any cybercafe.
their website is www.hotmail.com
To join first think of a name for yourself, and a password. They have millions of members already, so simple names like "george@hotmail.com" and "dave@hotmail.com" are already used, think of a name which you can say down the telephone and is easily memorable by your friends, "george67" is forgettable, "studebakerhawk" difficult to spell down the phone, "davethebunnyfromhell" is rather long.
connect to their website, click on new member, see if your chosen name is available, if not try another, fill in your password and some personal details.
then test it - send yourself some emails, send emails to a friend, ask them to reply, check that you get their reply.
Dont't keep lots of old messages in your inbox folder, I make a folder called 1998 and move old messages into it.
hotmail only let you have 2M of messages, so check the size of yuour saved messages, otherwise they'll blindly delete some of them.
Olivetti M10 was a Tandy 100 clone
Toshiba 1200



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