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Cannabis in Avalon came into being in early 1999 in order to spread Cannabis consciousness from the Heart Chakra of planet Earth.

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Cannabis is the most beneficial and versatile plant resource known to humanity. Through the use of Cannabis we will reverse the effects of Global Warming, Save the Rain Forests, feed, clothe and shelter the World's population entirely.

The Cannabis plant was one of the first cultivated crops. From more than a thousand years before the time of Christ until the late 1800s, Cannabis was the largest agricultural crop and most important industry for thousands of products and enterprises, producing the overall majority of natural fibre, fabric, paper, cordage, lighting oil and medicines, as well as a primary source of food for humans and animals.

In the early 1900's, politicians introduced laws that virtually prohibited Cannabis world-wide. The justification for this prohibition was based on claims that Cannabis was "the most violence causing drug known to humanity' (Testimony of Harry Anslinger (US Federal Bureau of Narcotics) to US congress during the 1937 Marijuana Transfer Tax hearings) and that its use 'lead to the breakdown of all bodily functions, eventually leading to insanity' (claims made by Turkish and Egyptian delegates at the 1924 Geneva Opiates Conference.) Such claims have since been disproven by all independent research into Cannabis. Despite the fact that every piece of independent research has come to the same general conclusion that Cannabis "in it's natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man" (Conclusion of senior US Drugs Enforcement Agency Administrative Law Judge Francis Young, after 2 years investigating the effects of Cannabis), governments continue to uphold laws that are fundamentally based on lies, hearsay and racial prejudice. The laws of Cannabis prohibition are a crime against peace and humanity and in total conflict to the UN declaration of Human Rights.

CIA does not campaign for the legalisation of Cannabis but rather to raise peoples' awareness about the crime of Cannabis prohibition.


CIA was formed by Cannabis Activist Free Rob Cannabis. Free Cannabis first came to notoriety in 1995 when he formed the Cannabis Hemp Information Club with the main aim of raising peoples' awareness about the history and many uses of Cannabis. In April 1996 CHIC received international press focus when world famous Cannabis Smuggler Howard Marks helped launch the CHIC Cannabis Museum and Information centre in Redchurch St, East London. In September 1996 Free and Howard distributed Free Cannabis from Speakers' Corner in Hyde park and then offered themselves for arrest at nearby Marylebone police Station as part of a National Turn Yourself In Day. The police refused to arrest Free and so in May 1997 Free Launched the Free Medical Marijuana Foundation by distributing Free Cannabis outside the department of Health. Since this date the FMMF have continued to distribute Cannabis to registered medical users with no interference from the police.

On September 28th 1997, to mark the 69th Anniversary of Cannabis Prohibition, Free again distributed Free Cannabis from Hyde Park and marched with over one hundred protesters to Marylebone police station where he was met by Inspector Terry Mullins. Inspector Mullins refused to arrest Free, saying that it was not within the public interests to do so.

Despite the fact that Free was never arrested at these very open and public distributions of Free Cannabis he was arrested in April 1997 at Reading Police station when he handed over 1.57 grams of Herbal Cannabis. Free refused to accept a caution and refused to pay the 100 fine imposed upon him by Reading Magistrates. This refusal to pay the fine lead to Free being sentenced to seven days imprisonment at Horfield prison Bristol. Before his imprisonment Free launched a sponsorship campaign and raised over 1,000 towards the Free Medical Marijuana Foundation. While in Prison, Free wrote to the Home secretary Jack Straw and invited him to take part in a live one to one TV debate discussing Cannabis. Free never received a reply to this letter, and so in February 1998 he went to the home office and attempted to hand in a live Cannabis plant and an invitation to discuss Cannabis on TV. Free was arrested soon after he produced the Cannabis plant. The case went to Trial at Southwark Crown Court in August 1998. Free issued the Crown with a counter plaint charging them with Malicious Prosecution, Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes Against Peace, Tyranny, Malfeasance, Fraud, Perjury, Malindoctrination and Conspiracy. During the Trial the judge constantly stopped Free from presenting evidence against the Crown and then directed the jury to find him guilty which they duly did. Free was given an unconditional discharge and ordered to pay 100 costs which he has refused to pay.

Less than three weeks later Free was arrested by PC Rob Davies for the cultivation of 13 Cannabis plants outside his shop "In Harmony With Nature". Just over a month later Free was awarded with a first prize by the Mayor of Glastonbury in the Glastonbury in Bloom competition. This fact made the pages of virtually every Newspaper in Britain. The case has been set for Trial at Taunton Crown Court, The Trial date was initially set for March 20th but has since been adjourned four times and is now due for trial on 10th May. Free intends to read out a prewritten statement in which he will explain to the jury their right and duty to question the legality of any law. He will then fully expose the crime of Cannabis prohibition. Presented with the true facts, Free feels confident that he will get a not Guilty verdict. It is then his aim to put together a "Cannabis Defence Pack" that people can then use to defend themselves at Crown Court. Free believes that it will be through the courts that the illegal laws of Cannabis prohibition will come to an end. This is how alcohol prohibition ended in the USA.




CIA intends to organise a National Turn Yourself In Day on Saturday September 25th 1999. As the police have always refused to arrest people at these events we will make the demand that they either arrest us or recognise our right to possess Cannabis as enshrined in both the UN and European Declaration of Human Rights, If arrested we will be serving indictments on the arresting officers and charging them with Malicious Prosecution.

With the liberation of Cannabis we can look forward to a World where we are free to benefit from the gifts of nature and we can all live as one, In Harmony With Nature.

Please support CIA in whichever way you can. Please copy and pass on this information, send us a donation if you can afford it (Cheques PO's made out to CHIC) and if you live near Glastonbury come in and offer your help. We could really do with some.

With Love and Light from CIA.


(see also Free Rob Cannabis website:

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