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TECHNOPAGAN - the music, the people, the event-comes straight from the heart of Free Festival culture, through the Free Party movement, straight into the most creative part of the millennium's musical underground. Founded in 1991 on top of a heavyweight historyworking in seriously major names on the international Festival / Pirate Gig circuit(Hawkwind , SmartPils ,Ancient Ones), TechnoPagan immediately became renowned forfull-on U V dance mayhem, the mindscrambling Anarc Lights system, and a hard but user-friendly trance style. The effect was just what a growing stimulus-starved underground audiencewanted, and TechnoPagan have performed at some of the best kept-secret parties ever since. Integral involvement with the Genetix party / event generators made for wild bangin' parties

                  HISTORICAL : TECHNO PAGAN CREWLIST 1994-1999 
                         Clive Cursor : Steve Christ : Dan Futuro : Ian Punk 
                                       Bridget Wieshart : Paula :  Sylva
                                       Heather : Silas  : Karen  : Barney 
                         Shaena : Helen : Stig : Elodie : Rachel-Fluoro-Floozy..

UPDATE 070797 The last gig at the Easton Community Centre went really well - it was in the smaller room for a change & the DJs and live act were in a narrower band of music than is often the case which to my mind was nice - i.e. bangin' techno all night : despite noise limiters in the building , twas excellent .
Techno Pagan's latest gig, at Glastonbury Fezzy was a blindin' one - on the Rainbow Dragon Stage, in the Space Marquee, situated in the GreenFutures Field, totally powered by two 4-person pedal generators connected to a bank of 12 volt batteries, ample kit to provide power for a T.P. Ritual Dance . Specially constucted acoustic amplifying speakers did the biz and the resulting " no mains hum " sound was fab . The assembled audience were howling their heads off, & it was so packed the TP Dancers, who usually spend some time in the crowd were confined to the stage to great effect - a right old PaganTechno wig-out !

UPDATE 300797. The Intransit Dance Company have now re-established themselves as a separate touring outfit , currently in Europe somewhere . Current TP status is active - Participating are Steve, Ian, Barney, & Paula .
UPDATE 280897. Music in the Park - 'twas a mad one: 6 bands in 6 hours on the Bandstand directly opposite the Royal Crescent Bath . A Dome Cafe was erected and the Sunday afternoon weather held out -one newspaper reported 3000 people had attended. Techno Pagan were last on and in keeping with these sort of events did a havin' it half hour due to time restrictions .
UPDATE 090799 Steve Rich Gerry in rehearsals: the time of the Little Big Men is upon us ... the birds suddenly go quiet , & the moon & sun quiver as if they heard a call from their creator calling them to adjust to the new era in music show production . Catch them at an Eclipse Party in Cornwall...

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