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subject: truth, lies, poetry and ununderstandabubbles
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          [mayday poem - east or west timor?]
          [Tribal Voices tapes 1,2,3,4 .. and CD five?] 
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Hi, I'm in in my bus in Somerset.

Soon I'm printing Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter -
  please email contributions, poems (see below)

I did a lightshow at the Rainbow Circle Beltane Cabaret,
using a few 12volt bulbs, hurray, I hope to do more...

from 26 May to 3rd June is the Rainbow Circle Family Fun camp
at Shepton (no dogs, no unknown unaccompanied men please)
I'll be cycling there 


2-3pm Fri 1st June 2001 Stonehenge Walkers' picnic , 
Battersea Park Peace Pagoda. 3pm Walkers leave... 

"The big stoned gathering"
Tuesday 5th June 2001 Bath
Saturday 9th June 2001 Bristol
(see below for details)

Sat 16 June 2001: 12 noon - Carnival March to End the Prohibition of Cannabis:
 Assemble in Kennington Park - Oval Tube. London. Departs 1.00 pm Free The Weed! http://www.cannabiscoalition.org

 Sunday 17th June: Rinky Dink cyclists leave Bath for Stonehenge?
... everyone on foot, horse or cycle welcome.. 

In Britain I'd vote tactically, 
for a hung parliament again, 
Lib 30% Lab 30% Tories 10% Others 30% 

see my homepage for latest news...

george.  [ george@dicenews.com ]

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Wed 20 June 2000 Stonehenge probably free and open to all from 8pm! 
Draft Terms and Conditions: (5May) ~ 
Entry to stones 8PM Wed 20th to 9AM Thurs 21st 
~ Entry to car park 7PM Wed 20th to 2PM Thurs 21st 
~ No climbing on the stones 
~ No fires fireworks or naked flames 
~ No amplified music 
~ No dogs or other animals 
~ No camping or equipment 
~ No bottles or other glass 
from English Heriticage: 

checkout http://www.dicenews.com/stonehenge
for latest stonehenge news

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Press Release

Tuesday 5th June 2001 Bath
Saturday 9th June 2001 Bristol

"The big stoned gathering"

i-Contact video network ( www.videonetwork.org ) are holding a Summer
Solstice themed evening of radical grassroots activist films on Tuesday 5th
June 2001, 7.30 pm, at The Hat & Feather, Walcot St, Bath & Saturday 9th
June 8pm at the Cube Microplex, Kings square, Bristol. Admission rate 3
suggested, although no one will be turned away due to lack of funds (please
print this). Featuring guest speaker DiceGeorge from the Stonehenge Campaign

 Spirit of the Albion (Richard Philpott 58mins) - Produced in association
with Britain's 'new age gypsies', Albion is politically, emotionally, and
spiritually a very moving film, providing a unique insight into the new
nomads such as the 'peace convoy' and 'Rainbow village' who continue to be
the object of authoritarian hatred and brutality as they struggle to
re-establish the ancient right to gather for solstice celebrations at
Stonehenge; and search for a end to human exploitation and global
destruction in the forthcoming New Age of our planet.

 Operation Solstice (Solstice films 41mins) - recounts the story of how 420
people were arrested on 1 June 1985 on their way to Stonehenge to hold the
11th People's Free Festival. Using video footage, the police radio log,
photographs and personal testimony to recreate what became known as the
BATTLE OF THE BEANFIELD, this documentary presents horrifying evidence of
the semi-military tactics employed by police as they smashed up travellers'
homes. This portrait provides a good background to what was, at the time,
the longest running civil case in British legal history when 24 people sued
the police for damages.'

 Short films from Stonehenge 1999 + 2000, + a rare chance to see footage
from 1995's VE day when the stones were reclaimed by the people.

 i-Contact news round up - includes i-Contact at Mayday + world premiere of
"Billbored" - the film Channel 4 unsuccessfully tried to censor.

On a bi-monthly basis i-Contact video network will be screening a series of
short films about the blossoming grass roots activist scene. Many people
come to us with films for exhibition or distribution, which are widely
ignored by the mainstream media. We have found from experience that this
works the best in an informal setting, where people can come and socialise,
and to discuss what they have just seen, alongside the best in DJ'ed soundz,
audio cut-ups, visuals and guest campaign speakers.

Established in 1997, Bristol based i-Contact is a non-profit making group
producing and supporting video work that tackles the issues the mainstream
media ignore. Through i-Contact those wishing to use video come together
with those who will benefit from it. We are about respecting and reflecting
the genuine concerns of communities and suggesting ways forward. i-Contact
wants to make it as easy as possible for anybody to make programmes. We
advocate genuine public access to TV and individual empowerment through a
collaborative process. i-Contact brings a fresh approach to media,
communicating with, rather than at, people. By involving those who know
about and are affected by the issues in the production process, people are
brought together, skills are transferred and the media is demystified. We
want anyone to feel able to use video to express his or her concerns and
visions. Our aim is to exhibit the most current, and up to date films that
we feel are relevant and newsworthy at the time. Our programming schedule
is constantly evolving.

For further information contact Ian Ferguson, 07779-263738 or

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Tuesday May 1st I started at Ladbroke Grove, off the Monopoly board, 
got a bus to Victoria, and sent this email poem from the cybercafe: 

Subject:  is this mayday karma payday? 
Date:  Tue, 01 May 2001 11:21:57 +0100 

is this mayday karma payday?
the more you give the more you get?
mirror mirror don't forget
we don't hurt kids - we're civilised
(in East Timor it's Genocide).

(But should it be West Timor, havent the killers moved on?)

Then over Westminster Bridge at noon to the Elephant and Castle 
(at the top of Old Kent Road). The wondrous 
Rinky Dink bicycle powered sound system was there,
 and many friends. 
A speaker said he isn't 'anti-capitalist' but 'pro-community'.
 It was cold and raining.
 We took a chance, about 300 of us, set off north - Advance to Pall Mall? 
There were loads of Police - Just Visiting? I ran to the front - it was a race to the Thames.
 I walked to the back - no lost kids - 
and followed to where the police were blocking us at a bridge.
 About 100 people there - but no Rinky Dink! I phoned - they were at Waterloo,
 surrounded, trapped.
 Some dispersed and caught buses and tubes north.
 When we found the Dink we were down to about a dozen.
 We moved to the riverside.
 The Police said they'd arrest us if we went north over a bridge.
 Rotherhithe Tunnel? We had a Seventies disco,
 then the Dinks went back to Old Kent Road.
 Our secret plan was dancing at Speakers corner, 
but the Police plan was 'Disrupt and Disperse' south of the river, 
and 'Contain and Confront' north of the river. 

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For updates see Stonehenge/FIN datelist at:

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Tape 5 is being recorded around Glastonbury.
Tapes 1,2, 3 and 4 are on sale again.

Tapes 1 and 2 were recorded around campfires at
Solsbury Hill, Fairmile, Twyford Down and 
at Kentish Town Rainbow Centre around 1995.

Tapes 3 and 4 were recorded at 'The Gathering'
in Devon in autumn 1997.

There are over a hundred musicians on the tapes.
See our website for details at 
or phone george 07970-378572

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From: george@dicenews.com
To: stonehengepeace@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [stonehengepeace] down with men
Date: 21 May 2001 16:20

i remember a huge argument i got into with
rainbow sussana at the rainbow centre
kentish town about where the tent should
go at kingston green fair,
if we'd moved it back a bit then there's have
been a back space for the kids to play
and a front space for our leaflets and drums
and a path along the grass
where there was the year before
but Susssana said NO
where it'd come out the back of the van
the night before and several women agreed
with me secretly that she was domineering
but after a few hours it was too late, the tent
stayed where we'd left it
and being a
man of principle/ grumpy old git
(delete at you will)
I smouldered for months
and didnt even go to pilton or the BGG
with them that year
( but held the fort back in london
until A+ Black Luke + saved us)
and couldnt apologise because i was
in the right,
thus in a hole
eventually i wrote her a letter
in a drunken stoned state like this
and asked her about it a few weeks later
when she said she hadnt read it
it went on and on about the righteousness
of my cause and that but ended with
something corny like 'but i love you'
or something like that -
not that she was my girlfriend or anything
i mean 'love' like , welll.,
its not a word i use much oftenish,
my introverted britishnesss,
but i whouldnt be emailing
this late at night
but then again
im a poet not a politician

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