Winter 1979-1980 I, (dice) george, lived in a caravan on Pelcomb Common (next to a mushroom field) with a group called the Mutants.

I'd arrived after the last of the festivals with Belfast Brian . We werent such a close family as the convoy was (in later years), more an anarchic federation of caravans, not knowing what mischief everybody was up to. One chap I used to visit was Mucky Dave, an ex-Hells Angel, he didnt have a bike but he still had the tatoos so maybe he still was an Angel. He's dead now.

I'd just left Oxford University with an over-inflated view of myself - at the University of Life, Mutant Mushroom College I rebuilt my brain, many there had had far more expensive educations than me- Borstal costs many hundreds of pounds per week per student!

Four years later I bought my bus , from some Mutants. And the battery from Jason, who stupidly died.

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